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B Natural Pianos & Music School

B Natural Pianos is your source for new and pre-owned pianos, instruments, and supplies, as well as music lessons, sheet music and events. Whether you are looking for a new or used piano, B Natural Pianos and Music School can help you with a great selection of over 100 instruments to choose from.

Digital Piano NY. Yamaha Piano NY. How to Choose Your Piano. Why Music is Essential to Halloween. Many people learn about the significance of holidays, including Halloween, as a child.

Why Music is Essential to Halloween

Most of these holidays would be incomplete without music. Music drives people’s emotions and often sets the stage when it comes to expectations. And music on Halloween is no different. Halloween is dedicated to things that go bump in the night. It’s only complete with scary costumes, creepy movies, and more candy than anyone can consume. Bass vs. Guitar: Which Is Best for You. Digital Piano NY. Piano Lessons NJ. Claude Debussy: Life in Compositions. Beautiful symphonies, creative and wild scales and a notorious love life are just a few aspects of Claude Debussy’s life.

Claude Debussy: Life in Compositions

This article covers the life, death and legacy French composer Claude Debussy left behind. Early Life Achille-Claude Debussy was born on August 22, 1862, in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France. He was the oldest of five children, to his parents Manuel and Victorine Debussy. When his father’s china shop closed in 1864, the family relocated to Paris. However, young Claude was once again moved when the war of 1870 broke out in France. Claude’s mother took him and his sister to seek refuge while his father remained in Paris. Claude, his mother, and sister found refuge with their aunt in Cannes where they remained for a year. Recognizing his talent, Claude’s aunt paid for him to study with an Italian musician, Jean Cerruti. Education At age ten, Claude began attending the Conservatoire de Paris, where he learned from some of the greatest composers. Marriage Death. The Musical Life of Mozart. Piano Store NY. Benefits & Guidelines of Buying a Used Piano.

How to Reduce Screen Time for Kids with Music. For some parents, screen time is a constant battle with their little ones.

How to Reduce Screen Time for Kids with Music

Getting your kids to put down technology can be easier said than done. It’s often hard to find fun activities for kids that are as engaging as screen time. Used Casio Piano. B Natural Pianos is able to meet the demands of all spaces and budgets by providing a wide range of digital pianos, keyboards, and hybrid pianos.

Used Casio Piano

For instance, Casio Celviano Digital Pianos are perfect for those who demand an authentic high-end experience but may be limited in space, while Casio Privia Digital Pianos leverage powerful tech to meet all budgets. Hybrid Pianos From the moment your hands touch the keys, the Grand Hybrid delivers the authenticity your performance demands. The revolutionary new Natural Grand Hammer Action keyboard is made with full-length wooden concert grand piano keys, using the same materials and processes as the C. Bechstein concert grand pianos. Take a look at the fastest grand piano action produced today. Violin Lessons NJ. B Natural Pianos & Music Schoool is now offering virtual lessons.

Violin Lessons NJ

We offer virtual lessons on voice, piano, guitar, viola, violin and cello. Keep the music alive! Call or text Kathy at 201-247-6057 for additional information. Annual Student Recitals Music binds everyone together. We offer 30-minute weekly lessons on all instruments including voice. How to Reduce Screen Time for Kids with Music. Bass vs. Guitar: Which Is Best for You. The biggest decision for any aspiring musician is which instrument to choose.

Bass vs. Guitar: Which Is Best for You

If you’re stuck between the bass and the guitar, consider this article your trusted guide for help. You’ll want to choose an instrument that pairs best with your style. To do this, you must understand each instrument’s unique sound and role.

Violin Lessons NJ

Violin Lessons NJ. Guitar Lessons. How Does Music Affect the Brain: Listening vs Playing. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the power of music for our brains.

How Does Music Affect the Brain: Listening vs Playing

Whether you’re an active musician or a regular music-lover, we’ve got you covered. The list of music’s benefits will have you putting in your headphones and turning the volume all the way up. Or it may have you finally pick up that instrument you’ve always wanted to learn. Read on to find out how music can transform our brainpower and health. Music and the Brain “I got a fever… and the only prescription is more cowbell.” Christopher Walken was onto something. Listening to a song at safe volume levels can be one of the healthiest things you do all day. Playing and instrument of singing also has benefits. Music and Memory Let’s go back to the basics. The right hemisphere of your brain handles the left side of your body. Casio Digital piano. Bass vs. Guitar: Difference, Difficulty and Which Is Best for You. The Musical Life of Mozart. The world knows Mozart as a prodigy, renowned composer, and master of instruments.

