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Pinterest. Pinterest. MMA Origins: When pro wrestling turned real. This is what Kung Fu sparring looked like in 1982. Internal Strength: Silk Reeling, aka Six Harmonies Movement. Once, a Chinese friend and I were discussing the differences between “internal martial-arts” and “external martial-arts”.

Internal Strength: Silk Reeling, aka Six Harmonies Movement

He mentioned that in earlier China, many martial arts used the six-harmonies method of movement that is the hallmark of the so-called “internal martial arts”. Even today you can find a goodly number of old, pedigreed Chinese martial arts that contain the term “Liu He” (“six harmonies”) in their full title, but over time many arts have devolved to less pure usage of the use of qi, jin, and dantian, regardless of the name they use and the classics that they espouse. Today, because body movement must be completely repatterned, only a small number of arts attempt to use the full six-harmonies movement principles and of course not everyone practicing those arts fully complies with traditional requirements. The “reeling silk” movement of Taijiquan is actually just another way of describing focused six-harmonies movement. The Six Harmonies Basic Theory. Internal Strength.

Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. In the first episode from our San Diego excursion, Sifu Tony Puyot highlights… Man takes on monster of man in Army Combatives finals - This clip is of the finals of an army combatives open-weight tournament.

Man takes on monster of man in Army Combatives finals -

The matches follow a rule set similar to amateur mixed martial arts. The army holds an open weight tournament as in combat, there are no such thing as weight classes and an enemy combatant can be bigger or smaller than you. The two soldiers square off and it’s immediately apparent that one has a considerable size advantage. Both were their fatigues along with shin pads, but there hands are unprotected. The two circle and the smaller solider is very active, feinting up and down as his larger opponent stands his ground. He then lands a good outside kick. On top of side mount, the smaller solider is able to control his opponent and keep him from standing up. The mission of the U.S. The Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) started in 1995 with the 2nd Ranger Battalion and has spread at the grass roots around the Army. Source: Man uses martial arts to subdue subway bully - Walking around on a crowded subway with your chest puffed out and challenging all comers is probably not the wisest journey to embark on— it may even wind up being one you wake up from like some kind of bad dream.

Man uses martial arts to subdue subway bully -

Unfortunately, for the instigator shown here, this nightmare is not one he woke up from in the comfort of his own bed. After repeatedly antagonizing a fellow subway patron, the shirtless male attempts to strike him. Thankfully, the passenger uses his bike to block the strikes, but that’s exactly when the rowdy bully decides to turn his attention to another subway passenger who calls him a weirdo as he walks by. The remark sends the bully into a rage. Bare-knuckle boxing champion Bobby Gunn improves record to 71-0. Undefeated bare-knuckle boxing champion Bobby Gunn is the first champion crowned in over 120 years.

Bare-knuckle boxing champion Bobby Gunn improves record to 71-0

Sporting a 71-0 record, Gunn is looking to bring bare-knuckle boxing out from the underground and into the mainstream. However, most boxing commissions have labeled the bare-knuckle brawl too barbaric and dangerous. Gunn was able to be a part of one bout in the public eye in 2014, which took place on an Arizona Indian reservation. According to Men’s Journal, the team expected about 50,000 to live-stream the online pay-per-view event but were overwhelmed when over a million tuned in to watch causing the payment system to crash. Wing Chun master shows how to defend a rear naked choke -

“Starting his training with a Chinese Master in the UK Sifu Wong progressed quickly in skill and after 5 years traveled to Hong Kong and Mainland China to study with a variety of Chinese masters in his early twenties.

Wing Chun master shows how to defend a rear naked choke -

Training in a wide variety of Martial Arts has given Sifu Wong a foundation and skill level rarely seen in the Martial Arts world. It also allows him to provide a highly comprehensive teaching program for a great many students with differing requirements.” “Having opened the Ho Wan Academy in 1992 in the back of his takeaway shop Sifu Wong discovered there was a great demand for Martial Arts in the area and was never short of students. This eventually led to the opening of the Master Wong Academy at Charles Street in Ipswich, becoming one of only a handful of full time training centers in the region.

