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Smart Beer Facts To Make You Sound Cool At Any Celebration. Parties are the life blood of every Calgarian. Whether it is a simple birthday party or a corporate product launch celebration, you always look for chances to create an impression among the guests. If you are regular party goer, you may have noticed a trend of forming small groups and giving lectures on certain topics in the parties to make one sound smarter than others.

It is necessary to have unmatched knowledge on a particular topic to gather all that attention. And, what can be better than giving a lecture on something everyone loves? In parties, Beer and Wine easily fall in the top 5 discussion topics. So, grab this chance and let those people know something that they don’t but, you do. George Washington Knew How To make Beer Yes, he had this notebook where he wrote down this recipe for making a “Small Beer”, as he called it. Beer Cans Were Invented Only In 1933 North Dakota Drinks Beer The Most The Best-Selling Beer In The World Is Yes! During Prohibition, people Drank “Medical Beer” Dial A Bottle Online In Calgary And Get It Delivered Fast.

Contact us | cost effective booze delivery service in Calgary. Dial A Bottle In Calgary And Enjoy Your Drink. How to Identify Fake Liquor And Reject It Right Away? It is the human tendency to not question a product when it is available at an unbelievable rate. Sometimes, when we are dying for a drink, we do not give much thought to the authenticity of a brand and, opt for whatever comes in our way. But, should we do that? There are a number of cases concerning fake alcohol leading to serious health damages. Therefore, it is necessary to check the reliability of a liquor brand before buying it straight away. And, this rule applies to both the liquor bought online as well as from the shelves of a store.

But, how will you identify a fake alcohol product? Read on to know. First of all, what does it mean by Fake Alcohol? Well, there can be many definitions of what people commonly know as Fake Liquor. How will you identify fake alcohol? Although there are plenty of authentic ways to spot fake alcohol brands like lab testing and stuff, you can follow the instructions given below to save yourself from such treachery. Some Peculiar Liquor Laws From Across The Globe. Now, every Government body wants you to drink responsibly. But, that does not mean you are a criminal or be treated like one if you become a little tipsy. However, in some countries, you have these peculiar drinking laws that will surely make you feel like a criminal, a murderer or something. You will be scared to even touch your drink once you finish reading through this post (Just kidding!)

No Riding Cows When Drunk Yes! You read that right! Drinking With A License In India, the liquor laws differ from state to state. When The Clock Strikes Midnight In Sydney, the alcohol serving laws change drastically after midnight. Drinking And Driving? If America started this, then we would never see those kids having late night drinking parties when their parents are not at home. You Are Mad If You Ride A Bicycle When Drunk Err..What?! Married And Drunk? In Bolivia, no married woman is allowed to have more than one drink in case they get drunk and start flirting with other men.

How To Sober Up Quickly After Drinking Alcohol: bottletime. All of you have faced this situation when you have planned on drinking a minimum at a party and ended up spoiling yourselves totally. Later, you regretted, but it was too late then. Someone had to drive you home or even worse, you fell asleep at your friend’s place itself. Today, when you think about those incidents, you may feel a bit guilty and, totally promise yourselves that you won’t repeat it ever. But, don’t you feel that it is high time to change this habit of drinking too much or better, sober up as soon as possible? Well, here are few tips to help you keep your promise this time.

Know When To Stop Stop as soon as you start feeling tipsy. Drink Water In Between If you have had two pegs of any alcoholic drink, you need to have two glasses of water for each. Eat Healthy, High Carb Food Refrain from devouring greasy food when you are drinking. Stop Mixing Your Drinks If you do not want to get drunk, avoid mixing your liquor. Do Not Drink Coffee.

5 Tips To Help You Attend Unexpected Guests In Calgary. Living alone is a huge advantage for an adult. You can enjoy your “Me” time to the fullest without needing to give any explanation to anyone. You can come home late, go for night outs with your friends and, make the most of your precious space. But, the only disadvantage to living alone is attending guests all by yourself with no one to help. Once you fall in the habit of living a casual life without any interference, you feel really terrible when someone asks for an invitation to your home. Then you need to clean up all mess, arrange your sheets, curtains, cushions, and everything to not give out the secrets of your living standards. In this post, we are going to give you some expert tips to attend your surprise guests with the best food and liquor in a completely clean home. Tip 1: Do Not Invite Anyone Over Randomly Remember, it is your home and not any Motel that any one will be allowed to come in.

