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Bob Frank

Hi I am Bob living in seal beach, California. I am the owner of a jewelry store Nino925 that provide biker jewelry and skull jewelry.

Home. Biker Jewelry For Women — “How” and “When” to Wear? Biker Jewelry For Women — “How” and “When” to Wear?

Biker Jewelry For Women — “How” and “When” to Wear?

Whenever I am planning to go to a concert, there are several questions that started to follow me. Whether that dress would look cool or not? Why the Trend of Biker Jewelry is Popular Among the Youngsters? The bikers are popular among the world because of the unique style that they exhibit and the way they express their style.

Why the Trend of Biker Jewelry is Popular Among the Youngsters?

Anything that they wear becomes a fashion for the new generation and youngsters that are too conscious about their looks. Nino925. Stylish Hand-Crafted Skull Jewelry for Women. Few Jewelry Gift Ideas For Your Loved One. As we all know that gifts are special and will be special always!

Few Jewelry Gift Ideas For Your Loved One

No matter, if it’s Christmas, birthday party or wedding of your dear one, gifts play an important role in keeping all of us attached in a bond. This is why, you spend all your time and money with great consideration in purchasing gifts for your dear ones. Things become even more crucial, if you are going to pick this gift for the women in your life. In this post, I will give you a few jewelry gift ideas to select a jewelry gift for your loved one. The Unique Design and Styles of Biker Jewelry Products by Bob Frank. Bikers are partial to frill of different varieties particularly jewelry which is the reason biker jewelry items, for example, rings, wristbands, and necklaces are so famous among the biker community.

The Unique Design and Styles of Biker Jewelry Products by Bob Frank

Such jewelry is typically made from diverse materials, for example, silver, gold, platinum, and different stainless steel materials. Designs are often interesting, exceptional and gothic. A percentage of the most famous designs incorporate skulls, crosses, and eagles. For some individuals, these designs are frequently seen as rebellious and non copy-cat. On the other hand, bikers frequently have these outlines as a manifestation of self expression of their free-living lifestyle and their religious or individual convictions.

Let Your Jewelry Define That You Are a Real Biker. Today, biking is one of the most adventurous things to do.

Let Your Jewelry Define That You Are a Real Biker

It adds the 'bad-boy' image to the person wearing it, which has increased the fame of biker lifestyle in the recent years. Although not everyone likes to ride bikes, but there are people who ride motorbikes for creating a public image. In fact, most people actually adopt it for the image. If you ride bikes for the image they give you, then you are a real biker. Being a real biker, you need to dress like one or you will be like every other person on the street. From 60’S Radicals To Today’s Urbane: Trends Of Biker Jewelry Through Time. Its an old saying “A Jewelry decides who should wear it and not the person self”.

While selecting a Biker jewelry, the deciding factors weighs more with the past, glory and less about your appearance (of course personality matters!!). The old 50′s trend of motor gangs, witnessed a strange love for heavy metal silver rings and the fashion only expanded since then. Biker Jewelry: Find the Real Biker In You! Place to Buy Biker Jewelry and Skull Jewelry: Biker Jewelry: Learn to Live The Biker's Way Of Life! Biker Jewelry is different and one-of-its-kind!

Place to Buy Biker Jewelry and Skull Jewelry: Biker Jewelry: Learn to Live The Biker's Way Of Life!

If you are looking for a jewelry item that will really make you stand out from the rest, then, biker jewelry is your way to go. Huge assortment can be found in these designs and all these designs create a lustrous appeal that truly highlights the hidden biker in you. From rings, necklaces, pendants to stunning bracelets, earrings, everything can be bought at a pocket-friendly price. The Increasing Fame Of Biker Jewelry. Although, many people dream of living a biker's lifestyle but do you know what it really takes to develop this kind of lifestyle?

The Increasing Fame Of Biker Jewelry

Wearing your biker clothes and getting on to riding a bike was the trend of the past. Now, the biker culture has a lot to do with showing off your exclusive biker jewelry while heading to travel the streets. No matter, you are a professional biker or just looking to add up a unique style to your fashion statement, this jewelry reflects a "Bad-boy" image which is a sign of biker's attitude. Buy Biker Jewelry Online From The Most Reputed Store - Nino925. Biker Jewelry: A New Fashion Statement! The bikers are popular allover the world for their classy nature and unique style.

Biker Jewelry: A New Fashion Statement!

The true biker will always have both the qualities that highlight their style.Whatever they wear, whether it is an accessory or an apparel, it becomes a new fashion for the young generation. The jewelry is the most important accessories that speak about their style and differentiate them from the others. An idle jewelry collection for biker is comprised of chains, rings, earrings, bracelets and other body jewelry pieces. The designers these days are making use of stainless steel metal more than other expensive metals like silver,gold and platinum. Reasons behind the popularity of stainless steel include: Nino925 - Biker Jewelry - Home. Biker Jewelry: Trend Of New Generation by Bob Frank. MEN. Why Silver Skull Rings Are Preferred Over Ordinary Looking Gold Rings? Custom Skull Rings, Pendants, Cuffs & Bracelets. Nino 925 offers one of the largest selections of handcrafted motorcycle and skull jewelry for men and women in the greater Los Angeles area, and you can always expect first-class service and prices you can afford when you choose us as your skull jewellery provider of choice.

Custom Skull Rings, Pendants, Cuffs & Bracelets

We have created custom skull earrings, gold skull rings, silver skull rings, and other biker jewelry for weddings, special events, and even to complement tattoos! If you want to express your individuality and style with unique jewelry that makes a statement, look no further than Nino 925! 14K White Gold Wicked Skull Ring Sterling Silver Graveyard Skull Cuff Sterling Silver Custom Skull Cuff Bracelet Sterling Silver 13 Crossbones and Skull Ring 14K Gold Skull Ring with Diamond Eyes Here at Nino 925, great attention to detail is given to every single piece of jewelry that is designed in our Los Angeles studio.

