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Students with disabilities. Guide For Kidlit/YA Writers & Artists - via @inkyelbows. Continuing my series on working with Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers on two new books... (Summary: After I finished illustrations for I'M BORED, Simon & Schuster BFYR offered me two blank contracts. This series is about my own experience working with S&S BFYR on my two new books; if you're interested in the process for I'M BORED, please see How I'M BORED Was Created: A Guide For Young Readers. Neither of these series are meant to The Definitive Guide of how a picture book is created. Your own publishing experience may differ, depending on your situation and people involved. Thanks for following along! And here is what has happened so far: I brainstormed picture book ideas.

I've been compiling picture book ideas for a while now, inspired by Paula Yoo's NaPiBoWriWee, Tara Lazar's PiBoIdMo and #KidLitArt's Picture Book Dummy Challenge. What I discovered: it's easy to come up with ideas for picture books. Child...well, you get the idea. But still: So yes, I was discouraged. Whoa. The American Novel Since 1945 | Yale Video Course. Home | Power Poetry. Knitting Tips. If you can locate a join at a seaming location, that is always best. You can just run the ends along the inside of the seamed edge, and it's invisible. All other joins are slightly imperfect, so best to locate them inconspicuously if possible, like under the arm of a sweater. Felting will only work with wool, and some other animal fibers. Always try a test sample first with your yarn to see if it will work, and to see if you like the results!

If you are using a smooth, shiny wool, felting will give it a dull look where felted, and a stiffer feel. For some yarns, it looks so different that the join stands out, and is not recommended. For non-felted joins, you will have an end that pops out of work slightly; make sure this end is where you want it, by leaving a bit of yarn (1/4"-1/2") sticking out on the inside of the garment, or in as inconspicuous a place as possible. Joining the Same Color Yarn Knit-in Join. Joining a New Color Yarn. Hair & Beauty on Food cravings... About. Ancient Civilizations. Flake Jack Johnson Ukulele Tutorial / How To.

Facebook. Songs | KaraokeWorldCup.Com. Search All Craig's - Ever wanted to search ALL craigslist sites at once? Dani. Joanne Woodward. Joanne Gignilliat Trimmier Woodward (born February 27, 1930) is an American actress and producer. She is perhaps best known for her Academy Award-winning role in The Three Faces of Eve (1957). Early life[edit] Career[edit] Early career[edit] in The Three Faces of Eve (1957) Films with Paul Newman[edit] She appeared with husband Paul Newman in eleven featured films: She starred in five films that Newman directed or produced but in which he did not star: Later career[edit] Woodward is the artistic director of the Westport Country Playhouse.[3] She recorded a reading of singer John Mellencamp's song "The Real Life" for his box set On the Rural Route 7609.

Personal life[edit] Woodward was reported to have been engaged to author Gore Vidal prior to marrying Paul Newman.[4] However, there was no real engagement: Vidal later claimed it was a stunt to attract Newman's attention.[5] Woodward shared a house with Vidal in Los Angeles for a short time and they remained friends. Woodward met Newman in 1953. Words to Try to Use in Colloquial Speech Without Sounding Like a Pretentious Ass - Wordnik List.

The Big Book of Yoga: Table Of Contents (page 1 of 2) Types of Ukulele. There are 4 standard sizes that ukuleles come in. At, we concern ourselves only with the 'classic', the smallest, the soprano ukulele. These are what people think of when they think of a uke. They are around 21" long, cute, portable, and fun. The next largest size is the concert uke. At 23", they are tuned the same as a soprano uke, they are just a bit bigger, with a bigger sound. If you want a ukulele that sounds large, that's your thing.

A banjo uke is a type of ukulele that has a body with a tight skin pulled over it, like a banjo. A ukulele that has a box-like shape, without the curvy, double-lobed guitar shape, is referred to as a pineapple ukulele. An armadillo uke, however, is made from an armadillo. Wow. Needless to say, after describing the ones that are made from armadillos, there are many, many types of ukuleles. Hover Home: 3 Unique Floating Staircases Under One Roof. For better or worse, stairs are often centerpieces of a room (or whole home) by virtue of their location and necessary displacement of significant space – in this case, they became a creative series of focal points, each one different from the last. One set of steps (above) wraps up into thin air, bending horizontally into treads then vertically back into risers (with a mid-floor landing to provide structural support). Another (below) sticks boldly out from a side wall, black stripes against a white backdrop The last series again hugs a side wall, but has a softer presence – white on white, origami-like as they disappear into the second story.

