pyModis is a Free and Open Source Python based library to work with MODIS data. It offers bulk-download for user selected time ranges, mosaicking of MODIS tiles, and the reprojection from Sinusoidal to other projections, convert HDF format to other formats. pyModis library was developed to replace old bash scripts developed by Markus Neteler to download MODIS data from NASA FTP server. It is very useful for GIS and Remote Sensing Platform of Fondazione Edmund Mach to update its large collection of MODIS data. It has several features: GIS and Remote Sensing Unit at FEM-CRI - pyModis GIS and Remote Sensing Unit at FEM-CRI - pyModis
Quick Band Combination Analisis

Please read the disclaimer about the Collection 5 MOD04_L2 and MYD04_L2 products. All Suomi NPP VIIRS EDRs are currently BETA QUALITY (WITH KNOWN PROBLEMS) AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR SCIENTIFIC USE. VIIRS calibration is based on prelaunch data and on-orbit calibration and characterization has begun. MODIS Level 1 -- LAADS Web MODIS Level 1 -- LAADS Web
LAADS Web -- Level 1 and 2 Browser