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How to change your life for the better in just one month. Blogger Svetlana Pokrevskaya makes a bold promise to all those who carry out her plan: in just one month’s time, you won’t recognise yourself.

How to change your life for the better in just one month

As she explains, "Recently I received a letter from one of my readers. ’Hi, Svetlana! 7 Skills To Become Super Smart. People aren’t born smart.

7 Skills To Become Super Smart

They become smart. 12-things-highly-confident-people-dont. I think some people confuse self-confidence with having a big ego.


It’s almost like they think that if they love themselves, then other people will think that they are stuck-up and unlikable. I couldn’t disagree more. I always say that truly confident people don’t need to go around telling people how great they are because they don’t need to. People automatically notice their greatness from their positive behavior. 9 methods for mastering your money. 2008 was a miserable year for money.

9 methods for mastering your money

The stock market tumbled, unemployment soared, the housing market continued to crumble, and retirement savings shriveled away. Whew! Here’s hoping 2009 will be better! But hope can only do so much. Hope cannot bring change. If one of your goals for 2009 is to take control of your money (instead of letting it keep control of you), this crash course in financial basics can help guide the way. Behind Every Excuse is the Real Reason. Сайтът на Една Жена: Истината за мъжете. Той просто не ви харесва.

Сайтът на Една Жена: Истината за мъжете

Престанете да измисляте оправдания за неговите постъпки, те сами говорят – той просто не ви харесва. Явно не му харесвате чак толкова много, щом не ви кани на среща. Защото ако ви харесва, той обезателно ще ви покани на среща. Оправдание ➊ Той не иска да разруши нашето приятелство. Free online speed reading software. Www.idealistrevolution. June 18, 2015 All education is self-education.


Period. 37-secrets-only-successful-people-know. The business of business isn't really all that complicated.


While there is, of course, specific knowledge required for specific industries, this post encapsulates everything that you'll need to know to survive and thrive in the business world. The lists below are adapted and condensed from my recently published book, Business Without the Bullsh*t: 49 Secrets and Shortcuts You Need to Know. 1. ReCreate Your Life. 8 Ways Self-Help is Killing You - And How To Use Them - StartupBros. Diffuse it before you get all sorts of blown up I am the worst self-helper in the world.

8 Ways Self-Help is Killing You - And How To Use Them - StartupBros

Jack Canfield was the first. He told me in his Success Principles that I could make a billion dollars as easily as I could make a hundred of them. I didn’t want to be greedy so I settled for $100 million. It seemed fair. Bulgarian AYP Home Page - Безплатни уроци по Медитация, Пранаяма, Кундалини, Тантра. Ask a Guy: Can I Turn Things Around After Acting Insecure and Needy? If you’ve completely screwed things up by being needy, insecure, etc, and given everything so the guy doesn’t feel the need to commit to you anymore, is there any hope in hell of changing things around, considering the renewed attitude I received thanks to you guys?

Ask a Guy: Can I Turn Things Around After Acting Insecure and Needy?

The number one reason women have so much trouble getting themselves out of a position like this is because they fixate more and more attention on the guy as he gives less and less. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about holding back or intentionally trying to manipulate a guy by “making him work for you” with games and tricks. That’s magazine dating advice trash. What I do recommend is you recognize that you’re choosing the situation you’re in and that choice is looking more and more like an ineffective strategy in getting the guy to have a relationship with you in the way you want. Sure, he’ll give you hope. Much simpler solution? The fact was, at that time I identified with my relationship. Hope it helps, How To Become Emotionally Self-Reliant And Make Yourself Happy. When I was younger, one of the biggest things that made my life miserable was that I was emotionally dependant on other people.

How To Become Emotionally Self-Reliant And Make Yourself Happy

And I wasn’t even aware of that, until I became older. Becoming Emotionally Self-Reliant. By Leo Babauta I’m the first to admit that for many years, I was a bit emotionally needy.

Thank you! This is good. Sharing on Twitter. .... Chelle.... – mychelle21

Not in a crazy, desperate way, but in the way that many of us are. I wanted someone else to make me happy, blamed others for my unhappiness, sought to fulfill my emotional needs through others. Active Listening. Cooperative learning series What affects listening? Active listening intentionally focuses on who you are listening to, whether in a group or one-on-one, in order to understand what he or she is saying. As the listener, you should then be able to repeat back in your own words what they have said to their satisfaction. This does not mean you agree with the person,but rather understand what they are saying. Described above are the external factors. Prepare with a positive, engaged attitude Focus your attention on the subject Stop all non-relevant activities beforehand to orient yourselfto the speaker or the topic Review mentally what you already know about the subject Organize in advance relevant material in order to develop it further (previous lectures, TV programs, newspaper articles, web sites, prior real life experience, etc.)

Actively listen Follow up activities Check if you have understood Continue dialogue: One Simple Exercise to Unlock your Personal Power. Calm an over active mind, unlock your subconscious, get to the root of your problems and develop your intuitive and psychic abilities by doing this one simple exercise everyday. Yes, it really is that easy. The exercise is nothing new. In fact, it has a number of names that you may be familiar with- Morning Pages, Automatic Writing, Free Flow Writing- just to name a few.

Basically, it requires you first thing in the morning, when your mind is still and you haven’t done anything else, to pick up a pen and paper and write, write and write some more. How to Balance and Align Your Chakras Using Herbs. There are 7 energy centers or chakras in the body that help to align us and keep our body, mind and spirit balanced. When our chakras are out of balance we can become susceptible to physical, mental and spiritual dis-eases however, this can often be cleared with some energy work or herbs. Herbs have been used for healing since the beginning of time and carry a powerful vibration that connect us back to the earth and our source energy.

How to Cleanse a Space Using Sage. Whether you are just moving into a new house or driving away bad energy, cleansing your home can be both therapeutic and beneficial to all those who live there. Smudging, or using smoke made from lighting a bunch of dried white sage, is a Native American Shamanic practice that helps to cleanse and purify a space. While this ritual stems from shamanism, many ancient cultures have also adopted a similar practice and the idea of using smoke to drive out negative energies can be traced back as far as Ancient Egypt.

The theory behind the practice is that the smoke attaches to the negative energy and as the smoke clears so does the negative energy. It is believed that the bad energy is then released into another dimension in order to shift and transform into something more positive. In Shamanic practices, the smoke from sage is believed to drive out evil spirits, negative thoughts and feelings and can keep negative energies away. The Ritual: Are You In Need of a Spiritual Cleanse? Most of us take the deliberate, conscious action to do a cleanse or detox diet at least once a year to help restart our body and feel better about ourselves. In fact, an average of 45 million Americans go on a diet every year and spend over $33 billion on detox, cleansing and weight loss products. We spend so much time fixated on our physical body and diet, why not our spiritual body?

Perhaps it’s time for a Spiritual Cleanse? 5 Signs You Need a Spiritual Cleanse. How to See and Read Auras. Auras are energetic fields that surround all living things. Often an aura can have a particular color or hue to it depending on its frequency level. Click?pi=%2Fweird-reasons-fall-in-love-2014-7&ri=05a617f25d0c9cef6568e7eb42695d42&sd=v2_38da69cd40805852f2b01e7d8e31c986_86cc37e9-e866-4138-9411-9df0d0b1f7ef_1424538064_1424538064_CMAXEI4G&ui=86cc37e9-e866-4138-9411-9df0d0b1f7ef&it=video&ii=~~V1~~-3739208.