Sifu Wong regularly travels back to China to train and learn new arts to continue to better himself. 3 tips to shut down an aggressive fighter - Turning a fight into a brawl is one of the best ways to shut down a more technical fighter if they aren’t prepared to deal with it.

3 tips to shut down an aggressive fighter -

Fighters like Diego Sanchez are often able to overwhelm their opponents with forward pressure and swarms of punches. It is also what you’re most likely to encounter if you find yourself in a street defense situation against an untrained, unskilled opponent. Common sense would say to pump a jab out into their face, use your footwork and to stay on the outside. But what are you to do if that isn’t stopping them in their tracks? There are several options of what you could do in that situation. After timing your opponent’s entry into closing the distance, you can meet him in the middle using your body (more specifically your shoulder or even head) as a weapon. Making use of these two strategies together will keep your opponent guessing and likely slow him down as he attempts to calculate what you’re going to do next. Brutal technique used in this fight was banned in the UFC -

In April of 2000, the California State Athletic Commission voted unanimously in favor of regulations that later became the foundation for the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.

Brutal technique used in this fight was banned in the UFC -

One of the rules put into place was the banning of headbutts from any position. The reasoning behind the banning of headbutts in regulated mixed martial arts competition was that the technique requires little or no skill to perform, and also because a headbutt is a very quick way to turn a fight into a bloody mess in which both fighters and the canvas upon which they fight are bathed in red. However, headbutts may be one of the most effective and under-utilized street fighting techniques. There are many positions in which a headbutt can be landed with great force and accuracy in which the recipient of the blow is unable to defend him or herself.

5 most devastating strikes in a street fight - Everyone wonders what martial art is best for self defense, here our new sensei Nick Drossos schools all you keyboard warriors on the most effective ways to disable attackers in a club, in the street or even a dummy in your mom’s basement. 1.

5 most devastating strikes in a street fight -

The head butt: perfect way to open a street fight, regardless of whether you loosely charge like an enraged Homer Simpson or slap on a terrible double collar tie. JUST DON’T GRAB THE SHIRT!! 2. Hammer Fist: Seen more & more in UFC from the blue steel pose with a perfectly squared stance (the only way to set this up) make sure to flick and flail your arm directly onto the nose for total incapacitation. World's strongest man vs 4th degree BJJ blackbelt in MMA - ends fast - It’s a well-known fact that technique is the most important thing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and might I argue, in any martial art.

World's strongest man vs 4th degree BJJ blackbelt in MMA - ends fast -

Rolles Gracie is a fantastic BJJ fighter, but things got a little awry when he faced the world’s strongest man… Rolles Gracie knows a thing or two when it comes to grappling. He is actually a 4th degree black belt in BJJ and a 3rd dan black belt in Judo. He is amazing on the ground, no doubt. When you boast such credentials but aren’t able to take your opponent to the ground though, trouble might come your way. Marius Pudzianowski is, simply put, a behemoth of a man. Rolles Gracie and Marius Pudzianowski were set to meet at the KSW 31 event in May 23, 2015 in an intriguing, style vs style, much-anticipated showdown.

The 5 most dangerous things about MMA - The sport of mixed martial arts might just be the most beautiful sport on Earth.

The 5 most dangerous things about MMA -

Witnessing two elite fighters showcasing martial arts’ finest techniques truly is a treat. But MMA, as beautiful as it is, is also the most dangerous sport in the world. In a sport where the goal is to basically hurt your opponent as much as possible, it’s no wonder tragedies happen. Aikido - PAST, PRESENT and the FUTURE. MODERN AIKIDO - Combative Concepts. Cross Choke Fundamentals - Over/under tie to front head lock - Elbow Roll using thumb in grip - S Mount, Far Side Arm Bar - JiuJitsuMania Jean Jacques Machado Loop Choke from Half Guard. Great loop choke from half guard -

Verbal Defense Talk Could Be the Cheapest Way Out. Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Knowing what to do first when verbal assaulted is key to self-defense. This video covers the first step, while the article below covers much, more more! Before many situations become violent, the first stage consists of verbal assaults, taunts, cut downs, or a combination of insults to degrade one’s date or mother. What is scary in today’s dojos, training tapes, and schools’ curriculums is the lack of training to deal with these situations first. Many tough guys forget that any idiot can throw a couple of punches, but the smarter practitioner first tries to win a fight without throwing one punch. At the onset of an argument one has to simply follow four steps to attempt to de-escalate a possible physical altercation, and prepare if one does happen: Step 1: When you are first made aware of an irate person, giving you a harsh stare down, followed by some expletives, and who is now approaching you, you must gain distance.

