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World's most expensive tuna. A 593 pound Pacific bluefin tuna sold for $735,000 (56.49 million yen) in Tokyo's Tsukiji market today.

World's most expensive tuna

This beats the previous record price hit last year by over $260,000. Why so expensive? Global Water Shortage: Water Scarcity & The Importance of Water. Volunteer medics risk their lives to treat Tahrir injured. Volunteers from Tahrir Doctors Society on hand to give medical help during a sit-in in Tahrir Square in May 2011.

Volunteer medics risk their lives to treat Tahrir injured

Tahrir Doctors Society members take their medical caravan to the city of Beny Suif. The founders of Tahrir Doctors Society at their first makeshift hospital in January 2011. Tahrir Doctors Society was started by medics who ran makeshift hospital during January revolutionDoctors have continued to work despite being surrounded by armed forces in recent clashesIn quieter times, society campaigns for free healthcare and runs traveling clinic (CNN) -- Egyptian doctor Amany Sadek was treating patients in a makeshift hospital close to Cairo's Tahrir Square on Monday when the building was surrounded by armed forces. Big Oil. Sustainable Energy Blog. Pollution. Environnement. Pollution. Pollution.

Poverty Environment Net. Pollution. Yangtze pollution 'irreversible' Large parts of China's longest river, the Yangtze, have been irreversibly polluted, state media quotes a report as saying.

Yangtze pollution 'irreversible'

Around one-tenth of the 6,200km-long river is in a "critical condition" and nearly 30% of major tributaries are seriously polluted, the report found. Even a huge reservoir created by the Three Gorges Dam has become heavily polluted. China's environment has suffered as a result of the country's economic boom. The government has pledged to clean up the Yangtze, which supplies water to almost 200 cities along its banks and accounts for 35% of the country's total fresh water resources.

But correspondents say attempts to clean up China's polluted lakes and waterways have been thwarted by lax enforcement standards. Top 6 The Most Severe Human Rights Violations Around the World. Article 18.

Top 6 The Most Severe Human Rights Violations Around the World

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. On 27th of February 2002, in the Indian city of Godhra, Gujarat, a Muslim crowd attacked a train filled with Hindu activists, firing two cars, and killing 27 persons. The event triggered a violent spiral of religious revenge and four days later, 2,000 Muslims were killed, their houses, mosques and trades destroyed and hundreds of women raped and mutilated before the members of their families. Later investigations revealed that the attacks had been planned and done with the mutual approval and collaboration of the local authorities. Article 5. LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Obama silent on China's human rights abuses. Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has joined scores of other dissidents who have simply disappeared (“Artist silenced in ‘New China,’ ” Web, Thursday).

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Obama silent on China's human rights abuses

While British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Germany Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle have called for his immediate release, there is little evidence to suggest that Washington is outraged over the incident. If anything, the insipid response of the Department of State would suggest quite the opposite. Writing in a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed before his detainment by Chinese authorities, Mr. Eyes on Syria: Human Rights Issues In The Context Of Recent Mass Protests In Syria.

Human Rights Issues In The Context Of Recent Mass Protests In Syria Amnesty International considers that the crimes being committed in Syria amount to crimes against humanity as they appear to be part of a widespread, as well as systematic, attack against the civilian population.

Eyes on Syria: Human Rights Issues In The Context Of Recent Mass Protests In Syria

Many hundreds of people have died during or in connection with the mass protests which began in mid-March 2011. Many of them were reportedly killed by live ammunition used by the Syrian army and security forces. The armed forces' operations have involved shelling of residential areas. The Syrian authorities have arrested thousands and held many incommunicado at unknown locations where torture and other ill-treatment are reported to be rife. Bp: Beyond Petroleum? In 2000 the transnational oil giant BP Amoco rebranded itself as "bp: beyond petroleum. " The rebranding was part of an effort to portray BP as an energy company, not just an oil company: one that incorporated solar energy in its portfolio and was willing to move away from oil. BP replaced its logo with a vibrant green-white-and-yellow sunburst named after Helios, the ancient Greek sun god.

