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Register best and top website domains at Affordable costs. The internet is getting flooded with a huge number of businesses every day as each one is looking to establish their online identity.

Register best and top website domains at Affordable costs

The marketing of your products and services depends largely upon the domain name that you choose and the identity that you create on the internet. Having your own domain name also helps you put up a professional image of your company. Domain name is your identity on the internet. Untitled. SSL Certificate - bodHOST. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer protocol which was developed by Netscape, is installed on a server to securely communicate with web clients.

SSL Certificate - bodHOST

Any information exchanged between websites can be picked up and read by a third party without the knowledge of both sides. A dedicated SSL garners trust of potential customers as some customers don't want to put commercial details on website that doesn't have a secure URL. So, if you are an ecommerce website, a dedicated SSL is a MUST for you. It also tells the clients / buyers that you have invested in securing the communication between your website and the client by investing in a dedicated SSL as the SSL shows your company name too. SSL protocol transmits private documents / data / information via the Internet in a secured manner. Data Center Services for Small and Mid Enterprise Business. An in-house developed self-healing network architecture ensures that there are no blackholes or failure points within the core network.

Data Center Services for Small and Mid Enterprise Business

On top of our own backbone, as part of our redundancy program we also have multiple Tier III connections from different locations. This also assures that your data arrives via the shortest and the fastest available network route. Our negotiations with the top fiber carriers for new routes and additional backup transit providers is yet under development. We are also plan to signup with new peering relationships in the near future. Our network utilizes Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 (BGP4) over dark fiber and long haul wavelengths. Our Network Operations Center has an international internet backbone is considered to be one of the best connections world-wide. Data Centers Tiers. ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (CXS) With the assistance of ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (in short CXS) tool you can perform active scanning of files which are uploaded to the server.

ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (CXS)

This tool also allows to execute on demand scanning of files / directories / and the user accounts that supposed to be exploited, viruses and doubtful resources. You can scan existing users data to check if there any exploits have been uploaded in the past or through the methods that not covered by the active scanning. This tool is specifically made to increase server performance and scalability. CXS prevents exploitation of an account which affected by malware; allows you to delete or move doubtful files in quarantine. Prevents attacks such as Dark Mailer spamming script / Gumblar Virus / / suspicious PHP and Perl shell scripts, etc… The active scanning can assist to prevent exploitation of an account which is affected by malware; you can delete or can move suspicious files to quarantine before they become active. Vision and Mission.

As the Chinese proverb goes, "For the man without a destination, any road will do.

Vision and Mission

" The same holds good for an organization as well. Therefore, we have clearly defined our goals in terms of the where, how and who. Where are we headed? That is the VISION.How do we get there? That is the MISSION.Who are we? Let us start with the Value System Intelligence, knowledge, competence and drive are not enough for ultimate success. Individually, we are all "walking Value Systems". An organization is a collection of individuals and, therefore, a collection of Value Systems. Hosting Technology by bodHOST. Technology has been the passion of Team bodHOST since its inception. bodHOST has been in the web hosting business since 1999 and during all these years, we have actively grown into one of the highly renowned web hosting entities in the US.

Hosting Technology by bodHOST

Being in this industry for over a decade underlines the fact that we can offer you the best web hosting experience available. Being the experts in the web hosting industry and having provided hosting solutions to customers Worldwide, we have a solution for every need; whether you're a small business or an individual user trying to create your own online presence. We're stable, we're innovative, and we stay on top of all of the technologies, which fall under the umbrella of web hosting. Special Offers by bodHOST. Linux cPanel Web Hosting Services by bodHOST. BodHOST offer you with affordable Linux shared hosting packages starting at $ 1.99 monthly.

Linux cPanel Web Hosting Services by bodHOST

Generally the resources provided on shared hosting packages are too less keeping in mind that the prospects opting for the shared hosting packages are at the beginners stage but at bodHOST we offer a good amount of resources on the shared hosting packages too. Among other services we provide unlimited add-on domains, sub-domains, email accounts & unlimited databases are the most prominent. With the shared hosting packages we offer a uptime guarantee of 99.95% and with this guarantee we also offer you with a 30 days unconditional money back guarantee. Apart from these important features, we offer our clients with a free technical support available 24X7X365 via live chat, email and phone. th a free technical support available 24X7X365 via live chat, email and phone.

cPanel VPS Hosting by bodHOST. Businesses today are volatile in their requirements which make it essential for them to go for the perfect hosting solution.

cPanel VPS Hosting by bodHOST

Customizedplatform of bodHOST Linux VPSs along with completely managed hosting support deliver best server performance, within highly optimized operational costs. bodHOST Linux VPSs offer the ultimate cost advantage while moving your website from a shared hosting plan to a virtualized environment.This offering has its base on the intelligent eNlight virtualization platform. Powered by theeNlight Cloud Hypervisor, multiple operating systems can run concurrently with no letdowns.Several VMs are created on an eNlight cluster, where the each VM works as an independent VM.

On the bodHOST Linux virtual private servers, you canchoose to host unlimited domains, install custom software or applications and with it, emerge as a reseller offering similar services to end users. Dedicated server hosting services - BODHost. All of our dedicated servers can be fully customized as per your requirements.

Dedicated server hosting services - BODHost

We use high quality rack-mounted Dell PowerEdge servers which offer a range of configurations to suit every need. Server management works proactively to extract the best possible performance from the hardware, and also addresses server monitoring, security audits, patching and load management. Cloud Hosting and Cloud Computing Services by bodHOST. Predict your costs With eNlight, you get an assurance that you would be paying for what you use and not what is reserved for you.

Cloud Hosting and Cloud Computing Services by bodHOST

You have complete control to select the base configuration that you want and you'd be charged for the base configuration plus the additional resources you use during spikes. Thus, you don't end up paying for resources that you don't need during off-peak hours. This helps in keeping your expenses to optimum levels whereby you only pay for CPU, Bandwidth and RAM during the VM usage.

BodHOST - Bandwidth and Hosting On Demand, Worldwide. BodHOST 24x7 Customer Support.