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Bonnie Low-Kramen

Get executive administrative assistant training from keynote speaker and author Bonnie Low-Kramen, who offers seminars, workshops and conferences for executive leaders and assistants. Choose from in-person, virtual or on demand workplace training and development program courses, 1 on 1 coaching and/or corporate team sessions online. You’ll get a customized personal or corporate training program to suit your exact needs. Bonnie’s “Be the Ultimate Assistant”: In-person or virtual workplace training programs present the crucial combination of soft skills and the hard skills of computer technology to develop Ultimate Assistants. This online training program is ideal for C-Suite executive or personal assistants or private service professionals.

With Reggie Love, Pres Barack Obama’s Body Man. Speaking at the Club 42 meeting in London. Executive Administrative Assistant Training. Workplace Training and Development Program Courses. Personal Assistant Training. Executive Assistant Training. Be the Ultimate Assistant. Bonnie & her employer of 25 years Academy Award winning actress Olympia Dukakis.

BLK named Educator of the Year 2015 from DEMA Domestic Estate Managers Association. BLK & Olympia Dukakis who wrote the Foreword to Be the Ultimate Assistant. YouTube - Bonnie Low-Kramen. Bonnie Low-Kramen: Ultimate Assistant - Executive Team Member Training, Workshops.