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At Borras Cleaning Services we’ve been providing any sort of household and office cleaning services here in Marin, Sonoma, and Bay Area since 1998. We are a highly skilled company backed with quality cleaning tools and equipment to serve you the best in every possible way. We believe in integrity at work along with a fair pricing scheme to cover move-in or move-out cleaning, office, window, and house cleaning services. At Borras, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction and guarantee for our service.

Get inspiration for your Office Cleaning with our Guides. Expert ideas benefit most of the time, even in the bad days or in the worst of times.

Get inspiration for your Office Cleaning with our Guides

But, the majority of the time, people are found complaining about the suggestions they get. Are you getting Hiccups? Don’t hide your face, complaints are often habits! However, to help you achieve satisfaction below we have arranged Top Inspirations for Your Office Cleaning. Read on to explore what they are. What you should do to keep your office carpet clean and fresh? – borrascleaning. Since a carpet is used on the floor, it’s inevitable that the carpet is going to get dirty.

What you should do to keep your office carpet clean and fresh? – borrascleaning

Why it won’t be? It’s exposed to human traffic and the accumulation of dirt & dust. Not to mention that cleaning carpet is not an easy task. Thus, every business owner should consider investing in professional office carpet cleaning services. What you should know about window cleaning? Windows are one of the most important components of a facility, whether it’s a residential or commercial property.

What you should know about window cleaning?

Whereas, most of the property owners overlook the importance of window cleaning. Well, it shouldn’t be as windows are the first things anyone notices about your house. So, keeping them clean is very much essential just like every other area of your house. Presenting top 6 easy and simple window cleaning tips. Reasons Why You Need Professional Residential House Cleaning Services. Home is where your heart lies and so does happiness.

Reasons Why You Need Professional Residential House Cleaning Services

Despite the need for keeping it clean and hygienic, we cannot always handle the cleaning task. Thus, we handle it professionally with residential house cleaning services. Hiring someone to tend to the cleaning task is a huge decision to make. In Six Steps to a Clean Office Desk Everyday - borras cleaning - Medium. Although cleaning an office desk is a dreary task but its benefits are hard to ignore as it improves the way of our work while keeping focused, energized, motivated, and also makes the job done right on time while maintaining peace of mind.

In Six Steps to a Clean Office Desk Everyday - borras cleaning - Medium

However, a clean office desk may last for up to two to three days and will be back in its chaotic condition again. Therefore, it’s vital to clean the office desk on a regular basis to minimize the hindrance to work smoothly. Moreover, a tidy and clean office desk will surely improve the work environment and also boosts higher productivity and morale of the employees.

Tips for washing windows during the winter season. There are certain tasks during winter that turns very difficult to conduct when the winter season arrives and one such of those tasks is window washing.

Tips for washing windows during the winter season

Today we’ll be helping you out by listing the tips of how to conduct the stressful window washing task in cold winters easily. So, stay connected to learn more in detail. Everything you need to know about Moving-in cleaning. When people shift or buy a new house indeed it brings joy and excitement of shifting in a new house but there are a lot more things that people need to consider apart from celebrations such as moving-in cleaning.Without exaggerating, we mean to say moving-in cleaning is required to be carried on in every house before shifting permanently.So, to help you with this task below we have listed the top things that you need to know about the moving-in cleaning before taking any other decision.What is moving-in cleaning?

Everything you need to know about Moving-in cleaning

Moving-in cleaning is defined as the arrangement of scattered items before moving into the house. Simply, it is a task related to the cleaning up of the chaos in the house for up to a certain period so that people can reside peacefully.However, it can also be considered as a duty that either has to be carried on by the homeowner themselves or by hiring professional cleaners. Share. House Cleaning Services - Borras Cleaning Services. What would you do when you need an extra set of hands to help keep your home cleaned and maintained?

House Cleaning Services - Borras Cleaning Services

You would hire professional cleaners right! The right house cleaning services can your time, money, and keep your home clean just the way you want. However, not everyone can provide customer satisfactory services. That’s why you need to hire experts you can rely on to deliver quality services. After all, you have to pay an amount for the services delivered to you. Why Professional Window Washers Are Important? - borras cleaning - Medium. A sparkling clean window instantly amp up your home or business appearance because clean windows make both the interior and exterior of the property increase its curb appeal.

