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Entersoft is an award winning application security company with DevSecOps and a philosophy of security by design. We make organisations in FinTech and IoT secure.

What is your approach to security - Manual testing or a Web scanner? A good answer is - Both.

What is your approach to security - Manual testing or a Web scanner?

There is no silver bullet to cybersecurity. Conventional approaches rely entirely on a single type of testing - either manual or automated web scanners - leaving business leaders in a difficult spot of choosing one way or the other for their products. While manual testing brings nuanced and intuitive strategy to the table, it could cause human-errors while taking several days to deliver results. On the other hand, automated tools that give instant results, do not promise the intuition that an actual human contributes. To add to the uncertainty, security testing vendors often position their approach as superior to the other, underplaying obvious shortcomings, jeopardizing entire products or businesses.

A system is only as secure as its weakest link, and all it really takes of a malicious hacker is to identify that weak link and sabotage it. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts It takes thinking like a hacker, to preempt and combat a cyber attack. Entersoft Security Announces the First Ever Brisbane Hackfest. Brisbane Hackfest. Register as Company Companies will be chosen to participate based on the following criteria: Product readiness: The product should be ready for testing.

Brisbane Hackfest

Ideal products would be products which are beyond MVP with few beta customers. Shortlisted companies will be notified on 28th May. Best Practices for Data Breaches & Password Security. IoT Attack Surface Mapping. Simply put, IoT is the interface between the physical and digital world that allows one to gather information from – and control – everyday objects.

IoT Attack Surface Mapping

When you have a random IoT object/device - a thermostat, a bulb or a toothbrush, to perform tests on it, What do you do to it? How do you test it? Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Case Study. Vulnerability Rating Index. Entersoft: Application Security. Simplified. IoT Case Study. DevSecOps Case study. For blockchain businesses, every day could be April Fool’s Day! Cybercriminals worldwide target blockchain businesses with a variety of attacks including phishing, making a fool of them every single day.

For blockchain businesses, every day could be April Fool’s Day!

Here’s what you need to know! Blockchains boast of being intrinsically secure and transparent, by means of a public, decentralised record of transactions. While this is true, the extent of security truly depends on how secure the applications built upon the platform are, and it turns out not very. Developers working on blockchains often tend to overlook the risks and vulnerabilities that applications themselves might have, leading to a staggering number of attacks on businesses seen across the world.

Especially with the weakest links being people, phishing attacks have grown drastically both in number and in sophistication building mistrust in the entire industry. 1. Anti-Phishing Case study. Our customer is a Fortune 500 bank with millions of customers that range from private clients to small and medium sized enterprises around the globe.

Anti-Phishing Case study

They offer their services multi-channel, and have hundreds of branch offices all over Europe. On seeing a rise in cyberattacks per bank, our customer felt under attack, and needed insight into where the threats were coming from. Even once attacks were detected, it took the bank days or even weeks to mitigate the problem, and despite anti-fraud solutions deployed, customers were falling victim to consumer phishing scams.

Cloud Security review Case Study. Security code review Case Study. Entersoft Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Assessment. Mobile App Security Case Study. Menu Case Study - Mobile App Security Securing Android and iOS apps of a Banking product.

Mobile App Security Case Study

Customer is a leading Fintech with over 200000 users. Customer collects confidential information like PII through the Mobile Apps. Securing the Mobile apps, underlying infrastructure and API is key for customer's business. From shopping to healthcare to banking, there isn’t any sphere of life that is today untouched by the miracle of mobile technology. Web App Security Case Study. Menu Case Study - Web App Security Move over generic penetration testing.

Web App Security Case Study

Customer is Australia's leading insurance company. What does a security breach really cost? FBI Director Robert Mueller once said, “There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be.”

What does a security breach really cost?

Every business, no matter its industry or scale, is a potential target and unless there is a strong security culture in place, odds are that a breach will occur, causing a loss of information, leakage of critical data or direct financial fraud. We have witnessed organizations across finance, healthcare, governance, retail, transportation, energy and education targeted by cyber-criminals in the last one year alone.Ranging from personal details to business-critical data, a wide variety of information gets targeted in these cyber-crimes. ASQ Case Study. FinTech Cyber Security Case Study. Logistics Case Study. NBFC Cyber Security Case Study. Addressing RBI compliance requirements for banks & NBFCs. Segasec and Entersoft to strengthen their partnership in India Tel Aviv, February 13, 2019 – India is among the top four nations targeted by phishing attacks according to a recent research.