The Musical Life of Mozart

He was the creator of many incredible symphonies and a true musical genius. Centuries after his death, Mozart remains a household name. He’s mentioned without fail in any discussion about classical music. His legacy is powerful. So, it makes sense to wonder: what was his life really like? Benefits of Music on Body, Mind & More. There are several key benefits that musical training can offer, such as: •Increased capacity for language learning•Enhanced mathematical skills•Higher IQ levels•Increased ability to discern auditory differences and nuances in sound•Better integration of sensory information gathered from sight, touch, and sound•Less reliance on working memory and more reliance on systematic reasoning•The ability to assist children with learning disabilities.

Benefits of Music on Body, Mind & More

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Violin Lessons NOW ONLY $199 New Students Only. Guitar Lessons New Jersey. You are Never Too Busy (or Old) to Learn a Music Instrument. Do you ever wish you had learned how to play an instrument as a kid?

You are Never Too Busy (or Old) to Learn a Music Instrument

Maybe you watch a friend play the guitar and wonder what the fine and rigged strings feel like under your fingers while strumming a melody? Or maybe you sit down at your family member’s piano and wonder what it would be like to create beautiful symphonies with just your fingers. I know what you are thinking, “when do I have the time to learn an instrument as an adult?” But here is some good news: it does not have to be that way. With these simple tips and tricks, you can learn an instrument even with a packed schedule. You are Never Too Busy (or Old) to Learn an Instrument. Happy Thanksgiving Day! Music Is The Moonlight In The Gloomy Night Of Life.

A Brief History of the Piano. When we think about musical instruments, one of the first examples that come to mind is the piano. In many ways, the piano is the foundation of instrumental music. The piano is the only instrument whose range can span the entire range of the orchestra. A strong solo instrument, duet, or ensemble instrument, and even as the featured instrument or backbone of a symphony, the piano remains one of the most popular options to this day.

So, where did the piano come from? How was it invented? The Foundation of the Piano The foundation of the piano is built on innovations made from earlier keyboard instruments. By the 1600s, the harpsichord was ubiquitous throughout society. The Development of the Modern Piano. There is a great deal of human nature in people. Why Music is Essential to Halloween. Guitar Lessons NJ Perfect Your Guitar Skills. How the Pandemic has Changed the Whole Music Learning Spectrum. Don’t Stop The Music Grand Piano. Digital Piano NY Save 40% To 80% Off .jpg. Music Lesson A fun activity for your kid. How the Pandemic has Changed the Whole Music Learning Spectrum. Music can change your mood and brighten your day. It is the lifeblood for many of us to stay positive. Music has a calming effect and reduces anxiety by 65%. Music is a universal language that spans the gambit across nations, generations, and cultures.

That is why even people who don’t want to pursue music as a career learn to play musical instruments. The world is currently living through a pandemic. How to Take Care of Your Piano. How to Take Care of Your Piano. A piano can be a wonderful family instrument and learning resource in a home, but it also needs to be taken care of to continue in that role year after year.

Pianos are built to last! In fact, the average “life-span” of a piano is over 50 years, but to last this long your new or used piano will require a minimum amount of care. Pianos need regular maintenance and preventative care, just as we take care of our cars to avoid expensive repairs and keep it running right as long as possible. Guitar Lessons NJ. How Music Uplifts Our Mood - B Natural Pianos & Music School - Medium. The Psychological Positive Power of Music When people hear the opening piano line in the classic Journey rock band song, “Don’t Stop Believin‘”, they instantly light up. Why? People frequently feel moved, emotionally impacted, and even motivated by music. How Music Uplifts Our Mood. Five Benefits of Playing in A Band or Ensemble - B Natural Pianos & Music School - Medium. Music Games to Learn and Have Fun - B Natural Pianos & Music School - Medium. Music Games to Learn and Have Fun.

A Glimpse into the Life of Ludwig van Beethoven. There may be no more well-known name in the world of music than Ludwig van Beethoven. This German composer was so great at the piano, they say he forged a new and unique way of playing.

Digital Piano NY

Five Benefits of Playing in A Band or Ensemble. Five Ways to Prepare Your Child for Their First Music Lesson. How do Professionals Write Music? There isn’t one formula for writing music. Every composer has a somewhat different process for how they write. The Correlation Between Music Lessons and Better Grades in School. Most parents are concerned with the grades that their children achieve in school. Rightfully so, as academic success is important for many facets in life. Good grades open the door to future educational opportunities and professional success. Top 4 Reasons For Adults To Start Piano Lessons. Which Piano is Best For You? How to Choose Your Piano? How to Choose Your Piano. 5 Ingredients for a Successful Piano Lessons for Young Children.