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News. cDc releases Goolag Scanner (posted by MiB on Februari 20th, 2008) SECURITY ADVISORY: The following program may screw a large Internet search engine and make the Web a safer place.


LUBBOCK, TX, February 20th -- Today CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc), the world's most attractive hacker group, announced the release of Goolag Scanner, a web auditing tool. Goolag Scanner enables everyone to audit his or her own web site via Google. The scanner technology is based on "Google hacking," a form of vulnerability research developed by Johnny I Hack Stuff. He's a lovely fellow. Main Page - RedHatET. Hacking.

/ - CyberArmy. cDc communications. Keeping Knowledge Free. UNaXcess : Introduction. Ethical Hacking. T E X T F I L E S D O T C O M. Index .:. UGN Security .:. Dare to take the road to Knowledge, I. Technology & Hacking. /i/nsurgency W/i/ki.