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Since 1990 BNB Textiles has delivered the best quality and most unique fabrics in the industry. While utilizing proven manufacturing techniques the items produced in our factory have consistently met the high standards of the numerous clients with whom we have worked. Our various fabrics have been effective for manufactures of swim wear, active wear, dance wear, sportswear, club wear, Prom and Fancy dresses.

The Top 10 Fashion Icons of All Time and the Trends They Made Famous. They were each revolutionary in their own way.

The Top 10 Fashion Icons of All Time and the Trends They Made Famous

They spent their days bucking old trends and creating new ones. With wildly different approaches to personal style, these superstars have taken us on a journey from the days of patterned skirts and little black dresses to the heyday of sequin spandex and printed stretch fabric. #1 Bettie Page. How to Take Care of Your Textiles. In this age of fast fashion, caring for clothes is a skill that many people lack – after all, why worry about prolonging the life of your garments when you can just buy a new one easily and cheaply?

How to Take Care of Your Textiles

Knowing the proper care of fabrics is a skill that will come in handy your entire life, especially if you have handmade or otherwise special garments. Your clothes will stay looking vibrant and new, and you’ll save money by prolonging their life. However, there are so many different kinds of fabrics out there, each one requiring different care procedures.

Check out our guide below for specific information on how to care for some of the more unique fabrics on the market. General Tips If you have clothes that you really care about, dry clean them. Here are some general tips for cleaning your garments: 1) Check the label. 2) If you’re washing clothing at home, check for colorfastness first on a hidden part of the seam, to make sure the colors won’t run. 6) Always hang-dry. Nylon. Top 10 Spring Trends to Look Out For. This spring, fashion designers got bold and added their own spin on a number of classic ideas.

Top 10 Spring Trends to Look Out For

The result is a wave of influences that are both raucous and refined, which you can incorporate into your wardrobe to add some freshness and vivacity to your look this spring. Many designers chose to ramp up the volume by showing attention-grabbing clothes, made with light-reflecting textiles, shiny sequined and foil fabrics, and bold prints such as wide stripes. Here, we’ve pared down the most prominent trends that ocurred on the runways and fashion magazines this year, to give you a list of the top springs trends to be on the lookout for this year. The Fashion Lover’s Style Guide for Leggings. Leggings are awesome.

The Fashion Lover’s Style Guide for Leggings

They’re comfortable, they’re stylish, and they’re flattering for every figure. They can be dressed up or down and be accessorized. They’re ideal for the gym, for a backyard barbeque, or for a girl’s night out. They’re great for every season. They can be paired with boots, heels, sandals, and sneakers. They’ve also been around (in one form or another) for a long time—more on that later. There’s no denying the versatility of leggings. The Look: Sleek Leather Jacket + Leggings + Sky High Heels For a lean, leggy look, pair black leggings with a geometric leather or faux leather jacket that sits above the waist. The Look: Graphic Tee + Leggings + Converse or Ankle Boots You don’t have to sacrifice style when you’re running errands or rushing from class to class.

The Look: Bohemian Patterned Tunic + Leggings + Strappy Sandals Pair a patterned bohemian tunic with leggings and sandals. The Look: Cozy Knit Sweater + Cropped Leggings + Ankle Boots The History of Leggings. The Fascinating History of Fitness Wear: A Century of Fashion. The history of fitness wear is full of surprises.

The Fascinating History of Fitness Wear: A Century of Fashion

In the late 1800s and early 1900s women wore outfits for exercise that would be unfathomable today. Try working out in a petticoat and corset! Also, who can forget the shiny nylon spandex leotards and legwarmers that rose to popularity in the 1980s? Before we get into the intriguing history of fitness fashion, let’s have a look at exercise and fitness over the ages. From Hunting and Gathering to Sedentary Agrarianism The move from hunting and gathering into agrarian societies 8,000 to 10,000 years ago eased the strains of life, to some degree, and it is a trend that has continued for millennia, but, let’s get real.

While the explosion of the fitness industry may be a fairly recent phenomenon, exercise and fitness have been hot topics for thousands of years. The Industrial Revolution: Rise of the Machines Fast forward to post-Civil War America, and the height of the Industrial Revolution. The early 1900s were an odd time in fitness. Sources: Creating a Clothing Line. Have you always wanted to start your own fashion line?

Creating a Clothing Line

Chances are you have a single, favorite sketch or idea that you’ve always loved. That’s a great starting point for inspiration, but not enough to build a business around. In order to survive in the competitive world of fashion, you’ll need more than one idea, and a good reality check. You’ll need to learn about the difference between sourcing fabric direct from wholesale fabric online suppliers vs. going directly to overseas manufacturers, and much more. Here are some basic steps to think about as you pursue your dream. DIY Holiday Decoration Ideas. From handmade Christmas stockings to beautiful ornament displays, there are endless ways to create affordable do-it-yourself holiday decorations.

DIY Holiday Decoration Ideas

Just as baking cookies and trimming the Christmas tree are holiday traditions for many families, crafting handmade decorations just might become part of your holiday celebration. Experiment with luxurious textiles like stretch velvet or hologram glitter fabric, fun natural elements like pinecones, and items found in your local craft store to create personalized decorations you’ll want to pass down through the generations.

Here are some DIY ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Handmade Frosted Pinecones. Wholesale textiles - trends and uses.