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Médias sociaux aujourd'hui. In early 2012, all of us at BlogHer saw that Pinterest was becoming a powerhouse tool for the blogs in the BlogHer Publishing Network.

médias sociaux aujourd'hui

A short time after our bloggers had adopted it, Pinterest supplanted Facebook and Twitter and became the leading source of traffic from social referrals. BlogHer’s 2012 “Women and Social Media Study” further corroborated our belief that Pinterest was a game-changer. Our audience reported that it far outweighed Facebook as a platform that inspired purchase. Now in 2013, our network growth on Pinterest has reached 22 million followers a month. It is clear that Pinterest is much more than pretty pictures. For consumers seeking inspiration for everything from decorating a kid’s room to choosing a new hairstyle (my first searches), Pinterest quickly became irreplaceable.

We set out to learn the answer. Pinterest Master Class. Pinterest : usages dans l’enseignement 1/2. L’outil de partage, Pinterest, permet de diffuser vos moments, personnels et/ou professionnels, en image.

Pinterest : usages dans l’enseignement 1/2

Dans l’éducation, ce réseau social est encore peu utilisé bien que les possibilités offertes restent créatives aussi bien pour les enseignants que pour les élèves. Pinterest, qu’est-ce que c’est ? Pinterest est un réseau social lancé en 2010 par Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp et Ben Silbermann. Il compte, en septembre 2013, plus de 70 millions d’utilisateurs au total. Son principe : grâce à un tableau virtuel, vous pouvez épingler (Pin) des photos et des vidéos selon vos centres d’intérêt. The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest For Every Brand: Engage And Flourish. The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest For Every Brand: Engage And Flourish On the surface, Pinterest metrics seem simple, but underneath they are actually a bit confusing.

The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest For Every Brand: Engage And Flourish

This follow up article to our Ultimate Guide for Pinterest should help you gain a deeper understanding of Pinterest metrics and provide tips on effectively engaging with, and growing your follower base. Like Twitter, Pinterest allows you to post content to your feed that will appear in the newsfeed of your followers. The catch is unlike Twitter, you actually have multiple feeds that you can post to in the form of boards. This in of itself is not hard to understand, think of it as categorizing the content you post. The key is to recognize that this happens, because it may have huge implications to how you choose to engage with your followers on Pinterest. The list below highlights the key metrics you should familiarize yourself with.

Page Followers - The number of users following all boards on a Pinterest page. 3 façons d'améliorer votre Pinterest marketing avec les blogs. I have found some great tips that can really boost your Pinterest marketing with blogging and I’m really excited to share some of these ideas with you!

3 façons d'améliorer votre Pinterest marketing avec les blogs

First of all, knowing that Pinterest could be your number one source of traffic is an understatement, but a lot of people don’t fully understand how to “work” this platform. I’m one of them. While I’m still learning, every day I’m reading other “power” Pinterest users, finding different tools that can help me branch out, and doing the normal things that you do when you want to expand your social account on a platform. Of course there are tons of different Pinterest marketing with blogging things that you can use for your blog. Then I looked at different tools and other strategies for getting followers and re-pins, but here are some of the tips that I have been using in the last week that have proven to be very successful for my blog and my Pinterest account. Benefits: Your pinned images are getting more exposure to the outside world.

8 conseils et astuces Pinterest: une feuille de triche pour les débutants. Pinterest may be the current social media belle of the ball, but that does not mean everyone truly gets it yet.

8 conseils et astuces Pinterest: une feuille de triche pour les débutants

While Pinterest is an exciting opportunity for business marketers, capitalizing on this unique platform can feel elusive. If you are interested in marketing your products or services, the goal behind Pinterest is simple: Create brand awareness by providing eye-catching images that drive traffic to your website, increase sales, revenue and cash flow. Sounds easy, right? Not for most businesses still struggling to piece together a successful social media marketing plan. Pinterest. Outils, trucs & astuces. Utilisations. Emploi : demandeurs & recruteurs. Pinterest du networking par l’image ! [note color="#0050ff"]Il y a quelques jours je vous parlais des réseaux sociaux.

Pinterest du networking par l’image !

Et il y en a un qui est spécialement conçut (en tout cas principalement) pour la photographie. Donc qui mieux que Cédric Debacq aujourd’hui pour nous parler de photos, et de son intérêt sur Pinterest. [/note] A côté des réseaux sociaux les plus populaires (Facebook, Twitter, google plus), il existe Pinterest, qui permet de partager ses centres d’intérêt, ses hobbies à travers des galeries de photographies. Pinterest « Regroupez et classez tout ce que vous aimez. » Oubliez les 140 caractères de Twitter, les messages de vos amis tagués sur votre mur Facebook ou sur Google plus !

Pinterest a été lancé en 2010 en version anglaise et la version française est arrivée pendant l’été 2012. Oh, comment Pinteresting!, Un Pinterest jour pour Pinners français. The history, the arts, the food and the fashion… French has been available as a language setting on Pinterest since last year, but language is just one important piece of culture.

Oh, comment Pinteresting!, Un Pinterest jour pour Pinners français

That’s why we’re launching a new localized version of Pinterest, created especially for people in France. French pinners will see more local content in Search and category feeds, as well as links to more French domains and pins with descriptions in French. We hope today’s updates will help French pinners discover more relevant pins, and faster than ever before. We’re so excited to offer a tailored experience for our French community and we definitely couldn’t have done it without help from native French pinners. To celebrate them, we’re kicking off Pin It Forward France, Epingler c’est partager, with Sara of Petit Poulou and Dorian Nieto, two of the first 300 French bloggers who will be sharing their Pinterest stories and pins over the next month.

L'actualité et les outils pour Pinterest.