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We are the Analytics Consultant.

Bottomlineanalytics. Marketing Investment Analytics. Structural Equation Modelin.pdf download. Structural Equation Modeling. Predictive Analytics Solutions. Marketing ROI Measurement. IDENTIFY KEY DRIVERS ANALYSIS IN SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. Marketing ROI Measurement. Social Media ROI Measurement. Marketing performance measurement by bottomlineanalytics - issuu. Marketing Performance Measurement. Social Media really is a game changer for businesses small and large.

Marketing Performance Measurement

Measuring the impact of social media on sales has become an imperative for businesses. Using Linguistics techniques we have devised The Semantic Engagement Index (SEI™). The SEI™ is a powerful metric that decodes the ‘emotional’ and ‘personal’ elements from social media conversations. From this we are able to manage social marketing campaigns, brand reputations, glean actionable insights into product promotions and sponsorships and most importantly monetize social conversations. View our short slideshare deck for more Using the Semantic Engagement Index (SEI™) we are able to assess social media to provide market insights and strategic guidance.

Whilst the applications of the SEI™ are many, the most common include; Bottom Line Analytics – A Brand That Always with you. Marketing Media Mix Modeling And Marketing Investment Optimization. Marketing roi or marketing mix model by bottomlineanalytics. Marketing mix models measure the sales by bottomlineanalytics. Contact us for Marketing ROI or Marketing Mix Model. Cforms contact form by delicious:days TWITTER Vodafone to replace McLaren F1 sponsorship with social media-led events Measurement For Sponsorships Found Lacking About Case Studies Blog Global Offices US Office Suite 100, 1780 Chadds Lake Dr, NE Marietta, Georgia, 30068-1608 Atlanta, USA EMEA Office 5th Floor, 39 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2BA, United Kingdom © 2014 Bottom-Line Analytics.

Contact us for Marketing ROI or Marketing Mix Model

Privacy Policy & Terms of use. Sales Performance & Maximize Marketing ROI. Michael brings 30 years of direct experience in marketing analytics both on the client and consulting side.

Sales Performance & Maximize Marketing ROI

On the former, Michael has worked for Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, Kellogg’s and Fisher-Price. He has also consulted with such blue-chip firms as AT&T, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Hyatt Corp., L’Oreal, FedEx and more recently Starbucks. Michael has broad experience in marketing analytics covering marketing ROI modelling, social media analytics, pricing and brand strategy. Masood is a trained Economist and Statistician with over 12 years of experience in the fields of market research and advanced analytics. This includes media mix optimisation and ad-hoc brand, digital and social media analytics. For a brief spell, Masood was Director of Strategic Analytics at McCann Erikson and has also consulted for JWT London, Mintel International and Saatchi and Saatchi in London. m: +44 7970 789 663 Scott Walker: Chief Research Officer. SEI™ tracks Big Box retailer sales. Measurement and the Magic of Message By Bottom-Line Analytics. Somebody finally has to get out an ad, often after hours.

Measurement and the Magic of Message By Bottom-Line Analytics

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