Tip 2: Schedule The Party Beforehand Tip 3: Stack Some Snacks For Unexpected Guests. 5 Tips To Help You Attend Unexpected Guests In Calgary. Bottle Time — How To Pick The Best Liquor Delivery Service In... Get effective Liquor Delivery Service in Calgary at your place. Bottle Time is one of the most trusted and popular liquor delivery service provider in Calgary. We have a diverse range of full-flavored champagne, wine, beer, gin, whiskey, scotch, brandy, rum, tequila and the likes. We have partnered with the best liquor stores to offer consumers a convenient way to purchase their favorite alcoholic beverage. Why will you love Bottle Time? Bottle Time is the promptest, easiest and most affordable way to order liquor, booze, beer, alcohol and more. Simply dial our contact number, place your order and your products will be delivered at your doorstep within the mentioned time.

Our offerings Since our establishment, we have been offering premiere quality services throughout Calgary. Prompt order placement We have nestled all efficient executives who attain your call and take your order immediately you dial us. We respect your deadlines. You can go through our website and online catalogues to choose your favorite alcohol. How Alcohol Delivery Services Influence Drinking Habits?: bottletime. In the next few years, there is going to be some noticeable changes in the way you drink. The emergence and upsurge in doorstep alcohol deliveries have started making a difference already. Within a short span of time, numerous delivery services have mushroomed all over Canada offering great deals in delivery services. This is the new age of drinking after all.So, have you prepared yourself for this change?

What change? Oh Well! House Parties Will Be Back With A Bang Many types of research have revealed an interesting fact and that is, fewer millennials have an inclination toward throwing house parties. Travelers Do Not Have To Go Out During Bad Weather Suppose you are in Calgary for some official purpose. No More Drinking And Driving With an increase in the number of liquor delivery services in Calgary, you can all say goodbye to late night binge drinking in the Bars.

Business Drinking Will Develop Relationships. How To Select A Bottle Of Champagne For Your Party. A bottle of Champagne can turn any gathering into a celebration. Likewise, no celebration is complete without bottles of Champers. So, if you have a party on your cards, you should have every bit of knowledge to pick the right bottle of Champagne for the occasion. It is not that difficult. All you have to consider are three main factors – your budget, the taste of the Champagne and of course, the purpose. If we speak of real Champagne, those are manufactured in the Champagne region of France and are quite expensive. But, the Canadians also consider other sparkling wines like Processo and Cava as their party Champers. Coming to the selection of Champers, let us discuss the three main factors mentioned above and understand how they are relevant to picking the best bottle from the bunch. Taste of Champagne The drink is manufactured across the continents in different names.

Your Budget How many guests are you expecting? The Purpose. Reason of Dial A Bottle Services So Popular In Canada. In this age, convenience is the key to success for any service-related industry. If you can provide maximum convenience to your customers, your business will never look back. Add to it the availability and affordability factors and, nothing can stop your business from reaching the skies. These days, the availability of online services is one of the key factors running the service industry. With a few taps on your Smartphone, you can get whatever you want without wasting any time. However, the ultimate satisfaction depends on the quality of services provided to you. The recent surge in online delivery services is making everyone feel as if the whole world has come to their fingertips. And, indeed it has! However, this is not the only reason for the increasing popularity of dial a bottle services in Canada.

If we are, to sum up, the following reasons clearly explain why these services are becoming so popular. Availability Affordability Accessibility. Beer Delivery Services For House Parties In Calgary. 4 Good Reasons To Pick A Bottle of Pink Wine In Calgary. Pink is not just for girls, but the guys alike. There is no shame in admitting that you loovvvveee Rosé Wine. After all, it tastes great and also offers a great many heath benefits just like its White and Red equivalents.

But, this is not the only excuse for your Pink fever. The Rosé is versatile and, you can drink it with anything. It tastes well with Pizzas or Barbecue or Sushi. It is also available in a range of colors and brands, some lighter, some heavier and ready to pack a punch. It Is Low On Calories If you are on diet, occasional drinking of Rosé Wine will not meddle with it. 5 ounces of Pink Wine has about 82 calories, lower than many alcoholic drinks that are available in the market.

You Can Have It Fresh Pink Wines should not be aged more than a year, unlike its red and White counterparts. It Has Phytochemical Benefits The Rosé consists of numerous compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Dark Rosés Have Anthocyanins. Floral Cocktails To Welcome Your Guests In Summer Parties.

