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Brad Garlick Ford

Brad Garlick Ford is authorised ford vehicle dealer in Ryde, Sydney that offers a premium range of new and used car for sale. For more details, Click here:

Top Benefits of Buying New Versus Buying Used Car Compared. 5 Spring Car Maintenance Essentials. Spring is here after the tough winter days, and it’s time to give your car the essential care it requires and make it ready for the coming warmer months.

5 Spring Car Maintenance Essentials

Well, every spring you need to deal with certain regular maintenance for your car so that it remains in a top condition rendering excellent performance thereby retaining its life and value. We’ll walk you through these 5 spring car maintenance essentials. 1. Check Fluid Levels After serving you through the cooler winter days, your car needs care, so it’s vital to check the fluid levels of your vehicle to make it ready for spring and warmer summer days ahead. 2. Plugs and wires of your vehicle are essential parts that take most of the beating during the cooler winter months and it’s critical to check no wires are frayed or on the edge of disconnection, as they are essential to keeping your car running in excellent condition. 3. 4. 5.

Final Words 5 Spring Car Maintenance Essentials was last modified: October 7th, 2019 by admin. Introducing Special Sports Edition for Ford Ranger 2019. Introducing the Special Sports Edition for the Ranger 2019 and it gently moves to find its spot between the 4×4 dual-cab pick-up trucks – the XLS and XLT.

Introducing Special Sports Edition for Ford Ranger 2019

Now, the customer has an option and no longer is Ranger Raptor the solo Ranger in the town. Almost based on the 3.2-litre 4×4 Ranger XLS, the Ranger Sport comes with improved technological features, attention-grabbing upgrades and convenient add-ons that set apart the sport edition from other rangers and would typically come with the pricier XLT. Exciting Range of Colour Choices You can grab a brand new 2019 Ford Ranger Special Sports Edition in an array of fantastic colour options that include shadow black, meteor grey, arctic white, true red and aluminium metallic. 6-Speed Manual & Automatic Transmission The Ranger Special Sports Edition is just offered as a 4×4, albeit with both 6-speed manual and automatic transmission choices.

5 Essentials for Buying a New Car. When it comes to buying a brand new car, it gives a lot of excitement, thrill and fun, as well as, it could be an overpowering and costly affair.

5 Essentials for Buying a New Car

It involves decisions like whether the car is safe to drive, insurance costs, maintenance costs, etc. The basic rule of calculating insurance cost is “pricier the car gets – more will be its insurance cost”. If you are not accustomed to cars, it is imperative to go over some car reviews over the Internet for the models you’re interested in. Meanwhile, we have listed out the five essentials below that you must consider before purchasing a brand new car. 1.

2019 Ford Ranger - Helps You to Explore the Outback with Ease. What Things Should You Ponder When Buying A Used Car? Ford Mustang Accessories, Ford Mustang Parts Sydney Australia. Torque vs. Performance: Which Matters Most? Ford Ecosport Horsepower sells cars, torque wins races.

Torque vs. Performance: Which Matters Most?

Ford Ecosport Consider this – The Ford EcoSport 1.0L turbocharged petrol engine delivers 92kW of power and 170Nm of torque! The Ford performance vehicle – Focus RS produces 257kW at 6000 rpm, with 440Nm of torque from 2000 – 4500 rpm Confused about what exactly do these terms mean and which of these two matters most? Well, they are essentially two sides of the same coin or literally, the yin and yang of your engine.

Although most car owners don’t bother to dwell much on torque and horsepower, much as most smartphone users care less to dive deep into the intricate details like RAM or SoC on their mobile, however, knowing about torque and horsepower certainly makes you a more well-informed car owner. What is Torque? Often referred to as vehicle’s grunt, pulling power or oomph, Torque is the amount of turning power your engine has. What is horsepower? A product of torque, horsepower is essentially what takes you to top speed. 5 Reasons to Visit Ford Service Centre at Brad Garlick Ford, A Trusted Ford Dealership.

Ford EcoSport – What’s New for 2019! Ford Focus Active 2019 – Top 5 Features. Used Ford Territory Car Review - What to look for? Ford Territory – The ultimate 7-seat family SUV made by Australians, for Australians continues to impress and awe.

Used Ford Territory Car Review - What to look for?

Launched in 2004 and later given a major redesign in 2011, Ford Territory SUV was a bestseller from the start and is considered by many to be the best vehicle ever designed by Ford Australia. But is the Ford Territory worth your money or should you put the money on a well-deserved vacation? If you are in the market to buy a used Ford car for sale for your large family, Ford Territory makes for a great choice. Here are a few key factors to look into so that you make the right choice. Ford Everest Accessories, Ford Everest Parts Sydney Australia. Ford Territory TX Vs Titanium. The Ford Territory Titanium Diesel is truly cherished by one and all; however, with the price of the 2016 TX RWD Petrol Territory now up for sale is less by $15,000 so it is indeed time to wake up and evaluate the value proposition of the magnificent entry level Territory.

