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Philosophy Ideas Database. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Early Modern Texts Language-Updated. Philosopher's Annual. DIAMETROS - Internetowe Czasopismo Filozoficzne. Logical fallacies. Rhetological Fallacies. Thanks to 李为维, Hayanna Carvalho, Iván Galarza, Klaus-Michael Lux, Kadar Magor, Gilles Peyroux and Adriano Venditti, Rhetological Fallacies is now available in Chinese, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish.

Rhetological Fallacies

Consequentialism FAQ. The Consequentalism FAQ (Formatted Answers and Questions) Table of Contents 0: Introduction1: Whirlwind Metaethics2: Morality Must Live in the World3: Assign Value to Other People4: In Which We Finally Get to Consequentialism5: The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number6: Rules and Heuristics7: Problems and Objections8: Why it Matters 0.1: Who are you?

Consequentialism FAQ

Logical Fallacies: The Fallacy Files. The Gifford Lectures. Philosophy Experiments. Test your Morals, Values & Ethics. How to believe. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.