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Le site de CUTS / CUTS die Website

En savoir plus ? Aller au contenu principal. Flowers Portraits by Duy Anh Nhan Duc. Hardware - Edison Light Globes. Data Viz Wine Labels « VINEgeek. Apparently, I’m a year or two late to this, but HOLY SHIT, did you know Nicholas Felton designed some wine labels!

Data Viz Wine Labels « VINEgeek

How did I miss this? Nicholas Felton is a star in the world of data visualization. His Feltron Reports (each a data-driven record of his year, done in the style of a corporate annual report) are legendary. He also cofounded Daytum and inspired the Facebook Timeline. Check out one of the largest exhibitions to focus on the contemporary Mexican artists. Nouvel onglet. Photos de l'événement Ombres et lumière (En tournee - 18 Octobre 2005 - 1 Juin 2007) Ombres et lumière Le centre Pompidou et la Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, proposent pour la première fois une exposition interactive en deux volets autour du thème de l’ombre.

Photos de l'événement Ombres et lumière (En tournee - 18 Octobre 2005 - 1 Juin 2007)

Les enfants et leurs parents sont invités à découvrir ombres et lumière à l’occasion du parcours que constitue cette exposition mêlant approche scientifique, artistique et poétique. Invitant le visiteur à comprendre par lui-même le phénomène des ombres, le dialogue nécessaire établi entre ombre et lumière, est l’occasion d’expériences personnelles ou collectives, touchant à la représentation de soi et des autres. Avec des éléments interactifs novateurs, l’univers présenté explore dans toute sa complexité, mais avec beaucoup de justesse et d’apparente simplicité, le phénomène des ombres. Little aesthete's blog. Broadway market is the funky hipster version of borough market. i was there on a sunday and i had a great time in the sun. before we arrived, we visited the tiny nearby netil market. it had vintage furniture and clothes, the work of local designers and bric a brac. i wish i could come to get... borough market is always on my london list. this it is not a mere market but a hub. you go there to eat, check out the people and the stuff on sale, take pictures or, you know, just hang out. it is the perfect foodie destination. or the perfect place to have brunch on saturday.... story restaurant is run by tom sellers, a 27-year old chef. it is located in a former toilet nearby london’s tower bridge. it was open in 2013, after an 18-month, 2-million-pound redecoration. the restaurant received its first michelin star in september 2013, only 6 months after it opened. the chef started working in the industry after he was expelled...

little aesthete's blog Edward Finney Spring Summer 12 Collection October 14th, 20110 Comments When I first learnt the word “Design process” in my fashion school, I was a little upset.

Airows. iGNANT. ‘Polaboy the frame for a small piece of eternity’ lautet die Beschreibung der Herren Lightboys, Erfinder des etwas anderen Polaroids.


Entworfen und entwickelt von Designer Jirko Bannas und Creative Director und Werbefachmann Oliver Seltmann, findet das gute alte Polaroid in neuer Dimension seinen Platz in unserem Zuhause. Inspiriert von der aktuellen Nostalgiewelle für traditionelle Fotografie und dem einmaligen Gefühl des sich langsam selbst entwickelnden Bildes auf Hochglanzpapier, eingefasst in den charakteristischen weißen Rahmen eines Polaroids. In Verbindung mit der Faszination einen Moment für immer einzufangen, besonders mit Schnappschüssen aus der Polaroidkamera entstand die Idee für den Polaboy. Bicycle Taxidermy. Case da sogno. Pochette Antagoniste "Vivre et Mourir devant un Miroir" Design Archive. JBA, James beard awards, 2011, winners, celebrations, oscars, best, restaurants, USA, new, © 2011 jmoranmoya.

All rights reserved. James Beard Awards, as my friend Paola says, are the Oscars of the food industry in USA. As any award in the World selected by Judges also in the Industry, the winners are always predictable big famous restaurants. It is hard to discover any alernative different restaurant on that winner list. Objects of Curiosity. Food events you don't want to miss: food festival & food events. iGNANT. Seokmin Ko’s three-year, ongoing project entitled ‘The Square’ shows a mirror reflecting its surroundings at it is held by two hands in a road, a field, or the sea.


The hands gripping the mirror give only a clue of the holders presence. Ko pointedly lets the viewer know the holder or director of the mirror is not innocent. On Collaboration: Franca Sozzani x Miles Aldridge. Cutie and the Boxer. Margot Henderson: Burning Bush. Lily Cole: Wild Rubber. 荒木経惟オフィシャルサイト Ticket to LA: Le Chateaubriand's Iñaki Aizpitarte. Daniel Rozin Interactive Art. Kiyoshi Kuroda. BAAS. Reddish - Design Studio. Ayala Serfaty. Ernst Gamperl. Eek & Ruijgrok BV - Collection. New Tree Trunk furniture Crisis 2013 2 door cabinet Steel display cabinet i.s.m. byBorre.

Eek & Ruijgrok BV - Collection

Exhibitions - Studio Makkink & Bey. Tadashi kawamata. Cai guo qiang. Fashion : maren esdar. Maren Esdar Illustration Shoe's ManiacONCE The Netherlands INK!

Fashion : maren esdar

SOLARK United Kingdom rue du Faubourg St. HonoréKUNERT Germany. Chalets des Fermes de Marie - Hotel chalet Megève - Les Fermes de Marie : Hôtel 5 étoiles Megève. Nos chalets de luxe en location Nos propriétés à louer avec services hôteliers, le Chalet des Fermes et le Chalet Chatel, sont une alternative à l’hébergement hôtelier qui vous assure luxe et confort en famille ou entre amis.

Chalets des Fermes de Marie - Hotel chalet Megève - Les Fermes de Marie : Hôtel 5 étoiles Megève

Le Chalet Chatel est situé dans un environnement nature privilégié qui inspire la convivialité. Vous profiterez de 250 m² répartis entre cinq petites chambres et des espaces à vivre particulièrement adaptés à vos séjours en famille. Tom Mallory: Rough Times for Luxury. They say that trends follow our direction of thought, expressing the mood of the present and the style of the future.

Stepping Stones. Is it possible to be busy and lazy at the same time? Still spending most of my time outdoors…. culling through stone in huge wired bins to find the last few I need for edging and stepping stones… Also on the lookout for unique pieces of architectural salvage like this piece I found about fifteen years ago at a cast-stone company’s yard sale.