“Flowers are outside Flowers are inside The floral essence is everywhere There’s no place to hide” What a fool of a person to hide from flowers! Is there anybody in this world who doesn’t like the delicate beauties of Nature? Even if there is, it is difficult to escape flowers in this happy season of Summer. They are blooming everywhere – in your garden, inside your house and even in your drinks. Err.. what? Yes! Summer is the season for delicate flavorful floral cocktails. Given below are the names and preparation techniques of 5 exquisite flower-infused Summer cocktails that can amp up any party or celebration.

Cocktails are used as welcome drinks on numerous special occasions. Whiskey And Chamomile Honey It is a great dessert after you have had too much on your plate. Golden Jasmine Martini An amazing welcome drink for any kind of occasion, the Martini can be prepared using Vodka, Honey, and Jasmine flowers. Hibiscus Champagne Cocktail. Rest After A Hectic Day With Calgary Dial A Bottle Services. Work can be completely energy-draining at times. Therefore, the modern day doctors always advise to never miss out on your daily workout regime. It is imperative to a healthy life, just like including a lot of green veggies in your diet. But, there are a few things that no doctor will advise you. For example, grabbing a bottle of your favorite Beer after a tedious day at work and relaxing on your couch, watching Netflix.

Red Wine Helps Burn Fat – It is no myth that a glass of high-quality red wine help you shed extra calories and attain the shape of your desire. Beer Keeps Your Brain Alive For Years – Oh my God! Alcohol Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases – A place like the Harvard University conducted researches to find that moderate drinking of alcohol increases the level of high-density lipoprotein that protects the heart against small blood clots and artery blockages. Wow! Now, getting to the nearby local store after a tiring day at work is simply not the best idea. 5 Features You Should Note When Rating Dial A Bottle Services. Frequently Asked Questions About Your Favorite Booze Tequila: bottletime. Almost all of you have college memories of being sloshed by those triple shots of Tequila with salt and lime. These are memories that you want to shut off forever because of the embarrassment you experienced. However, there’s no denying the fact that it was all quite fun, right?

That is why Tequila shots have always been an essential part of your parties and celebrations. But, how many of you are aware of its origin or the type of Agave it is derived from? Do you know that the Tequila manufacturing process is one of the most labor-intensive tasks in the wine industry? Want to dig into more information? Go through the most frequent questions regarding Tequila and their suitable answers to get a better idea about your favorite booze. What is the history of Tequila? The pre-Hispanic Mexican people considered the Agave plant as sacred. What is Blue Agave? Blue Agave or Agave tequilana Weberais is the variety of Agave that is used to manufacture Tequila. Yes! How to identify a good Tequila? Classic Summer Wine Cocktails That You Can Make At Home. Summer is the season for refreshing Wine cocktails. If you are a Wine enthusiast, wishing to delight yourself as well as others with your mixing talents, then you have just landed in the right spot.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the delicious cocktails that you can prepare at home with the right ingredients. Nothing can be better than a glass of Madeira Martini or Citrus Tang on a hot summer noon. So, pull up your sleeves and get ready to dive in. A long weekend and the warm Sun creates the perfect ambiance to enjoy exquisite Wine cocktails. Princess Of The Hive The name itself implies that it is going to be something good. 30 ml. Just mix all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake it for some time. Moscato Lemonade A classic cocktail made from Moscato Wine is the quintessential summer drink. 6 ounces of high-quality Moscato Wine4 Strawberries1 TSP Sugar1 Basil Leaf1 ounce of Lemon Juice Keep the Wine aside and mix all the other ingredients in a cocktail mixer.

Benefits Of Dial A Bottle Services That Takes Your Breath Away. A can of Beer or a glass of exquisite Wine in the evening can energize you after a long tiring day. But, is it possible to remember to pick up your wine when driving home from work every time? No! This is because, you must be so tired and thinking of relaxing on your couch so vehemently, that the Wine bottle may just escape your thoughts. Then, when you put the keys inside the lock, you suddenly remember, “OMG! I forgot to get my liquor! How disappointing! And, yes! But, in the age of the internet, this should not be the case. Authentic ConsultationGenerally, you have to call the liquor delivery services to place your order. Exclusive Information Most of these online delivery services have a blog on their websites, packed with information about different types of liquor and wine, their characteristic flavors and aromas, usage, safety tips and what not.