Addressing RBI compliance requirements for banks & NBFCs

Consequently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) lately regulated that all Indian banks need to have in place a robust cybersecurity framework. This should include a Cyber Crisis Management Plan (CCMP) that addresses early detection, fast response, recovery and containment including protection against customer facing phishing attacks. Phishing instances have seen an alarming rise worldwide, especially in India, where these attacks increased by 70% from July 1 to September 30 in 2018. Hackers target customers of different industries, however most attacks aim customers of the financial industry.

[WATCH] Live Hack Demo at Bengaluru Tech Summit ft. Ankit Fadia. Crypto Ecosystem Partner. Entersoft is proud to announce a partnership with BLOCKLOAN - Next generation credit on blockchain with global lending protocols & crypto products.

Crypto Ecosystem Partner

BLOCKLOAN is building the ultimate blockchain credit infrastructure, including a global Consumer Lending Protocol & Margin Lending Protocol, as well as a highly-secure Wallet & Debit Card, converting crypto to fiat. Their mission is to provide global access to funding through the power of blockchain technology. “In an age where the world is nearly completely digital, providing secure services is of the utmost importance to protect consumers and suppliers, particularly in the area of financial services.

Entersoft partners with ASIA BLOCKCHAIN WEEK 2018! Introducing our close partners - BlockShow powered by Cointelegraph. BlockShow Asia 2018 is gathering more than 2000 people (big names from OTC like DRW/Cumberland; funds FBG, GBIC, Signum, Fenbushi as well as Regulators and Corporate representatives) second year in a row on November 28-29 in Marina Bay Sands. This year BlockShow is retuning to Singapore as a part of Asia Blockchain week. The event will span five days: 3 big conferences to enrich your network with relevant partners, investors and customers;Workshops to get the answers to vital questions and problems;Startup competition EXP 20 to find new interesting projects using blockchain technology;Every day parties to relaxNetworking zone is always open for business meetings On the final 5th day of the event enjoy an “Open Doors” day that feature all blockhain hubs, accelerators and companies.

FinTech Case Study. Preferred Market Access Policy for Indian CyberSecurity Products – ProductNation. The government of India had announced a Preferred Market Access (PMA) policy for Cyber Security products through an order notifying the Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India). MeitY shall be the nodal Ministry to monitor and administer this PMA policy. The policy announcement is given at link given here. Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) Order 2017- Notifying Cyber Security Products in furtherance of the Order iSPIRT has been pursuing with MietY, application of PMA for all Indian Software Products to promote the Indian Software product industry and it is heartening to note that at least one important sub-sector of Cybersecurity has caught the Government’s attention. iSPIRT organised a PolicyHacks session to understand this policy announcement with Ashish Tandon Founder & CEO of Indusface and Mohan Gandhi of Entersoftsecurity.

ACChain Statement. It has come to our attention that a series of articles and forums are reporting factually incorrect and misleading information with regard to the current status and progress of ACChain. ACChain held an ICO in June 2017 raising money from institutional investors. Since then the ACChain ecosystem and business has undergone considerable change and transformation but remains fully committed to growing the business, delivering on its strategy and international expansion.

From January 2018 the business started formally restructuring which involved a new strategic direction and the standing down of senior members and a change of contracts for technical suppliers and teams. Part of this strategy was to bring in a robust platform for a community management infrastructure to solidify a decentralised organisation. Work on defining the strategy for global expansion started in January 2018. Tel Aviv Hackfest. Entersoft successfully conducted Tel Aviv Hackfest in collaboration with SQ Link Group, Israel’s leading IT Company on 24 July 2018 at SQ Link office, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv.

Entersoft has partnered with SQ Link Group recently to promote Application security offerings in Israel. Hackfest and partnership between Entersoft & SQ Link marks the significance of Indo Israeli Cyber security relationships. Ever since Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited Israel, the momentum of the Indo Israel relationships have picked up. Entersoft team visited Israel last year through CII mission during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Israel and established strong relationships with Israeli Cyber security companies. The Tel Aviv Hackfest attracted over 20 cyber security professionals, 10 leading companies in Israel.

