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Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental illness characterized by an intense fear of abandonment, rage & anxiety. People with BPD also experience intense mood swings and often feelings of rage which causes them to act out and further disrupt their personal relationships. People who have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) can contact DBT Therapist. People who have difficulty understanding who they are and often have no sense of personal identity, no stable identity should visit Borderline Personality Disorder Clinic. BPD no More offers various services for those who have Borderline Personality Disorder. Visit:

Anxiety Management And Assertiveness. Do you find that you often struggle to assert yourself?

Anxiety Management And Assertiveness

While being passive may avoid conflict, it can actually worsen your anxiety and leave you feeling tense and resentful over time. Assertiveness is an important social skill that can positively affect many aspects of your personal and professional relationships. Are you sick of not speaking your mind? Let’s find out how you can start being more assertive today.

What Is Assertiveness? You may lack assertiveness if you often struggle to: Say no to others’ requests without feeling guilty Ask for what you need or want Convey your feelings and opinions Ask for help Accept or give constructive criticism Prioritize yourself Tips For Communicating Assertively Much like learning a new instrument, learning how to be more assertive takes consistent practice and determination. How BPD patients can benefit by Practicing Assertiveness? I belong to a Facebook group called The Assertive Woman Community hosted by certified Assertiveness Training coach,Sarah Lenzini who also happens to run her own website called The Assertive Woman.

How BPD patients can benefit by Practicing Assertiveness?

Although I have been practicing assertiveness for a very long time, this group has been invaluable to me because it helps validate that using assertiveness is an important tool. It is extremely important for people who have been diagnosed with BPD because many of us do not know how to voice our feelings.So, what are the ways that practicing assertiveness can help keep you safe?

The most significant way is that it can keep you from being dragged into situations that can harm you:For example, if you are out at a bar and your ride has been drinking too much, being assertive can prevent you from getting into the car with them when it is time to go home. How do you do that? By saying something like, “Mary, I think you have had too much drink tonight. How Eating Mindfully Helped Me Lose Fifty Pounds. No, this isn’t a photo of me but this is pretty close to how I looked before I started my weight loss journey.I wasn’t always overweight.

How Eating Mindfully Helped Me Lose Fifty Pounds

When I married my husband in 1979, I was a svelte 105 pounds but by the time he passed away in 2006, my weight had ballooned up to almost 200 pounds. How did that happen? I asked myself the same question all the time. Though this is not a photograph of me, it certainly illustrates how I felt. When I decided to try to lose some weight after he passed away, I said that I would NOT go on a diet. .When you find yourself engaging in dichotomous thinking, try asking yourself the following questions: Is this thinking evidence based?

Next, I turned my attention to my grocery list. I decided to eat like a squirrel eat like a squirrel. Once I had gotten that down, I started walking and that’s where I had serious help from my little dog, Yoshi. My walking buddy and partner in crime, Yoshi. London, Ontario. I won’t stop talking until everyone with BPD has the understanding, respect and compassion that they deserve.

London, Ontario

I’m a Mind Media Award winning blogger, writer and artist talking about my life with borderline personality disorder (BPD). I share my life with a diagnosis of BPD because people with this condition are often misjudged as manipulative, attention-seeking or hopeless. I am not okay with that because it simply isn’t true and such myths cause more pain for people already hurting. My blog, Talking About BPD, discusses my day-to-day life with BPD including intense emotions, therapy, stigma and coping tips. I am currently writing a book about living a calmer life with BPD (which will be published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers). Rosie Cappuccino: Blogger, Talking About BPD,

What is Borderline Personality Disorder Splitting? Contact Us - BPD No More. If you’re ready to work together and talk about your BPD or need more information, send me a message.

Contact Us - BPD No More

I offer a sliding scale to single mothers and others with limited financial resources. Please contact me for more information. I will respond to you by email within 24-48 hours. Please do not leave a message at the telephone number listed here. Helpful Courses for BPD. Borderline Personality Disorder Clinic.