Ford Territory TX Vs Titanium

Is the Titanium worth that extra money or wise to save your money and use it for a well deserved holiday or put aside for your mortgage? To uncover, read on… Ford Genuine Parts & Accessories - Brad Garlick Ford, Sydney. Our Spare Parts and Accessories Department has direct contact with the Ford Motor Company and any spare part can be sourced and supplied within 24 hours, ensuring that your vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible.

Ford Genuine Parts & Accessories - Brad Garlick Ford, Sydney

At Brad Garlick Ford you have the freedom to personalise your new Ford using a wide range of factory-fitted options or Genuine Ford tailor-made accessories that we will expertly fit for you. These options and accessories when fitted, are covered under the appropriate Ford Warranty programs. We also sell an exciting range of Ford branded, Ford Racing and Ford Performance Vehicles merchandise. From Apparel to Model Cars, we can provide something for any Ford enthusiast. Contact us now for more details on our parts and merchandise stock, or come direct to our dealership where a sales representative will be more than happy to help you. Ford Car Service Centres Sydney.

Service Department Now Hiring!

Ford Car Service Centres Sydney

Ford Service Promise price With myFord service price promise , Ford will publish the maximum price you will pay for a standard A or B logbook service at a Participating Authorised Ford Dealer. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing that whatever participating Dealer you have your car serviced with, you will not pay more than the stated maximum for the logbook component of the service. Program covers all vehicles built since 2007 and up to 6 years old or 105,000 km whichever occurs first. Log onto to use the Service Price Promise Calculator or to view the full program details, terms and conditions. Service Price Promise Calculator. Ford Ranger Accessories, Ford Ranger Parts Sydney Australia. Brand New Ford Ecosport, Ecosport SUV for Sale Sydney. New Ford EcoSport for Sale in Sydney The city roads can throw up many challenges such as rough surfaces, potholes, narrow lanes etc.

Brand New Ford Ecosport, Ecosport SUV for Sale Sydney

This is the precise reason Ford EcoSport has the ground clearance of 200mm so you can handle all the challenges that come your way with confidence. Ford EcoSport comes with an unbelievable power, bold stylish finishes and sporty looks. No wonder you are going to grab the attention of the onlookers. The EcoSport is engineered to offer you more of what you require. Buying a New Car In The New Year? 5 Tips to Remember. So you’ve fallen in love with the special new Ford car you saw, maybe in the newspaper, YouTube or online.

Buying a New Car In The New Year? 5 Tips to Remember

Buying a new car is an exciting adventure and as Sydney’s award-winning Ford cars dealers, we list down top 5 tips to avoid common mistakes and save much-needed cash this New Year. Tip # 1 Know what you want Do you need a large SUV like a Ford Endura or even a Ford Focus Active for a growing family or rather to prefer a compact SUV like Ford EcoSport or even Ford Ranger Raptor for your frequent weekend expeditions? You must exactly know what you are getting into so that you make the right choice. Do you want to buy a car that offers you all, high performance, fuel efficiency and is affordable too? Tip # 2 Knowledge is power The secret to buying a great car is all about research, research and research! Tip # 3 Keep a flexible budget with a maximum limit.

How to Choose the Best Ford for Your Lifestyle. Top 5 New Things On 2018 Ford Mustang That You Will Love. The Best Mustang Yet! Sleeker and faster with more aggressive styling, the 2018 Ford Mustang has car experts, enthusiasts and automobile industry going gaga over it. In its latest offering of Australia’s #1 sportscar, Ford accentuates the good features to pack in more muscles and make it the fastest and most advanced Mustang ever. Ford Focus Titanium Hatch – Cutting Edge Technology. Ford Focus Titanium Hatchback is cherry-picked with the best of features in the compact luxury car segment.

The smart car offers the promise of a good drive and strong value for everyone in its price range. Best in the class dynamics, lithe handling, and impressive fuel efficiency have always been the strong point of the Ford Focus Titanium hatchbacks. With its cutting-edge luxury accessories and technology that are normally seen in premium cars, the car speaks of luxury! This smart compact luxury model has the best-in-class technology and cutting-edge design etched in every inch of its make, from the sleek exteriors to the intuitive interiors that echo craftsmanship and comfort. Nissan JUKE 2016 - Brad Garlick Ford.

Ford Mustang - Brad Garlick Ford.