The logo was meant to connote "commitment to the environment and solar power" and promote the new bp "as the supermajor of choice for the environmentally-aware motorist. "[1] The lower-case letters were chosen "because focus groups say bp is friendlier than the old imperialistic BP," which stood for British Petroleum.[2] Along with its new name, bp launched a new line of petrol station in the US, UK and Australia called bp connect, intended to "reposition BP Amoco, an old-economy gas station giant, into a progressive, environmentally friendly retailer. Nigeria: Shell’s New Human Rights Abuses. Often the story of Shell’s atrocities in Nigeria has focused on its complicity in the death of the Ogoni Ken Saro-Wiwa, or the human rights abuses that were committed in the mid-nineties.

Nigeria: Shell’s New Human Rights Abuses

But now a great new report from the oil industry watch-dog Platform, and published in coalition with a number of NGOs, has looked at Shell’s more recent misdemeanours in the Delta over the last decade. Once again it makes disturbing reading for the oil giant. Prostitution Research & Education Website. AMERICA'S PROBLEM WITH HUMAN RIGHTS. By consistently behaving as if human rights law does not apply to itself, the USA poses a challenge to the universality of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


By Reed Brody May 1999. Environmental damage and human rights abuses blight global tea sector. Tea is grown in more than 45 countries worldwide, and while India and China are the biggest producers, Sri Lanka and Kenya lead the way in exporting tea to meet the global demand.

Environmental damage and human rights abuses blight global tea sector

Two main issues are associated with tea production: the vast amount of land required to grow it, and the intensive labour needed to harvest it. Human-rights abuses: Nothing new under the sun. The Big Taboo: Confronting Russia's Human-Rights Abuses. In any discussion of human rights with Russian officials, there usually comes a point when their jaws clench, their eyes go cold and an uncomfortable pause ensues.

The Big Taboo: Confronting Russia's Human-Rights Abuses

That's when you know you have hit a taboo. The experience was no different for Navi Pillay, the U.N. Human Rights in Iran - Human Rights Abuses, Iranian Human Rights Violations. Overview: On February 11, 1979, the pro-Western Iranian constitutional monarchy was overthrown and the nation became the Islamic Republic of Iran, ruled by a non-elected religious Supreme Leader who is addressed as "Ayatollah. " The population of Iran falls just under 70 million, with an average annual income equivalent to approximately US$8,000. Structure of the Iranian Government: The Iranian government is led by the President (head of government), who is elected every four years and wields limited power; the Ayatollah, who is selected by the Assembly of Experts for life (or until the Assembly impeaches him), who wields near-unlimited power; the Guardian Council, a group of twelve jurists appointed to six-year terms by the Ayatollah and the judiciary branch; the Assembly of Experts, a group of 86 clerics elected every eight years by popular vote (comparable to the U.S.

Senate); and the Majlis, a group of 290 policymakers elected every four years by popular vote (comparable to the U.S. China : Human Rights Violation. China and human rights: the biggest issues. Human rights. Tibetans’ civil and political rights are under constant attack by the Chinese authorities who will stop at nothing to suppress dissent. Every aspect of Tibetan life is under siege from a Chinese leadership determined to gradually eradicate a whole culture. China's Abuse of Human Rights in Tibet is Getting Worse. Friday, 14 January 2011 17:22 YC. Dhardhowa, The Tibet Post International Dharamshala: Founded in 1996, the Center for Tibetan Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) is the only human rights organization in exile involving litigation, legal advocacy, education, and public outreach. Each year it publishes an annual report covering violations, positive trends, if any, and "significant human rights-related processes" affecting Han Chinese and Tibetans.

China can no longer hide its human rights abuses. While this is a report on 2010, the detention of renowned artist Ai Weiwei and dozens of others, including lawyers, writers, artists and activists, suggests that the human rights situation in China is deteriorating, not improving. Chinese officials like to say that other countries should respect China's “judicial sovereignty.” Well, the judicial system would certainly earn more respect if it were independent of the government and of the Communist party and if defendants were given the rights set out in the nation's laws. But Ai Weiwei's detention shows that this is not the case. Last Thursday, a foreign ministry spokesman said that “Ai Weiwei is under investigation on suspicion of economic crimes” and that the case “has nothing to do with human rights or freedom of expression.”

