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Dion Dior & More...: Autumn Whimsy. Sometimes I get out and about with the grand intention of capturing the scenes around me in my sketchbook. Unfortunately, my psyche isn't always with me on that plan, nor is any skill or technique. It's at times like these that I focus on the essence of what is around me, rather than the rendering. I'm participating in the Art Every Day Month challenge which is all about nurturing your daily creative habit. Something simple, every day. Always remember, when it comes to art, journaling, and creativity, it is the process of creating something everyday, the simple act of putting paint to paper that matters most...NOT the finished page.

If you can let go of your expectations, your false perspective of what you think you are supposed to do, how you think it is supposed to turn out... ...then you might be surprised by the beauty of your heart that sits boldly within the pages of your sketchbook. This autumn has been truly beautiful, one picture postcard scene after another. Community.

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Project: Doodle Eggs. Have you seen the cover of the current issue of Martha Stewart Living? How striking are those eggs? I really like the graphicness of them. They are made by putting decals on the eggs (I’m assuming waterslide decals like we used at halloween). I like the idea, but know those decals would be hard to wrap smoothly around an egg and unless you cut them completely out you would see the shininess of the decal. I thought there had to be another way to get the same look. Well it’s really so simple, it just took a fine point Sharpie. I started with some fake eggs I picked up at Michael’s.

Now if you are a confident doodler, you can start right on the eggs with the marker. Then I topped that with the Sharpie. If you are not reading this post in a feed reader or at then the site you are reading is illegally publishing copyrighted material. Creative doodling with judy blogspot border creative doodle patterns. Bquiltn on deviantART. Art. Introducing MFT Academy – Class Is in Session! | My Favorite Things. Written by My Favorite Things on . Posted in Tutorials Welcome to the MFT Academy – your guest professor today is Inge, who will be teaching you about coloring with Prismacolor Pencils. Hello everyone. I’m here to show you a bit about coloring with Prismacolor Premier Pencils.

So grab a cup of coffee, scroll, and enjoy. Choose the materials you want to work with. For this project I’ve selected: PI Being Cute Is What I Do Memento Ink: Tuxedo Black blending chalks paper blending stumps odorless spirits (odorless mineral spirits, OMS, gamsol) brushes Scor-Pal Prismacolor Premier Pencils that match your patterned paper.tip: I always choose my patterned paper before starting to color. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.Take a darker color, 947, and add some deeper shading closest to the hairline, down towards her ears, and again where her pigtails meet her hair elastic. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16. Step 17. Measuring Up. While feeding my Pinterest addiction, I came across a website that I love called One Lucky Day.

Theyrecently showed how to make a beautiful necklace using wooden discs that they dyed and stamped. Go HERE to see what they did. I liked the idea of stamping the discs and it got my wheels turning. Rather than using the discs for jewelry, I went in another direction... I used the discs as embellishments for a photo display. One Lucky Day used dye to color their discs but I just used paint and applied it with a damp paper towel.

I stamped each of the discs... Using a Burnt Umber acrylic paint, I antiqued the discs using a damp paper towel... Using the same Burnt Umber paint, I darkened small clothespins to match the color of an old yardstick... I glued the discs onto the clothespins and once that was dry I glued the clothespins onto the yardstick... Since the yardstick was not thick enough to accommodate screws, I glued the hooks onto the back. I think it measures up quite nicely! Linking To: