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Some may think that Braaaaaapp is just a motorcycle apparel store, and up to a certain extent you would not be wrong, however, the Nation is much more! We believe that a true motorcycle rider is more than just someone with over the top skills when two wheels and an engine is concerned.

Can helmet cams and intercoms be dangerous? Living in our day and age, either you consume helmet cam footage or shoot some yourself, and the same could be said regarding intercoms.

Can helmet cams and intercoms be dangerous?

It doesn't matter if we are using them to talk to someone else on the road, take calls on the go, listen to GPS instructions, or to blast the Eye of the Tiger down a twisty road, many riders are die-hard fans of this wonder of technology. This being, and with so many of us sticking tech on the outside of our helmets, have you wondered if you are jeopardising your safety when doing so? Are we doing anything wrong when attaching those bulky pieces of plastic on the shells of our helmets?! I would say that there are some aspects to take into account when trying to answer that. The first one I'll point out might not be relevant in terms of direct hidden dangers, but it should not be disregard.

In 2013, following Michael Schumacher's accident, the helmet cam he was using was implicated as a contributory factor to the severity of the head injuries he sustained. How to choose a round the world motorcycle. One of the most asked questions in the motorcycle world is "what is the best motorcycle?

One of the most asked questions in the motorcycle world is "what is the best motorcycle?". If it is hard to answer it on a good day, the answer takes a different complexity when we are talking about any long-distance endeavors. Check out my 9 tips on how to choose the best round the world motorcycle for yourself! – braaaaaappcom

", and even though incomplete, it is not a wrong question to ask.

How to choose a round the world motorcycle

Nevertheless, if it is hard to answer it on a good day, the answer takes a different complexity when we are talking about any long-distance endeavours. When on the road for long periods, the bike becomes our safe haven, our home away from home, and as such, it needs to check a set of specifications like no other. Brands and media, those offer us "adventure" models and shower us with specs and gadgets, they even create ways to take electric bikes in cross country adventures hoping to show us that all bikes can go everywhere with ease. Long Way Up, visionary, or a sell-out?! If you are into adventure riding and you have not been living under a rock, chances are that you have seen or heard about the trips of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on the Long Way Round, and the Long Way Down.

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman may be going electric on the Long Way Up, using Harley Davidson LiveWire motorcycles. If the news is surprising for most of us, the questions it raises may help shape the future of motorcycles as we know it. Are the boy's visionaries, or did they sell-out to the highest bidder? – braaaaaappcom

Even though the first dates from 2004, and the latter from 2007, the ripple effect of the show's debut still echoes today.

Long Way Up, visionary, or a sell-out?!

These trips not only filled the imagination of many that vicariously lived adventures over the many episodes of both seasons, but they also inspired many more to grab their motorcycles and hit the road, or lack thereof. The series helped the adventure segment boom, allowing it to fill up a significant quota of sales in many markets, with the bike they used, the BMW GS, still being king of sales to this day. The news rapidly spread in the adventure riding circles like wildfire, but with both riders now working with different brands, and with so many capable bikes on the market to choose from, two big questions have been on everyone's mind: Where do you stand?

Tips For Being Safe On A Motorcycle – Braaaaaapp. Fast does not necessarily mean above legal speed limits when they are at play.Sometimes faster means the difference between 20 miles per hour and 30, just as an example.Any experienced rider will tell you that what is difficult on a bike is not going fast, is going slow, very slow.This is the reason why many advanced training exercises are done at excruciatingly slow speeds, to improve throttle, brake, and clutch control, as well as balance.Due to the physics at play, bikes are more stable with a certain amount of speed, and for that reason, it is not uncommon to hear riders stating that faster is always safer.Please refer to point one for my definition of faster.

Can driving a motorcycle faster be safer than driving a motorcycle slower? Can we take advantage of how powerful motorcycles are nowadays? That is what we will cover in this weeks article of your favourite motorcycle blog! – braaaaaappcom

That being said, and assuming that riding safely at any given speed limit is within reach of even the most rookie rider, there are still situations when a bit more instantaneous speed can be life-changing.