China Selling Prisoners Organs Human Rights abuse. COMMENT: CHINA'S PRACTICE OF PROCURING ORGANS FROM EXECUTED PRISONERS: HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS MUST NARROWLY TAILOR THEIR CRITICISM AND ENDORSE THE CHINESE CONSTITUTION TO END ABUSES. Joan E. Hemphill+ Columbia University Forum Reveals Organ Harvesting in China - Truth About China. Chinese Death Vans - Body Parts for Americans! Three years ago, Dr. Capital Punishment In China: Death Vans & Organ Harvesting. World’s largest tidal power plant to be built in Scotland.

World’s largest tidal power plant to be built in Scotland. World’s Largest Wave Power Station Being Built In Sweden. Seabased AB and Fortum are going to construct the world’s largest wave power plant. Wave and Tidal Hydroelectric Plants. Tidal Power: Wave of the Future? Tidal power is using the tides to extract energy to convert into electricity. Survivalism / Sustainability. List of Major Biomass Power Plants in the World – Scale Increasing. Biomass Power Plants are increasing rapidly as the costs of fossil fuels go up and the need for renewable energy is increasing.Biomass Power is attractive because of its clean character and supplies a large portion of the energy needs in rural communities.With advancements in gasifier technology and energy conversion,biomass power plants have become quite popular.Biomass Power Plants are increasing in scale from around 20-50 MW to more than 100 MW as the technology has advanced quite a bit.The only problem for these large plants is securing feedstock for these power plants and storing them.Biomass Energy has a number of advantages over conventional forms of energy and depending on the feedstock cost can be generated at prices on par with fossil fuels.Biomass Energy also leads to higher energy security as biomass is almost always secured locally.

Saving the nature of the Kimberley. Conservation in Western Australia's Kimberley Region. ‪Save the Kimberley - Malcom Douglas TV AD‬‏ The Wilderness Society — Help save the Kimberley. Top three reasons to protectThe threatWhat we're doing about itOur visionWhat you can do Top three reasons to protect 1. A unique community: The Kimberley region is a truly unique part of Australia. A melting-pot of histories and cultures, the character of this place is not replicated anywhere else on earth. The proposal to build a giant gas factory at James Price Point sparked such widespread and determined local opposition that the proponents of this project couldn't ignore it. 2. ACF - Save the Kimberley – too precious to lose. Help save the Kimberley « Christian Fletcher Photography – Australian Landscape Photographer. Sea Turtle Restoration Project : Oprah - Help Save the Kimberley!

Making a Stand « Protest and the power of the public: MLK’s role in the development of the civil rights bill of 1964 « Michigan Peace Team's Weblog. The Political Power of Social Media. TV News: Manipulating Public Opinion in the New World Order. Joseph Goebbels - Propaganda Principles. November 2004: How to Brainwash a Population. Political Surveys and Election Polls, Trends, Charts and Analysis. David Moore: Why Pollsters Manipulate Public Opinion. Media Manipulation. How to Manipulate Public Opinion. BP Buys Key Oil Search Terms. Sweet Lies: How the Food Industry is Brainwashing the Public. How Effective Are Misinformation Campaigns to Manipulate Public Opinion? How industry manipulates public opinion. Burma suspends dam project after rare public protest. Thousands Rally at Wisconsin Capitol to Protest Gov. Scott Walker.

Protests. Massive public protest announced against government-sponsored terrorism of Rawesome Foods in California. Protest to Power - GREEN ANARCHY. London Protesters Turn Public Space into Civic Space. Wall Street Protest Shows Power of Place. The perils of ignoring popular protest. Beijing Offers Tours of Air Monitoring Center. The Daily of the University of Washington. Citizen Action. Public Opinion — The Majority Speaks. Govt hits peak denial « The Standard. NZ risks being led off clean green path - College Herald. New Zealand National Parks Could Be Opened to Mining. Mining in conservation land - proposal - business. NZ to decide on mining conservation land. New Zealand's local news community. East Cape-bound protest flotilla taking on oil giant Petrobras. Oily people send warning over new offshore drilling. News articles. Fears raised over 'fracking' - environment.

A fracking scandal. Gas extraction plan 'sounds like nightmare' To frack or not to frack? Hui commits to stop expansion of fossil fuels extraction. France Bans "Fracking" for Gas.