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The Foundation of Caring for Seniors. Caring for senior loved ones is medically referred to as geriatric care.

The Foundation of Caring for Seniors

Considering the changes in an older adult’s body and their environment, a different approach is given compared to the rest of the population. The principles of taking care of the elderly are the foundations of our home care services in California. We integrate the senior’s physical, psychological, and social well-being when we provide care. This criterion sets the kind of services we provide and the level of care we deliver at your home. With this integration, teams must be coming from different disciplines and we understand the coordination with different professionals to provide what is needed. Chronic illnesses and geriatric syndromes should be considered in the care plan. Life After a Heart Attack. Many people feel scared, confused, and overwhelmed after experiencing a heart attack, and, strangely, for a good reason.

Life After a Heart Attack

A heart attack represents a life-changing event. After getting treatment from your doctor, you likely also received instructions and tons of information to help you manage your condition better. Avoid getting another heart attack by using these 5 tips that we at Boundless Care, Inc. suggest you consider. Take all your medications as prescribed by your doctor. You might have several, so make sure you have an effective system that will help you keep organized and on track. Love yourself by loving your heart! If you ever need assistance with your heart health plan, such as non-emergency transportation services to your doctor’s appointments, please don’t hesitate to contact us, here.

Tips for Managing Glaucoma. According to the Bright Focus Foundation, the foremost cause of irreversible blindness in the USA is glaucoma.

Tips for Managing Glaucoma

Tips for Caregiving and Dementia During the Holidays. Ways to Handle Anxiety in the Time of COVID-19. According to experts, feeling worried and anxious is normal in times of a crisis.

Ways to Handle Anxiety in the Time of COVID-19

However, these feelings are manageable in a lot of different ways. As COVID-19 continues to spread all over the world, more and more people experience anxiety over the unseen enemy. Below are some tips to cope with the increasing anxiety during this pandemic. Simple Tips in Preparing Meals for Seniors. Seniors often take meals for granted.

Simple Tips in Preparing Meals for Seniors

The changes in their metabolism cause them to have less appetite than before. They also gain weight easier which makes them think they need to lose weight. Non Medical Home Care. What Can You Expect from Non-Medical Home Care Services? Finding the Best Home Care Services for Your Loved One. Non Medical Home Care in San Jose California. How to Keep the Heart Healthy Despite Being Beyond the Retirement Age? A healthy heart is more than just a loving heart.

How to Keep the Heart Healthy Despite Being Beyond the Retirement Age?

It is strong, functional, and resilient! It can handle strong surges in blood pressure and other complex functions without ease. 5 Activities That Will Help Alzheimer’s Disease Patients to Remain Mentally Fit. Alzheimer’s disease is a variant of dementia.

5 Activities That Will Help Alzheimer’s Disease Patients to Remain Mentally Fit

The patients usually have problems with memory, analysis, and behavior. The difficulty they experience is so bad that the complication disables them from living a normal life. If you know someone afflicted with this condition, be extremely sensitive. As of now, there is no procedure or treatment that can fully reverse the Alzheimer’s disease. However, researchers have found out that constant interactions with the patients help improve their overall health. So that your interaction will be meaningful and helpful, try these mentally stimulating activities with the patients: Gardening Getting the patients’ hands dirty can be beneficial, especially when tending to plants! Why Senior Citizens Need to Pay Attention to Their Nutrition. As we age, it becomes increasingly more important to pay attention to the kind of food we are eating.

Why Senior Citizens Need to Pay Attention to Their Nutrition

Whether you are eating junk food or healthy food, they will both have an impact on every aspect of your health and this impact will only become more pronounced as you age. Finding a Way Out of Depression. Depression is a condition that is often misunderstood.

Finding a Way Out of Depression

Many people mistake depression for sadness or simply feeling under the weather. But it is actually a health condition that we must take seriously. It can affect anyone, young and old. Depression can be especially dangerous for senior citizens. Elderly Depression: Are There Hindrances to Treatments? Depression does not exempt senior persons.

Elderly Depression: Are There Hindrances to Treatments?

Your aging parent can acquire it in these sensitive years of their life. Thankfully, there are already available treatments for this mental illness. Elderly Grooming: Tips When Bathing a Senior Loved One. A person’s hygiene is a key indicator of their overall health. But especially for a senior person, their lack of personal grooming can signal that they already need assistance from caregivers. Top 5 Causes of Elderly Depression. Depression in the elderly years is serious and common. It affects a senior person’s eating habits, sleeping routines, and even personal care activities. On one hand, depression is not a sign of weakness at all. In fact, anybody can be depressed no matter their age, gender, or economic status. But as it opens for unhealthy consequences on the affected person, depression should be spotted earlier. 3 Amazing Brain-Boosting Foods to Try Right Now.

Do you know that your brain is capable of making computations and problem-solving procedures way faster than a computer? Amazing, right? Just think of how many times you look up Google for answers and then realize that all computer applications are in fact created by brainy humans. This is just a sneak peek of how powerful your brain is. Unfortunately, this same brain can lose its power due to illnesses, injuries, or unhealthy lifestyles. In fact, many American seniors experience Dementia, which is a progressive disease of brain malfunction. Green, leafy vegetablesThere’s a study uploaded by the National Institutes of Health displaying that participants who consume most amounts of green, leafy veggies experienced a lesser decline in cognitive function. Are you now excited to look up for recipes with these foods?

5 Characteristics of an Ideal Home for Our Senior Loved Ones. One of the best ways to assure the health of our aging loved ones is by giving them a well-loved and properly managed home. It does not have to be the biggest but it has to possess essential qualities that will boost their day to day living and minimize the chances of acquiring injuries and meeting accidents.

As a long-time Non-Medical Home Care in San Jose, California, Boundless Care, Inc. had seen good and bad homes for senior citizens. In gist, our beloved elders do not need the most lavish home accommodation. They just need to receive warmth and comfort. To itemize, please see the list below for five characteristics of homes for senior citizens should be like: 6 Commonly Ignored Things That Plunges Granny into Depression. Grandmothers and grandfathers are often the icons of gentleness, sweetness, and bliss. 5 Things to Consider When Getting NEMT for Your Elderly Loved Ones. NEMT has immensely helped a number of patients with disabilities, illnesses, or old age. 7 Daily Habits Seniors Should Practice to Keep Their Hearts Healthy. From transporting oxygen to the different parts of the body to keeping the immune system properly working—the heart is one of the most vital parts of the body. How Can You Combat Depression at an Advanced Age?

Without a doubt, depression is a serious condition that can have life-altering effects on the person it is afflicting. Tips for Staying Active Well into Your Senior Years. Depression in Seniors: How to Ensure Your Loved Ones Don’t Feel Lonely. Five Awesome Tips to Prevent Senior Falls at Home. Why Senior Citizens Need to Stay Active. Tips for Improving Brain Health.