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Americans are less religious these days thanks to the internet, according to Allen Downey, a Computer Science Professor at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Massachusetts. Analysing 20 years of general social survey data accumulated by the National Opinion Research Center, he discovered that the number of people listing no religious affiliations rose from eight to 18 per cent between 1990 and 2010. Using Python scripts to analyse the data, he found that two of the three main factors that influenced people to forego religion are their parents and having a college education. However, the level of education and how the children were raised are only estimated to account for about five per cent and 25 per cent respectively of those who are forsaking religion. Rev2.org - The Best Web Apps & Services From Web2.0 Rev2.org - The Best Web Apps & Services From Web2.0
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April 16 Project ROSE is a Phoenix city programme that arrests sex workers in the name of saving them. In five two-day stings, more than 100 police officers targeted alleged sex workers on the street and online. Community Weblog Community Weblog
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A Sliding Alternative to CAPTCHA? A Sliding Alternative to CAPTCHA? It's no secret that the use of difficult CAPTCHAs (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) in Web forms can confound ordinary people, drop conversion rates, and increase errors in addition to (hopefully!) keeping the bad guys out of your site. As a result, I'm always interested in alternatives to standard CAPTCHA techniques.
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memepool.com Despite starting off as a joke mocking critical theory, the Swole Acceptance movement quickly realized that there was legitimate grievance against weak privilege. From being groped to being called meatheads to being accused of being drug users, the so-called swole, be they cisswole or transswole, have realized the joke is more serious than they thought. Accompanying this is another joke, a Discordianesque "religion" called Brodinism, which is acknowledged as a joke but still used as a source of wisdom and solidarity. So, to sum up: Swole Acceptance is not a joke, except when it is; and Brodinism is a joke, except when it is not. to Health by isosceles memepool.com
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10 Hottest Celebrities without Make up Penelope Cruz Acting since the tender age of 16, Spanish starlet Penelope Cruz has starred in such movies as Blow, Sahara and Gothica. Known for her gracious good looks, a waxwork of which is set to appear in Paris’s Gervin Wax Museum later this year, here she is looking a shade plainer than usual. 10 Hottest Celebrities without Make up
Oliver Laric 5 Mansudea Overseas Project Lincoln 3D Scans Something Old, Something New Incomplete Timeline of Online Exhibitions and Biennials Versions Sun Tzu Janus Sealake Be water my friendHolograms Doritaenopsis Aung San Suu KyiFrieze Stock FootageRelief (Utrecht) CEO Kopienkritik Hologram/Chippendale Versions2000 Cliparts Relief (Utrecht) Ancient Copies Maria Justitia Missile Variations Still Available 17.03.10 Icon (Utrecht) Icon (Worcester) Versions Variety Evening at the New Museum Still Available 26.06.09 Still Available 14.03.09 Still Available 02.01.09 Taken Still Available 17.10.08 50 50 2008 Masking Variations www.thelotteryinbabylon.com Touch My Body (Green Screen Version) ↓ ↑ Songs Translated To Buildings Oliver Laric
Armed with only an airbrush, Cory Saint Clair rewrote the book on automotive artwork. He has decided not to follow the rules, to escape from cliche and implement a fine art into his line of work. “I would rather punch myself in the face than paint more flames and skulls” he says. Do While Do While
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Random comics on Tumblr: Natalie Dee Tumblr / Married To The Sea Tumblr / Toothpaste For Dinner Tumblr Drew & Natalie's comics are 100% free to read. You are welcome to share them with your friends via Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, email, etc. You can also "hot-link" our comics by embedding an image from our site and linking back to TFD/ND/MTTS. * Natalie Dee Machine: Comic Generator creates a brand new Natalie Dee comic every minute of the day. 2014. * The Worst Things For Sale is Drew's blog about horrible products found online. 2012. Sharing Machine Sharing Machine
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kottke.org - home of fine hypertext products Understanding innovation APR 18 Horace Dediu explains what innovation is and how it differs from novelty, invention, and creation. Novelty: Something new Creation: Something new and valuable Invention: Something new, having potential value through utility Innovation: Something new and uniquely useful Big Bang gravitational waves possibly in doubt APR 18
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Deep Web Research 2010 Bots, Blogs and News Aggregators is a keynote presentation that I have been delivering over the last several years, and much of my information comes from the extensive research that I have completed over the years into the "invisible" or what I like to call the "deep" web. The Deep Web covers somewhere in the vicinity of 1 trillion pages of information located through the world wide web in various files and formats that the current search engines on the Internet either cannot find or have difficulty accessing. The current search engines find about 200 billion pages at the present time of this writing. In the last several years, some of the more comprehensive search engines have written algorithms to search the deeper portions of the world wide web by attempting to find files such as .pdf, .doc, .xls, ppt, .ps. and others.
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