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Create Appealing Apparel Product Pictures with these Steps!! Do you have an online apparel store? Or wish to sell clothes online, the first thing which need is comprehensive product photography. Hiring a top professional photographer in Ludhiana can help in having photographs which give a more professional look to your online store. But a few more required preparations cannot be overlooked, here is what you need Choose a Model – This is the most crucial step as the model you choose would be the face of your brand, choose wisely. Ask the model about his/her comforts before calling for the shoot. Post Production After the entire process is over, you must decide an appropriate time for the post production and ask the photographer make necessary edits.

To boost up the details and making the lasting impression with prospective customers hire a good photographer who is equipped with high-end technology and has experience in the field. Please follow and like us: Save. Ludhiana Wedding Photographer. Wedding pictures are truly priceless as they capture the love, promise, passion, memory and joy. An experienced wedding photographer in Punjab will capture those special moments and create timeless memories to cherish lifelong.

We are spilling the beans on the hottest wedding photography trends for the upcoming wedding season.1. Drone Wedding Shots Aerial wedding photographs are not meant for paparazzi and celebrities anymore. Most of the couples wish to get an aerial shot of entire wedding landscape on their wedding. 2. The world of film photography is making a comeback in this purely digital era. 3.

Which bride does not want her wedding pictures to look as if they came straight out of a magazine? 4. With the lovely plumes in rainbow colors, smoke bombs add a dreamlike effect to wedding portraits. 5. Vintage style weddings have been very popular in past few years and black and white pictures perfectly align with this aesthetic and throw back style. Please follow and like us: Save. Wedding – Bollywood Studio. Bollywood Photo Studio: Save Money on Wedding Photographer – How. When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer of your choice, we will ask you to maximize your budget as much as you can, so that you can hire the best photographer, and get the great photos captured. But, we also know that, everyone has their own budget limits, so we have summed up 5 points you can consider following to save money on your wedding photography. Find someone that comes in your budget.If you have a low budget, don’t even try to find a photographer whose daily charges is even more than your total budget.

Hire the one that comes in your budget, and suits all your needs. Book Early. It’s always considered good to book the wedding photographer as soon as you can, as some photographers offer great discounts for early bookings. Besides this, there are a number of photographers that offer discounts for off-season and mid-week weddings (November, January and February). Bollywood Photo Studio Ludhiana - Best Photographers and videographers in Ludhiana.

Contact US | Bollywood Studio. Bollywood Photo Studio: Does Attitude play a vital role in Hiring a Professional Photographer? Almost all of us mainly focus on how to reduce the photography cost while hiring a great photographer. Have you ever thought of considering the things, like what attitude they own as a wedding photographer? You must be wondering, is that really matters? Well, it is! Look at these tangibles to know why attitude equally holds the same importance. Previous work samples - No matter whom you choose, he is going to show you only the best of his previous work samples at first because the bad or average work will affect his career only, and secondly it's quite expensive to produce multiple samples of an album. High album quality The quality of an album is considered equal to what a photographer charge up to a point. Free Engagement Shoot Congratulations!

So these are a few points that will tell you what has attitude has to do with it and why they are consider vital to choose the wedding photographer of your choice. Bollywood Photo Studio Ludhiana - Best Photographers and videographers in Ludhiana. Bollywood Photo Studio: Pointers to Have an Awesome Pre-wedding Photoshoot? Are you planning to have an awesome pre-wedding photo-shoot? If so, then this blog might interest you. Read on to continue. A pre-wedding photo-shoot is an excellent way to capture the lovely memories in a frame. It helps you know your photographer , and for the photographer to understand your compatibility level with your would be better half. Personality is everything! First thing always comes first. Don's hesitate to ask questions! Once you have made your mind to hire a photographer, make sure to ask the below given questions: • Is the person available on your wedding date?

