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Craft blog : Tutorial: Hand Sew Felt Using Whip Stitch. When you read this tutorial, my instructions might seem terribly obvious.

craft blog : Tutorial: Hand Sew Felt Using Whip Stitch

But if you look at the stitching on my first stuffie, you'd see it wasn't obvious to me. :) Now that I've worked out a system, I'm able to jump right into my felt projects without having to labor over, and struggle with, the stitching. For other options to hand sew felt see my blanket stitch tutorial and my post about choosing between whip stitch and blanket stitch. (1) Place the wrong-sides of the felt layers together and pin or baste them together. Note One: All stitches should go in and come out about an eighth of an inch back from the edge of the felt. Note Two: I used to struggle with knotting my floss, but Heather Bailey's Best Knot Ever Tutorial changed my hand sewing and embroidery forever.

On the right-hand side, take your knotted floss and go from the inside of the bottom layer through to the outside. . (2) Put the needle through the top layer exactly above where the floss is coming out of the bottom layer. Old MacDonald Puppet Tutorial and Pattern. EDITED NOTE: A couple of you have reminded me that I didn't show a picture of poor Old MacDonald.

Old MacDonald Puppet Tutorial and Pattern

MY bad! HERE is where you can find a lovely picture of Mr. Farmer. Thanks for bringing it to my lovely attention. Here is it! I have scanned and downloaded the actual patterns into this post, but I am also posting the link to download them instead. There are 7 pattern pieces. Supplies you will need: Felt in following colors- tan brown white gray yellow blue cream black pink orange Coordinating thread Old MacDonald Patterns. 3 Little Pigs Finger Puppets. NOTE: I updated my pattern upload so it will print correctly!!

3 Little Pigs Finger Puppets

My 3 Little Pigs Tutorial is so long I had to break it up into two parts. You can find the instructions for the piggies' houses here. (Click here for more pictures of these guys in action!) 3pigs PatternWHAT YOU NEED FOR THE PUPPETS:~ Print out the pattern. Cardstock will probably work best, if you have some~ Fleece -- pink and brown/grey -- You can use scraps, purchase dollar store fleece scarves or baby blankets, or buy just 1/8 yard of yardage from a fabric store~ Three 4-hole pink buttons for the pigs' noses~ Bead or felt scrap for wolfie's nose~ Scrap of rick-rack or white felt for wolfie's teeth~ Sewing machine~ Small amount of fiberfil stuffing (you could also use a couple cotton balls!) STEP ONE: Fold your fleece right-sides together. STEP TWO: Cut around your stitching line, leaving a small seam allowance. Quiet Time - It Can Be Done! Part 1. Thanks to all you wonderful people who have left such sweet compliments on my juggling new baby + 3 kids + crafting + homeschooling.

Quiet Time - It Can Be Done! Part 1

You remind me when I'm feeling overwhelmed & like life is a mess, that I am actually doing pretty well! My "me" time is non-existent and I have severely dropped my standards of what is a clean house, but I know I'm giving my all to the kids, which is the whole point, right? One thing that has made that easier was to compile a bunch of fun activity stuff in the weeks before baby - that has been a lifesaver with the demands on my time & helping my kids not feel "baby attention resentment" as much. I found some cool stuff like Wikki Stix, Brain Noodles & invisible ink activity books, but I also wanted to make something special for them.

So, I did a Quiet Book. Craft blog : Tutorial: Hand Sew Felt Using Blanket Stitch. Tutorial: Hand Sew Felt Using Blanket Stitch This post actually contains two tutorials involving the blankets stitch:How to sew two pieces of felt together using blanket stitchHow to sew an edging using blanket stitchThere are also some helpful extras, like:How to start if you aren't going all the way aroundHow to handle cornersHow to stitch around circlesWhat to do if you run out of floss in the middleIt's a lot to pack into one post, but they all involve the blanket stitch, so I thought they should all be together.

craft blog : Tutorial: Hand Sew Felt Using Blanket Stitch

Let me know if there is something I can make more clear. For other options to hand sew felt see my whip stitch tutorial and my post about choosing between blanket stitch and whip stitch. Note One: All stitches should go in and come out the same distance back from the edge of the felt. When making an object that will be stuffed, about an eighth of an inch works well.

Sewing two pieces together (and how to stitch around a corner) Sewing an edging (and tips for round objects) How To Videos. Stuffed Animal to Puppet. Today I want to show you a very easy, very inexpensive way to make a puppet out of a stuffed animal.

Stuffed Animal to Puppet

This is a project you can do sitting on your couch, and without fancy-schmancy equipment! (Say "cheese," Bruce!) ~Stuffed Animal~Felt or Fleece for inside of mouth~glove or sock~needle and thread Step One: Gut your stuffed animal. (From here on I will refer to this guy as "Bruce," which is what Buzz calls him.) Step Two: Cut an opening for his mouth. Step Three: Cut a rough diamond shape, larger than what the finished size of the inside of his mouth will be.

Step Four: Start stitching the inside of his mouth to the top of his mouth opening. Step Five: After attaching the top of his mouth, pin the other half of the mouth diamond to his jaw. Sew the same way you did in Step Four. He has a jolly, grinning mouth! Step Six: If you are using a glove, turn it inside out and cut off the fingers far enough to ensure there is just one giant hole remaining (not four small ones!).