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Pipe Bender Project - Professional Bender Made Easy. Where and How To Recover Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum Guide.


Scrap. Scrap consists of recyclable materials left over from product manufacturing and consumption, such as parts of vehicles, building supplies, and surplus materials.


Unlike waste, scrap can have significant monetary value. How scrap is processed[edit] Piles of scrap metal being utilized for the World War II effort, circa 1941 Scrap metal originates both in business and residential environments. Typically a "scrapper" will advertise their services to conveniently remove scrap metal for people who don't need it, or need to get rid of it.

Scrap is often taken to a wrecking yard (also known as a scrapyard, junkyard, or breaker's yard), where it is processed for later melting into new products. Resources[edit] Some of the biggest searches for scrapping is for scrap prices. With many resources online for recyclers to look at for scrapping tips, like on YouTube[4] and Blogs,[5] and Google Blogs [6] scrapping is often referred to as a hands and labor intensive job. Risks[edit] [edit] [edit] Gallery[edit]


Registration - Metal Casting Zone. Metal World - Main Menu. Aluminum Scrap Metal Prices, Aluminum scrap recycling prices for sheet, turnings, cast aluminum, litho, 5052, 6061, 6063 and UBC (Used Beverage Cans) Exchange (BMX) Index. Magnesium Exchange - Intercambio del Metal / Metal Exchange. The Hobby Foundry Site,Backyard foundry, backyard metalcasting,hobbycasting,sandcasting. Bronze casting instruction manual - the best metal casting tutorial for artists and hobbyists. The method described in this manual is called the thin ceramic shell, lost wax technique. There are many other methods to make a bronze figurine but the lost wax, thin ceramic shell method is the easiest way for the home founder to make a small sculpture to a high degree of quality at little cost and with easily found tools and materials. This is the same method implemented by professional art foundries. We have simply scaled it down and adapted some aspects of the process to make it easy for anyone to complete successfully in a few days without any heavy equipment.

This manual is not attempting to delve into details of all the principles and all aspects of the bronze casting technology. We will rather focus on a simple yet rewarding project that will allow the novice to cast a small piece safely, quickly, cheaply and to a high degree of quality. Numerous diagrams illustrate every step. The manual is a 114 page downloadable PDF file. (29Mb). Or order the paperback from Wax. New Small Cupolas. New Small Portable Cupola!

New Small Cupolas

We have four cupola furnaces of various sizes, the largest being 16 inch bore. Our new smaller 7 in. bore furnace is fitted with wheels and is completely portable. Cupolas are continous melters, with the charges of metal melted in layers alternating with layers of replacement fuel, usually coke. There are no expensive crucibles to worry with. The molten metal is accumulated in the base of the furnace and tapped into homemade ladles as needed. Tapping a ladle of cast iron in a 7 in. bore Cupola. Pouring a 9 lb. Metal Casting Home - Metal Casting Zone. Scrap route.

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