And if that were not enough, there is a sleek little ladder for accessing bookshelves along one wall as well. Interiors | Design Idea & Image Galleries on Dornob. Amber Rubarth. Wellness. Warning: naughty language ahead! She approached me after class and asked the question I never, ever thought I’d hear: “Dave, how did you get such ripped abs?

Is it the yoga?” I couldn’t tell if she was being serious. She had fancy workout gear, a fantastic yoga practice, and breasts whose architecture could hold their own in the Dubai skyline. And then she said, “Just kidding!” As she walked into the Power Hour class, I looked down at my core, leaner than it used to be, but still showing evidence of late night adventures to South Brooklyn Pizza. So be it—I have learned to be f*cking proud of what I got! Over the past few year, we have seen a proliferation of elite wellness on social media. Maybe you’ve seen the pictures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook like: “Here I am in a one-handed handstand. “Crow Pose while surfing this sick wave on the Big Island.” #108inthe808 #GratitudePrincess #workNEVER “Green Juice Throwdown!

Should something as important as wellness be so exclusive? Hair Cut & Hair Style. "Don't have your Haircut or Hair colored without consulting My guide to the sexiest looks out there. HAIRCUTS: Short, fresh, sexy and all out confident Who it works for: Your face is front and center with this cut, so you've got to feel good about your skin and your features if You're going to try it Tell your hairstylist: You'll need short, different length bangs. Avoiding blunt, even pieces. Maintenance: Keep it looking fresh with a monthly trim. Who it works for: A chic, low maintenance style for very curly Or African American hair. Tell your hairstylist: Your hair should be an inch long at most, but if you want a style with more height, leave it just under three inches Maintenance: Keep the shape by picking your hair out and tying a silk scarf over it, patting the hair until it's even.

Who it works for: Oval shaped faces look terrific with this style. Tell your hairstylist: Keep layers long in back and choppy all around. Maintenance: To keep it fresh, get it cut every two months. Eric Ishii Eckhardt / Hunting Arrows. Main Page - lyrics from LyricWiki. Jack Johnson. Throw out your TV and watch your favorite programs and movies on. LibriVox. Free Documentaries - Movies Found Online. Channels - News and Information. Top Films of the 1990s. TOP TEN FILMS OF THE 1990s Return to Main Film Page 1. MAGNOLIA (Paul Thomas Anderson) 2. THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY (Anthony Minghella) 3. Honorable Mention: THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (Myrick & Sanchez); COOKIE'S FORTUNE (Altman); ELECTION (Payne); EXISTENZ (Cronenberg); THE LIMEY (Soderberg); THE LITTLE THIEF (Zonca); M/OTHER (Suwa); MR.

Notable Shorts: THE CURVE (Rohmer); FAST AS YOU CAN (Anderson); LET FOREVER BE (Gondry); OUTER SPACE (Tscherkassky) Most Overrated: THE HURRICANE (Jewison); THE SIXTH SENSE (Shyamalan) 1998 1. Honorable Mention: AUTUMN TALE (Rohmer); BUFFALO '66 (Gallo); CLASS TRIP (Miller); THE GENERAL (Boorman); I STAND ALONE (Noe); THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO (Stillman); LATE AUGUST, EARLY SEPTEMBER (Assayas); MY NAME IS JOE (Loach); THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY (Farrelly); ZERO EFFECT (Kasden) Notable Shorts: ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (Anderson); LICK THE STAR (Coppola); PRAISE YOU (Jonze); THIS IS HARDCORE (Nichol) Most Overrated: ELIZABETH (Kapur) 1997 1. 1996 1. 1995 1. 1994 1.

Five Great Flash Techniques To Improve Your Photography Light | So, you moved your light off camera (very good) and looking for some new ways to explore more lighting options. Some of the most interesting light can come from doing the unexpected with your flash. Here are five great techniques to boost your off camera lighting. After exploring those five you’ll have a great toolbox for shooting pictures with off camera flash. By jwlphotography Ring light is one of the lighting modifiers very commonly used in the fashion industry. Packing two Canon speedlites and a pocket wizard this mod may not be suitable for the poor, yet if you have the lights around, you’ll get a semi-pro ring light for the price of two ball bungees. By mingthein Some of the hardest things to light are specular objects. The “secret” to light specular object is that you don’t pour light directly on the object, but on the surface that reflects off the object.

By using Plexiglass (or Perspex) you can create evenly lit surfaces to bounce light off from. By nickwheeleroz By Masood Sharif. Instapaper. - free web application for brainstorming online.