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Do a Short Savasana After Your Daily Yoga Routine. Custom Order. When ultrarunner Ronda Sundermeier started feeling sluggish during her usual tempo runs, she wasn't sure what was wrong—she hadn't changed her training.

Custom Order

Then she met a nutritionist, who spotted the problem: Sundermeier wasn't eating enough postworkout for her body to recover. So she started drinking a carb-and-protein recovery shake immediately after her run, and then made sure to sit down to a full meal within 45 minutes. "The results were phenomenal," Sundermeier says. "Suddenly, I felt like I was on fire during the hardest parts of my workouts. " Most runners know that they need to eat a combination of healthy carbs and protein soon after a workout. The right meal at the right time makes a big difference. 16 Healthy (and Yummy) Prerun Meals and Snacks. Your body needs high-octane fuel to run its best.

16 Healthy (and Yummy) Prerun Meals and Snacks

Start Running: Six Rules for Eating Right as a Runner. When you start exercising regularly, you might have to revamp some of your everyday eating habits in order to feel your best while you’re working out and avoid unwanted bathroom stops.

Start Running: Six Rules for Eating Right as a Runner

Here are some general rules. 1. Go on empty (sometimes). What you eat before you hit the road or the gym all depends on when you’re exercising and what kind of workout you’re planning. Many people don’t have the time—or the stomach—to eat and digest food before a workout, especially if that workout is taking place in the early morning. How to Stay Hydrated on a Hot Run. I have a confession to make.

How to Stay Hydrated on a Hot Run

I can't stand summer running. I can't stand the heat, the humidity, and the fact that I've had to stop and walk during short runs that are usually effortless. I long for I can't-feel-my-toes, tights-clad winter runs as I suffer through sunburns and salty, sweaty, dehydrating summer runs. Sure, there may be some scientific benefits of training in the heat, but as I trod along and pray for snow, I'm not interested.

What I am interested in is staying as well hydrated as possible (dehydration means slower times, which means even more minutes out in the heat). 1. 2. Stretching for Runners. Stretching is a form of exercise in which specific muscles are stretched in order to build flexibility and relieve tension.

Stretching for Runners

Believe it or not, stretching is one of the most controversial subjects in exercise and sport. The Best Foods For Runners. Most supermarkets stock more than 30,000 items, yet every time we race up and down the aisles of the grocery store, we toss into our carts the same 10 to 15 foods.

The Best Foods For Runners

Which isn't such a bad thing, as long as you're taking home the right foods--ones that will keep you healthy, fuel peak performance, and easily cook up into lots of delicious meals. So before your next trip to the grocery store, add the following 15 foods to your must-buy list. Then, when you get home, use our tips and recipes to easily get them into your diet and onto your menu. Add to your cart: Almonds Runners should eat a small handful of almonds at least three to five times per week. Injury Prevention & Recovery. How to Prevent Common Running Injuries. It's an all too common scenario: Runner begins training program.

How to Prevent Common Running Injuries

A month or so later, a twinge settles on a knee. Runner stretches, pops ibuprofen, keeps running. A few—or maybe 100—runs later, runner is on the couch, ice pack on knee. What are the chances? The answer isn't exactly clear: A review of studies suggests that as few as 19 percent or as many as 79 percent of runners are sidelined each year. The good news: Researchers are on the hunt for an injury solution, perhaps more fervently than ever, in part thanks to the release of Born to Run in 2009. The true cause is all of the above. How to Stay Safe on the Run. The 8-Week Beginner's Program. The training plan that follows is designed to get you to the point where you can run 30 minutes (about 2 miles) at a slow, relaxed pace.

The 8-Week Beginner's Program

It's a simple, progressive program that begins with more walking than running, and gradually evolves into more running than walking. Each week's plan also includes a motivational quote and a training tip. Once you are able to run 2 miles nonstop, you can decide on your next goal. You might simply want to continue running 2 miles at a time, three or four days per week. Research has shown that this is enough to help you lose or maintain weight, and improve many other important health markers, i.e., your cholesterol, blood pressure, and insulin response. Парапланеризъм (параглайдинг) / Спорт / Диети & Фитнес от Спорт.

Парапланеризъм (параглайдинг) е най-лесният начин да реализираш най-съкровената си мечта – да полетиш!

Парапланеризъм (параглайдинг) / Спорт / Диети & Фитнес от Спорт

Парапланеризмът е достъпен за всеки, независимо от възрастта, пола и физическите данни. В България има чудесни условия за параглайдинг. Парапланеризъм (параглайдинг) е екстремен спорт, който се практикува с парапланер (крило) и сбруя (седалка).