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The 1st Religion Pt. 4. The 1st Religion Pt. 3. The first religion from the very beginning that all the prophets followed was Islam.

The 1st Religion Pt. 3

What Islam means is submitting your whole self to God's will. A Muslim is one who submits his whole self to God's will. This is what all of the prophets did and they didn't add to their religion or join other God's with God. There is only one. Jesus(pbuh) didn't claim to be God or his son. 2nd Blood Moon this Year! There was a blood moon last night.

2nd Blood Moon this Year!

At first I went outside at 2:00am my time because the news said it would start then. It was wrong. I later discovered that it was starting to be blood red at 3:27am so I stayed up later. It was a great view. The moon looked like it was so close like it was just a big balloon in the sky. The 1st Religion Pt. 2. There is clear proof all over YouTube showing that the Quran is clearly from God and the words in it cannot possibly be changed because of a mathematical code in it that no human could ever write.

The 1st Religion Pt. 2

Search YouTube for videos like "The Creator's Signature" or "Miracles of the Quran" or just go to the user name 313onelove313 and see the Islam playlist to look for the videos that show clear evidence. The 1st Religion Pt. 1. World War 3. Video: 1st Ebola case confirmed in US. Trending Video: Hong Kongese : Please help Hong Kong. This is a trending video on YouTube right now.

Trending Video: Hong Kongese : Please help Hong Kong

Their are protests in Hong Kong. I can't really understand what the girl was saying about what they were protesting for. I just saw somebody online mention the other day that they didn't want to go to Hong Kong because of the protests. Bubblews Review: How To Make Money Online Easy. You can also go to Facebook and Twitter to get good connections.

Bubblews Review: How To Make Money Online Easy

Go to twitter and search the hashtag of Bubblews and see who are sharing other people’s bubbles. These will make very good connections because they might share your bubbles too! Also, go to Facebook groups about bubblews and you can find many bubblers there looking to make connections and trading likes for likes. You also need to keep up with posting every day to build up your posts so you have enough for people to keep liking and earning you more and more money! Another thing you can do is to get friends and family to join Bubblews as well and support each other making easy money online using Bubblews.

Trending Video reporter quits on-air, reveals herself as owner of Alaska Cannabis Club. Nobody follows me anymore. Friday. Bubblews Review: How To Make Money Online Easy. Bubblews Review: How To Make Money Online Easy. New iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Announced & will be released on the 19th. The new iPhone six comes in anywhere between 16GB of memory to 128GB of memory now!

New iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Announced & will be released on the 19th

The iPhone 6 plus cost a little more than the iPhone 6. The plus 128GB is $100 more than the 128GB iPhone 6. The plus has a 5.5" display and the regular has a 4.7" display. Homemade Toothpaste from Coconut Oil. Hi, I wrote here a few weeks ago about how 99% of store bought toothpaste has the poison fluoride in it.

Homemade Toothpaste from Coconut Oil

This is a toxic waste that shouldn't be in our mouths. They also put it in drinking water, even for babies. It's insane! Stay away from this toxic chemical. Make your homemade toothpaste with coconut oil, baking soda and peppermint oil. First Monday Night NFL Game of the Season! My home team the Detroit Lions played the New York Giants and Eli Manning.

First Monday Night NFL Game of the Season!

The Lions looked great except for some penalties in the second quarter! We destroyed the Giants and if it wasn’t for those penalties the score could have been much worse. Bubblews. Lost My Cell Phone. Madden 15. The new Madden is awesome!

Madden 15

There are so many different things to do with it that you can never get bored. I’m overwhelmed by all of the things to do in the game. I bought the game on August 27th and since then I am still trying to learn everything new in the game. I haven’t had Madden since Madden 12 and I barely had enough time to play that. I probably played it just a few times per month for a span of 6-9 months.

Fluoride is a toxic waste. Back to school, business is good. Why people love money. Why do people love money?

Why people love money

It's a famous saying "For the love of money" especially in #HipHop and #Rap music. It figures that the music industry would promote this. Big Cute Dogs. A big dog can be cute, fun and bring you tons of happiness, but it can also be annoying, dirty and a huge responsibility. I love my dog; she is very cute and playful. Bubblews. NFL Regular Season 2014 Starts... Militarized Police Assaulting Peaceful Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri Pt 2. What is OCD. OCD some people who really actually have it can be torturous. But many people in the world, especially here in the US use the term OCD loosely.

They try to say they have OCD because they keep things clean or organized. But that is natural for some people to just be clean or organized. OCD is a serious condition that causes severe anxiety that can make you feel like taking your life or just give up on living. It stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which means that you obsess about certain things and are compulsive(repeat certain things). Life can be hard. Travelling. Robin Williams is Dead - Bubblews. People revving their engines through neighborhoods. Why I Stopped Listening to Lyrical Music & Switched To Instrumental. I used to like listening to lyrical music while I'm studying or working, music such as pop, RnB, blues, country, jazz and classic. Hearing singers sing their heart out and expressing their self through the songs.

Sometimes i even catch my self singing while listening to the song. But recently i noticed that most of the famous song right now are nothing but a bunch of dirty words. Cheesecake Factory marked as the unhealthiest eatery in the USA - Bubblews. Facebook Down, People Called 911? Let's talk about One Piece. Bubblews. Some do's & don'ts about resume writing. A lot of us put a lot of effort and time into creating resumes to make it attractive and full of details. Sometimes it looks like a mini biography. Bubblews. How To Make Buko Salad or Young Coconut Salad. Buko salad is one of the most famous desserts in the Philippines. Most Pilipinos prepare this awesome food if there's a party, special occasion or just simply craving for something cold and sweet. Ingredients:First prepare the ingredients such as 4 cups of shredded young coconut, you can buy the fresh one that’s still inside the shell of the coconut or buy the one in the can.

Next thing you need is 12 ounces of nata de coco or sugar palm fruit (drained). I usually choose the color green and red so my salad will look colorful. Next is 2 cans (15 ounces) fruit cocktail (drained), 1 can (14 ounces) condensed milk, 1 can (7 ounces) of table cream or all-purpose cream and pineapple (chunks drained) this last ingredients is optional. Mixing Process:Get a mixing bowl, combine the shredded coconut, nata de coco, fruit cocktail and pineapple chunks. The Best Natural Medicine. 2015 Chrysler 200 Review & Specs. Business ~ Marketing ~ Publishing ~ Authorship: How To Make Money Extremely Fast Using Bubblews.