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‘Skinny’ or ‘curvy,’ our bodies are not our own: Why the ‘No More Skinny’ campaign doesn’t help » Feminist Current. Glosswitch wrote an eloquent critique of The Sun’s “No More Skinny” campaign for New Statesman to which I have little to add.

‘Skinny’ or ‘curvy,’ our bodies are not our own: Why the ‘No More Skinny’ campaign doesn’t help » Feminist Current

The campaign, led by “showbiz columnist,” Dan Wooten, is directed at the fashion industry, which Wooten says “has been guilty of hiring and promoting underweight, skeletal and, at times, sick models for far too long.” The aim, he says, is “to put pressure on the fashion houses to stop hiring unhealthy models using the support of celebrities of all shapes and sizes.”

It sounds like an earnest and relatively harmless endeavour and Wooten seems genuinely perplexed by the backlash. But while men pat themselves on the backs for being so brave and bold as to like “real women” or “women with curves,” instead of simply the very thin, model-like ones, women are still left to cope with the depressing reality that their bodies are of little worth unless objectified. It’s the overall context that makes the difference. Men are stupid; like women who are ‘effortlessly’ thin. Olivia Wilde eats fries and drinks beer every day and looks like Olivia Wilde — what’s your problem?

Men are stupid; like women who are ‘effortlessly’ thin

We all know men like a natural look over a “fake” one, meaning they like their women to look like 19 year old hairless cats with boobs, but without trying. They don’t want to see you ripping hair out of your asshole or to know how long it takes to exfoliate your entire body, daily, or be aware of the layers of makeup it takes to hide pores — they just want the end result: Olivia Wilde in Drinking Buddies. They want you to have a pudge-free waist (But don’t worry! Some of them are temporarily ok with you having fat on your ass, but only until Nicki Minaj and Christina Hendricks stop being trendy — progress!) While simultaneously eating whatever the fuck you want all the time.

This is, in large part, because men are dummies who live inside a fantasy world of their own creation. Lauren Bans wrote for The Cut today that no woman (herself included) wants to be “the girl on a diet”: Kids Start Struggling With Body Image Issues Earlier Than You May Think. By Tara Culp-Ressler Posted on Share this: "Kids Start Struggling With Body Image Issues Earlier Than You May Think" Share: CREDIT: Shutterstock Many Americans may not realize that the media influences kids’ body image concerns from a very young age, according to a new brief that provides an overview of the existing research in the field.

Kids Start Struggling With Body Image Issues Earlier Than You May Think

Researchers from Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization that reviews content targeted at kids, say that dozens of studies reveal very young children are increasingly struggling to develop a healthy relationship with their own bodies. For instance, when kindergarten-age children are asked to indicate their ideal body size, nearly a third of them choose a size that’s smaller than their own. “Almost as soon as preschoolers complete the developmental task of mastering a concept of their bodies, they begin to express concerns about their bodies, taking their cues from peers, adults, and media around them,” the Common Sense Media researchers write.

Les anorexiques, des "clones sans cervelle"? Oui, je sais, ça faisait longtemps.

Les anorexiques, des "clones sans cervelle"?

J’ai dû faire une pause. Je reprendrai peut-être plus tard la série sur les arguments anti-féministes (si vous voulez la continuer, vous pouvez toujours m’envoyer des propositions de billets…). J’ai eu envie de recommencer à publier ici à cause d’une citation de J.K. Rowling que j’ai lue sur la page Facebook « A Mighty Girl » (« the world’s largest collection of books, toys, and movies for parents, teachers, and others dedicated to raising smart, confident, and courageous girls »).


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