Availability Have you ever been to a liquor store only to find that your favorite brand is missing? Top Yummy Summer Recipes For Liquor-Based Ice Cream Floats. Alcohol Delivery Services In Calgary For Your Liquor Needs. Leading Brands Of Exquisite Champagne For Delivery In Calgary. The Pros And Cons Of Online Liquor Delivery in Calgary. Booze Hacks To Stay Cool In The Scorching Heat This Summer: bottletime. Rating A Bottle Of Wine To Evaluate Its Quality On Delivery.

Some Amazing Beer Cocktail Recipes to Amp Up Your Spring. Dial-A-Bottle Services in Calgary for Binge Drinking at Home. Creating a Quintessential Liquor Gift Basket or Hamper. A Bottle of Whiskey as The Ultimate Gift For Your Man. Factors to Consider when Creating Amazing Cocktails with Red Wine. Toast Your Love on This Valentine’s Day with Bottle Time by Bottle Time.

Throw a Cocktail Party at Home with Booze Delivery Services. Know How to Prepare the Best Bloody Caesar Cocktail at Home: bottletime. 3 Easy Rye Whiskey Cocktail Recipes that You Should Know. Make Bottle Time Your Reliable Beer Delivery Partner, Calgary. Amplify Your New Year Celebrations With Bottle Time. Order Different Types of Wine to Complement your Dinner. Speedy Liquor Delivery to Help you Give More Time to Your Family. Dial a Bottle Services to Amplify your Calgary Holidays. Quality Drinks and On-Time Deliveries by Top-Grade Liquor Store: bottletime. Select Dial a Bottle Services sans Breaking Your Bank, Calgary. Events are always Incomplete without Bottle Time! Your One-Stop Destination for Dial-A-Bottle Services in Calgary. The Right Ways of Storing Wine for Long-Term after Delivery. Make your Christmas more Special with Booze Delivery Services. Know Some of the Significant Benefits of Dial a Bottle Services: bottletime.

Liquor Store Delivery to Order Drinks and Enjoy at Home. Order Alcohol without Stepping Out of Your Home, Calgary. Enjoy your Drink without Leaving your Room. Few amazing Tips to Store and Preserve Champagne at Home. Reliable and affordable beer delivery Service in Calgary. Affordable and Well-Timed Wine Delivery Service in Calgary. Don't Drink And Drive - Order Liquor Online And we Fly! Reliable and affordable beer delivery Service in Calgary. Enhance your Drinking Habits with Liquor Delivery Services. Red Wine: How Much Beneficial It is For Your Health.

How to throw a surprise party for your near and dear ones? Avail Wine Delivery Services at inexpensive Price in Calgary. Catch up on the Trend of Cooking with Wine. Essential Tips to Store Beer for an Extended Timespan. Order Your Drinks From Liquor Store Delivery in Calgary. Get fast & quality Liquor Store Delivery Services in Calgary. Get effective Liquor Delivery Service in Calgary at your place.

Avail Cost-Effective Beer Delivery Services in Calgary. Get A Smooth Liquor Delivery At Home With Bottle Time, Calgary. One-Stop Destination for Exquisite Beer service in Calgary. Easiest Steps You Need To Follow For A Home Pool Party. Interesting Facts About Drinking Beer At Right Temperature. Bottle Time — Toast to Your Friendship with Liquor Delivery... Make Sure Your Pool Party is Ready with These Useful Tips. Make Your Home Party Ready with Alcohol Delivery Calgary.

Celebrate Your Birthday in a Special Way with Bottle Time. Buy Best Quality Wine from Bottle Time Calgary. Contact us | cost effective booze delivery service in Calgary. Wine it Up with Liquor Delivery Calgary, Calgary, Alberta. Avail Affordable Booze Delivery Service in Calgary. Advantages of Ordering Liquor Online & save your time. How to Choose Right Whiskey for Your Party - Bottle Time.

Ways to Learn Whether You Have Brought a Quality Wine or Not. Ways to Learn Whether You Have Brought a Quality Wine or Not. Why and When You Should Return Your Beer. Call & Order Alcohol Delivery service provider while Throwing a Party. Order online to get fresh liquor delivered at doorstep. Bottle Time Calgary delivers premiere quality beer & wine. Fastest alcohol delivery service in Calgary | Bottle Time.