Hacked and Secured! - The Hong Kong FinTech HackFest. Press Releases - GLOSFER Launches Hycon, its In-House Developed Cryptocurrency. SEOUL, South Korea, June 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- GLOSFER, a first-generation blockchain company in South Korea, successfully launched the main network of Hycon blockchain, marking the true beginning of the Infinity Project. The Main Network launch signifies that the users can now set up a digital wallet ( and begin mining. HYCON's code has been publicly released on GitHub as scheduled. The code has been thoroughly examined and implemented by the GLOSFER in-house development team, as well as externally reviewed and audited by third-party security specialists Entersoft Australia. Secure SDLC. Australian Cyber Security Firm Entersoft Claims $1 Billion ICO Milestone. Entersoft, an Australian cyber security firm, says it has now helped to launch USD $1 billion worth of initial coin offerings (ICOs) around the world without a single hack or lost token value.

According to Entersoft, during last ten months, the company has helped 30 companies through its “one stop shop” security support service for ICOs. Scams and phishing attacks have become rampant in the ICO sector. The Enetersoft service includes anti-phishing and wallet, operations and smart contract security. The company also puts in place measures to reduce the risk of false reputational attacks on ICO sponsors.

Entersoft co-founder and CEO Mohan Gandhi says they are the leading firm in the space in Australia. and demand for ICO security services remains strong; Is The Blockchain is Secure? – Blockchainsecurity. FINNIES 2018: Entersoft nominated for 3 categories for Australia's FinTech industry awards. Hackfest Application Form for FinTechs. Product readiness: The product should be ready for testing. Ideal products would be Fintech products which are beyond MVP with few beta customers.FinTechs should not have a third-party security vendor.CTO/Head of Product should participate in the Hackfest.FinTechs should have staging environment.Shortlisted Fintechs will be notified on 21st May 2018.A staging environment with dummy data has to be provided by 6:00pm, 31st May 2018.Fintechs to provide a full application walkthrough to the team of white hat hackers through a 5 minute presentation.

Business logic of the application will also be shared by FinTechs.Fintechs have to bring along at least one technical lead who can provide support to white hats during the Hackfest.Fintechs to fix identified security loopholes. Participating FinTechs receive workspace from Campfire for 1 month. Recent Hacks You May Have Missed. Application Security Experts. Australian Cyber Security Firm Entersoft Claims $1 Billion ICO Milestone. Entersoft - a New Weapon in the Fight Against ICO Scams? Entersoft - a New Weapon in the Fight Against ICO Scams? Brisbane-based platform Entersoft is providing comprehensive security solutions for the ICO industry, saving these companies from the threat of hacks and scams.

Even though 2017 was the year of the crypto, the ICO industry enjoyed a major ripple effect. Startups were springing up and raising millions in just a few hours, or even minutes. Everybody wanted to be a part of the digital revolution, and rightly so. However, along with this interest in ICOs, came the threat of hacks and cybersecurity breaches. In fact, according to Business Insider Australia, it is estimated that over $400 million has already been lost through hacks since 2015. Hackfest Hong Kong. Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player. Security and Governance. Secure SDLC. Compliance Management. Measure your App Security Maturity.

2017 global cryptocurrency benchmarking study. Mobile Application Penetration testing. Fintech. Best Blockchain security company. Info Security. Untitled. Hackfest. Download API Methodology. ICO Security Case Study. Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Case Study. Retail Case Study. Logistics Case Study. Free Mobile App Security Assessment. FinTech Case Study. Free Web App Security Assessment. 29 Stats, Quotes, Factlets - Cybersecurity Market in India. OWASP 2013 Vs. OWASP 2017. IoT Attack Surface Mapping. New Attack "XSSJacking" Combines Clickjacking, Pastejacking, and Self-XSS. Demystifying ARP Spoofing. Entersoft Security Pack: FinTech. Cyber Security Case Studies - All-in-one Pack. Vulnerability Rating Index. Methodology - Mobile Application Security Assessment.

Implementing Security in IoT. Entersoft: Application Security Simplified. Vulnerability: XSS in Image Name. Interview with WandX. Application Security company - Bangalore. Azure cloud security testing. Security code review for your web and mobile apps. IoT Security: Internet of Things. Best Fintech security company. Mobile Application Penetration testing. Web Application Penetration testing.