Tips For Being Safe On A Motorcycle – Braaaaaapp

Those that have had off-road classes with me have heard time and time again: “When in though, push the throttle!” How To Use A Motorcycle Side Stand – Braaaaaapp. Most bikes have them; however, one question emerges, how many uses can you think of for your side stand?

How To Use A Motorcycle Side Stand – Braaaaaapp

Yes, there are more than one, and regardless if you want to impress your friends, or take the most out of your side stand, this article will be worth a full read. The primary use of the side stand is known to us all, and that is for parking, however, even here some people have questions, mainly, how strong it really is. Reference: Image from Motorcycle Parking Surprisingly to some, side stands are not as flimsy as they look, and they can hold a fair amount above the weight of the bike. Motorcycle Driving Technique Tip – Braaaaaapp. Basic Inspection Tasks All Bikes Should Be Aware Off. Motorcycle apparel store. Motorcycle Driving Technique Tip – Braaaaaapp. We all want a leg up in life, and as riders, that usually translates itself into a little mod we can do on our motorcycles or a tip that can drastically change our driving.

Motorcycle Driving Technique Tip – Braaaaaapp

In our honest opinion, by far, the holy grail of riding tips is trail-braking. Although it is quite known for those that race, do track days or have had advanced training, it is not as widespread as it probably should. This technique can be applied to all bikes on the road, although we would advise extreme caution if you are using 50/50 or more off-road biased tires. This technique CAN BE DANGEROUS if performed wrongly; however, it is the safest and fastest way for you to go around a corner. This being said, it should be learned with an instructor and practiced far from traffic! Disclaimers made, let us try to boil it down and give you some of the advantages of this technique.

Legendary Vespa Top For Girls – Braaaaaapp. Quora.

We have asked ourselves that same question a lot of times, so we went around the office and grabbed all the points from everyone to make our own list. Hope it helps, and if you want a more in-depth explanation point by point, I have you covered as well! – braaaaaappcom

Auxiliary Lights On Motorcycle – Braaaaaapp.

There is much to talk about when it comes to motorcycle lights, but from our experience, there are 3 main things people tend to forget, and if for many it will be stating the obvious, for others it will be an exciting new world! – braaaaaappcom

How to choose the right motorcycle helmet.

Choosing a helmet is extremely personal, but there are a few notes that can be shared. Basic rules on how to choose a helmet: What is the “best” helmet? That is one of the worst questions I continuously see people asking, and one that scares me. – braaaaaappcom

Dual Sport Riding Groups – Braaaaaapp. Have you ever consider going to learn with motorcycle groups on how to take the most out of your motorcycle?

Dual Sport Riding Groups – Braaaaaapp

Have you ever went online and typed "motorcycle groups near me? " Over my years in the motorcycle world, there is a common scenario I would find, especially when it comes to the dual sport and adventure guys. Regardless if it was a new rider or an experienced one, whenever someone would tell me they got a dual sport/adventure bike with off-road abilities, they would also complain they were taking full advantage of their bike, ending up spending most of their time on the tarmac. Nothing wrong with that I would say, there is a reason why the new bread of adv bikes are so popular for touring. They are insane mile eating machines. How to ride long distance on a motorcycle – Braaaaaapp.

Do you need some long distance motorcycle ride tips? Today we are going to try and give you a jump start to shorten your learning curve so that you can enjoy the most out of your rides! – braaaaaappcom

Coffee Mugs For Bikes – Braaaaaapp.

Start your day off right! Sip from one of our many Coffee Mugs For Bikes offered on. It's Time For When in doubt Mugs. Free shipping above 50$ purchases! – braaaaaappcom

Motorcycle brake maintenance – Braaaaaapp.

Tire degradation and chain lubing and stretching are amongst the two main things most riders know how to inspect, however when it comes to motorcycle brakes, the same does not happen at scale. Let's change that and explain how you can inspect your motorcycle brakes in an easy way. – braaaaaappcom

Motorcycle hydraulic brake system – Braaaaaapp. Coffee Mug For Bikes – Braaaaaapp.

Start your day off right! Sip from one of our many Coffee Cup For Motorcycle & Coffee Mug For Bikes offered on. It's Time For Tripod Mugs. Free shipping above 50$ purchases! – braaaaaappcom