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Super Deluxe on – Online Videos from SuperDeluxe.c

The Austin native calls himself a "burrowing, snickering troglodyte," but we can't help but hang on his every mouse-stroke. Watch the episodes streamed at you by the maniacs behind "Tom Goes To The Mayor" and "Tim And Eric Awesome Show (Great Job!). " Equal parts fever dream, hallucination, and attention-deficit disorder, Devin Flynn’s flood of consciousness cartoon buffoonery is seizure-inducing in the best possible way.

DJ Douggpound likes to remix things, like jokes and previous episodes. So, are you ready for the remix? Bob likes working with funny people. [adult swim] Internet Slang Dictionary. The Internet slang dictionary is sorted by letter.Click on a letter above to see the corresponding slang terms and definitions.

Internet Slang Dictionary

Internet slang consists of slang and acronyms that users have created as an effort to save keystrokes. Terms have originated from various sources including Bulletin Boards, AIM, Yahoo, IRC, Chat Rooms, Email, Cell Phone Text Messaging, and some even as far back as World War II. Internet Slang is also called AOL speak, AOLese, AOLbonics, netspeak, or leetspeak (although leetspeak traditionally involves replacing letters with numbers and is reseved for games).

While it does save keystrokes, netspeak can prove very hard to read. Below is a list of 196 user submitted internet slang terms starting with the letter a. Are we missing slang? The Guild. Free Online Game - Give Up, Robot from Adult Swim. Pseudodictionary: the dictionary for words that wouldn't make it. Channel 101 - Catch The Magic. Urlesque - Internet Trends, Viral Videos, Memes and Web Culture. Smart talk about love. Media news, UK and world media comment and analysis. Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News. The essential global news network. DRUDGE REPORT 2010® Hot Air. Listicles: Articles That Are Lists That Are Articles That Are Li. You say tomato, I say you're saying it wr. The Listicles Guide to Celebrity Web Startups. Our friends over at Listicles are the masters at highlighting and compiling lists on the web -- "articles that are lists that are articles that are lists (on a blog)" -- so it only seemed fitting to invite them over to school us on awesome list-making and compiling.

The Listicles Guide to Celebrity Web Startups

Keep reading to learn a thing or two from the pros, and be sure to visit their site for a one-stop shop for the latest and greatest lists on the Internet. Stars aren't "just like us. " They've got cash and a posse of enablers to bring their every whim to life. That used to mean silly vanity brands, like perfume lines and production companies, but in the late-aughts, it means web startups. From YouTube imitators to their very own social networks, some are Newman's Own-level classy, some are just Jeff Foxworthy's Beef Jerky-tacky. Lifestyle Sites: GOOP (Gwyneth Paltrow): Gwynnie's oft-mocked newsletter features her recommendations on things to buy and places to visit, always prefaced by the actress's rambling musings on life. Competitions and Contests.