Why Professional Window Washers Are Important? - borras cleaning - Medium

Moreover, sunlight is permitted to penetrate inside through the clean windows in all its magnificence without casting shadows due to fingerprints or water deposits. That’s the reason you should not overlook the benefits of a clean window and opt for regular window cleaning by professionals like Bay window washers. SteadFast Property Maintenance. How to wash windows at home like a pro?

Are you the one who is passionate about keeping the house Clean & maintaining hygiene?

How to wash windows at home like a pro?

If yes, then today we have got you covered by converting the most uninteresting job of the house, the window cleaning task done interestingly. So, continue reading the content below to learn more. But before we move ahead let’s know about the most talented window cleaning in San Rafael, CA, the Borras Window Cleaning, that have been working for years in this field and have years of knowledge to get the job done effectively. Step 1: Wash the windows with a strip applicator Strip applicator soaks liquid and prevents the window glass from being scratched.

What tasks to expect from an expert house cleaning company? – borrascleaning. After a long tiring day, no mommy would like to get into the cleaning tasks and elevate their level of tiredness. Now, what if we say we have got the ultimate solution for you to resolve this problem? Important Tips to Moving In Cleaning. Undoubtedly, when shifting to another home can be a major turning point in life as it makes families go through a mixed feeling of happiness and a little sad to get apart from the old home because we leave behind so many beautiful memories to cherish lifelong.

Along with the excitement of shifting there comes the tiring task of moving in cleaning sounds tedious right? Unfortunately, it is an important part to have a fresh start in your new “home sweet home”. A clean and healthy environment inside the entire property can bring happiness and peace of mind. Window Cleaning San RafaelTips and tricks to make your window cleaning process easier and simpler. How often do you clean your windows? Do you clean them all by yourself or hire a professional to do the job? How important do you think window cleaning is? The reason behind asking all these questions is to make you understand the importance of cleaning your windows. However, cleaning windows is not an easy task, especially if you want to make your windows streak-free. You must have spent hours trying to clean your windows only to realize that you couldn’t clean them properly. How to minimize the burden of regular household tasks.

Once in a year or maybe twice we all face issues where we can’t fit our small pair of socks in the drawer or when we pull the cupboard’s door open for hanging our ironed clothes the entire items in there collapses, isn’t it relating? We all face these kinds of mess in your house when we let the household management to least bother us but as a matter of concern, we must never take the house cleaning as a burden that after a certain course of time we get bored of doing the repeated job and stop paying heed. To cut the boring house cleaning stress from your life it is better to make it interesting so that we continue to do the job for a longer time without losing interest.

The Overview of Window Cleaning Cloths Market - Borras Cleaning. Moving in Cleaning: From where to Start, Proceed & End – borrascleaning. Top FAQs of hiring an expert window cleaner answered. Most of the people are swayed by the fact that expert cleaners are not suitable for their specific job posts rather it is the best to get the job done by themselves even though it is one of the toughest tasks like window cleaning. Well, today here in this content we’ll be helping you out to eliminate such myths from your life and make your life a bit easier acknowledging you with the benefits of hiring a professional window cleaner instead of doing it yourself.

Here are the most asked questions & answers about why you should hire a professional window cleaner. 1. Are they time-efficient? When you hire a professional window cleaner this not only ensures that you get a great working experience but also makes sure that the job is done on time without a delay. Whether it’s about cleaning large window glasses both from the inside and outside, experts are trained to such an extent that they can complete even the big projects efficiently thereby saving your precious time. 2. 3. 4. 5. 4 Tips to Professional Office Cleaning – borrascleaning. The ultimate guide for any sort of moving in cleaning. Important Steps to Consider Before Moving In Your New House. Hey! Excited to move into your new home. Well, surely you must be but before moving in your furnished home there are certain things that you don’t want to skip just like treating your new home with a deep moving in cleaning service.

Undoubtedly, moving in the new home can be a daunting task because it is a stressful period right from arranging materials, furniture, packing stuff, and definitely parting ways from your old home. However, it’s time to create new memories with your new home because with each new beginning you experience the best ending! Start with some important checklist before you move into your new property- · Check Your New Property- Double checking the entire place is very crucial so that you are completely sure that your home doesn’t require any repair, paint, etc. Top deep cleaning checklist for all the rooms in your house – borrascleaning.

The permanent way to get rid of individual house cleaning.