Home. Gold Bracelets - MEN. Motorcycle Jewelry and Rings in Gold and Silver. Place to Buy Biker Jewelry and Skull Jewelry. As a mark of courage and masculinity, the skull rings have been used since ancient times. From the human skulls to animal or birds, everything can be found in their designs. Even more, the skull symbols are adopted by the army to embody strength. These rings are usually made up of sterling silver and if kept properly, can be saved for a long time. The silver rings are highly preferable because of the soft shine of these rings that can be maintained for long periods. The good thing about skull rings is that, you may also choose to design a ring for yourself with a single skull in the middle or more than one skulls in the same piece.

The stylish sterling silver skull rings are available in a wide variety of styles. Designing these pieces require a great skill and artists from all over the world bring out their innovative ideas and thoughts that can be clearly seen in their designs. Online Biker Ring Shop. Motorcycle Jewelry For Men and Women. How To Find The Right Biker Jewelry Shop? How To Find The Right Biker Jewelry Shop? It’s been only a few years that the craze for biker jewelry came into limelight. People wore it to show off their rough and tough appeal and that bold biker attitude.

Since the audience for such a jewelry stuff is limited only and mostly it is a young crowd, so youngsters usually find it difficult to shop for it. No doubt, there are thousands of jewelry stores online, but finding the biker jewelry shop is tough. Even if you find one on the web, there are many things which are needed to be considered before making the purchase from it.

Go Through Their Available Information Properly: Well, not all companies will have their websites. The Increasing Trend of Rockstar Skull Rings Amongst Men! We all know that when it comes to fashion, there are just a limited number of options for men. They can't try out anything like that because too much of jewelry will make them look feminine. Therefore, they have to keep their choices specific. Be it in rings, necklaces or belts, the selection is really tough when men have to buy these things. But, now this men's community needs not to think anymore. With rockstar skull rings becoming the new fashion statement, guys have an array of styles to choose from. Buy Mens Motorcycle Bracelets Online. Nino925usa: Engagement Ring Collection: A Commitment of Life Long Love and Devotion! Engagement, a start of true love and commitment between two people. It has to be special and worth remembering. There are many things that can add to the memories of this day, but it is the rings that play the major role.

So it is really important to pick from the best engagement ring collection, which will make this occasion more special. Just relish the joy of love by gifting your beloved the most beautiful band and express your love in an exceptional way. Make your love feel the magic of the engagement ring you gifted to him/her. Pendants - MEN - JEWELRY. Cuff Bracelets - MEN - JEWELRY. Bracelets in Gold and Silver for Men & Women.

Silver Skull Rings Ultimate Buying Guide. Once silver skull rings were thought to be reserved for the bikers and/or rockers only; however, now the biker jewelry items have entered mainstream fashion realm. Gone are those days when only the bracelets and necklaces were the only accessories any woman could wear. Nowadays, biker jewelry has become one of the important staples to different festivities and once in a lifetime occasions e.g. wedding. Finest-Quality Women Skull Rings. <div class="noscript"><div class="noscript-inner"><p><strong>JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. </strong></p><p>You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Stunning Skull Jewelry. Take a Sneak Peak at’s Latest Photo-Shoot. #1 Choice for Celebrity Bike Builders, Mixed Martial Artists, Rockers and the Distinctive Set. Show Off Your Attitude With Skull Jewelry. Bad Boy Biker Jewelry Online. The making of the GOLD SKULL Ring with Garnet Eyes. Motorcycle Bracelets: Style That Can Embellish Your Overall Clothing. What\'s New in Skull Jewelry This Season. The start of every season brings along a new trend and fashion.

Be it in clothing or jewelry, each season has something unique to offer. Silver Skull Biker Rings for Men Who Live As Free Spirits. <div class="noscript"><div class="noscript-inner"><p><strong>JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. </strong></p><p>You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

</p></div></div> Call 877.646.6925. Well, men may think twice about wearing jewelry, but with skull rings as the latest in, nobody wants to think, but only try. These jewelry items beautifully reflect mortality, victory and self-esteem. Nino925. Home. Skull and Biker Rings: What Made These Popular Amongst Men? Even men can\'t deny their love for wild jewelry. No doubt, the term jewelry sounds good when used with women, but today\'s men have also gone fashion forward. They are passionate bikers and high-end adventure lovers, and want to show off their best attitude whenever they are on a bike ride.

Nino925men-rings. Men Wearing Rings: How Cool Does That Look? Accept it or not, even today, the male community is mocked at if they are found wearing a lot of jewelry pieces. This always gives rise to a question that whether men can wear this stuff occasionally or not. Although, there is no harm in getting yourself bedecked with some precious metals and stones, but there will be always a few who are ready with their criticism. The Best Reflection of Your Wild Side. Nino925. Skull Ring Jewelry Store - Unique Collection at Nino925. Motorcycle Bracelets Jewelry - Fashionable Range at Best Price. Biker Jewelry: Another Great Way To Portray Your Wild Look! Admit it or not at some point of time you all must have thought of wearing those skull chains or bone rings. It is the fantasy of every boy or a girl to sit on a bike in those leather jackets, boots and some tattoos. And, this is what symbolized their rough and tough biker look.

But, nowadays this biker appeal is best reflected from that attractive biker jewelry stock, which covers, rings, bracelets, necklaces, wallet chains, money clips and pendants for both men and women. The Unique Design and Styles of Biker Jewelry Products by Bob Frank. Skull Jewelry - Skull Rings avaialble online shop. Find the best custom jewelry to fit your lifestyle. Biker Jewelry That Can Charm Anyone!!