Look best in your outfits! You have worked hard to find the photographer of your choice, now make sure to get serious about shopping and looking best in your outfits. So these are the few things you should keep in mind while opting for a pre wedding photo shoot. Pre Wedding shoot in Punjab. Pre-wedding videos are a great way to showcase who you are, what you love, or how you met to all of your family and friends. It’s common to have your wedding filmed but what about a pre-wedding film to show family and friends to get them excited about the upcoming wedding day? We offer a few different pre-wedding films including Love Story Videos, Save The Date Videos, and Concept Films. We believe Pre-wedding videos should display your personality, tell a story, or be entertaining for friends and family to watch. Pre-wedding videos normally take 2-4 hours to film. Normally we shoot at 1-3 locations within a short distance from each other. Pre-wedding Video film is one of the growing interest of the couple in today’s asian and Indian wedding videography.

Pre-wedding film is a short film usually scripted and filmed to be shown on your reception night. About - Bollywood Photo Studio. Weddings interest a lot for Bollywood Photo Studio. We like being invisible at weddings, capturing moments from a different view point. Some call it contemporary style of wedding photography. We think of it as reading a favorite poem with its due pauses.Bollywood Photo Studio click every single moment of your fairytale wedding in most striking and stylish fashion. Any wedding Photographer down the lane can give you snapshots, but it is us who go a step further to make it an Awe - inspiring and most cherished moment of your life. Our team of professionals headed by Mr.Sukhi Walia & Mr.Bhima Bohara are experts in still and motion picture Photography and ensure you the best in terms of quality and service.

As a wedding Photographer, we understand that wedding is a one - time affair but memories last forever. Occasional Special Function Photography Services Ludhiana. Digital Wedding Photography in Ludhiana. Product Photography in Ludhiana Punjab, India. Bollywood Photo Studio aim to provide images which speak up for them self. Pictures are the appearance of a product, if an image has the potential to flicker the eyes of the viewers than only the sale takes a boom.

Here we promise to give the most excellent outputs for the products as well as for the individuals. To outshine in the eyes of our customers and their potential buyers we use the best equipments. From the lighting techniques and camera to the backgrounds we keep a keen eye on each and every aspect of photography to give the unsurpassed promising outcome. We are specialized in Product Photography. The Object of Product Photography is to show details of an object with great clarity & sharpness. We are having the latest photography equipments and the creative mind set to make it happen.

We also hold expertise in offering fashion photography like Men and Women Garments Modeling and Foods Products Modeling etc. Bollywood Photo Studio: Why One Must Go for a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot? Pre-wedding Photoshoot is getting in trend these days in India, and couples are setting a day aside prior to their wedding to spend a quality time with each other. Here’s why - Get Familiar A pre-wedding photo shoot gives you and your photographer an awesome opportunity to know each other thoroughly. After the photo-shoot is done, you will be able to know the positive points of your photographer.

On the other hand, the photographer will learn about your best angles, your style and what types of clicks you are expecting form his/her work. Get Candid As we all know, everyone loves to pull the photographer on his/her side to get the photographs clicked on the wedding day. Get Casual While you will be dressed up in your wedding dress on your big wedding day, you could opt for a style on your pre-wedding shoot that adds elegance to your personality and compliments your look. Get Creative You can choose any location to make your pre-wedding photo shoot to be happened.

Portfolios - Photography and Videography. Pre Wedding Photography in Ludhiana. Pre-wedding photo shoot is a perfect oppurtunity for Bollywood Photo Studio and the couple to get to know each other. The choice of location could be your venue or a suitable location suggested by us. The photograph of your choice is then mounted and presented without glass for your guests to sign at your Wedding venue reception. A pre-wedding shoot is a great way to get acquainted with being in front of the camera.

A pre shoot can be booked in advance before the wedding day with us. A pre shoot would typically last an hour at either a specific location you wish your photos to be taken or alternatively we can recommend the best locations for you to choose from. Your pre-wedding photos can be used within your guest book, different locations marriage palace like reception, lunch or dinner place or at dance & music venue to create a different elegant look. Best Photography Videography Services in Ludhiana.