Step 2: Step 3: Know what to say. Street Fighting Game Plan 1. Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. 1945 film fight scene using reality based real martial arts - With the emerging popularity of Mixed Martial Arts it should be no surprise that films in Hollywood and beyond would be immersing their fight scenes with triangle chokes, judo throws and armbars. But long before films like John Wick, Never Back Down and even Lethal Weapon had started to expand their martial arts choreography repertoire, one 1945 Hollywood film had already displayed a well-rounded and intricate fight scene during a time when a simple John Wayne punch was the norm. Blood on the Sun; a 1945 film produced by William Cagney Productions stars the producers’ brother James Cagney as a journalist working for the Tokyo Chronicle during Imperial Japan and his struggle against the Japanese authorities.

(who are all played by Caucasian actors) Insisting he would perform his own stunts for the audience James would train Judo at the Seinan Dojo in Los Angeles under the late Kenneth Kaname Kuniyuki, 9th Dan Judo Shihan. He would keep up the practice for most of his life afterwards. Bruce Lee’s 6 Tips For Self Defence: Number 4 Is Genius. Written by the editorial team YouTube There is no doubt that Bruce Lee is one of the most influential martial artists of all time. Conor looks ahead to ‘leading option’ next fight - Robbie Lawler - Conor looks ahead to ‘leading option’ for his next fight— Robbie Lawler Conor McGregor will be taking on Nate Diaz at welterweight (170 lbs) on March 5th at UFC 196 in Las Vegas, and if he has it his way, his next fight may very well be for the title at the same weight. “I mean, why not? That’s probably the leading option,” McGregor said on Wednesday during the UFC 196 media scrum.

“I like Robbie,” McGregor continued. “I won’t say a bad word about Robbie. Conor Mcgregor crashes fan’s apartment - The Irishman is currently training in the West Coast in preparation for his much-anticipated Welterweight fight against fan favorite Nate Diaz at UFC 196. McGregor trains a lot, and hard; that is why he is such a great mixed martial artist. Such a rigorous training regimen requires frequent trips to the gyms, and it happened that every time Conor McGregor was going to the gym, he was passing by a “special” apartment…

Here Are The Best Mike Tyson Knockouts Of All Time! Written by the editorial team. Fighter from Brazil hits Helicopter armbar at RFA 35 - Smokin' Joe Frazier KOs Mathis This Day in Boxing March 4, 1968. Top 10 throws and slams in MMA history - Street Fighting Game Plan 3. Street Fighting Game Plan 2. Street Fighting Game Plan 1. Anderson Silva training Jeet Kune Do - Long before Anderson Silva was in consideration for being one of the top pound for pound mixed martial arts MMA fighters of all time, Dan Inosato and Bruce Lee where training in martial arts like Jeet Kune Do, Judo, Ju Jutsu, Shoot Wrestling, Eskrima, Muay Thai, Silat, and even the very first froms of Mixed Martial Arts. Considered one of the 3 Jun Fan Gun Fu institutes under Bruce Lee along with Taky Kimura and James Yimm Lee Inosato has traveled the world studying martial arts. How to Learn Wing Chun.

The Mechanics Of Wing Chun Empty Hand Forms. In the introduction, it was suggested that Wing Chun was a different, more technique-based system of Kung Fu compared to the more ordinary systems of Kung Fu that rely as much on brute strength as superior technique. Pinterest. The History of Fighting. Jeff Speakman Kata. Bareknuckle champ vs. Pro Boxer = Vicious KO! - In every sport, there are different levels of competition.

The best player on your high school team may not have stood a chance playing with guys on the college team, and those guys may never have stood a chance playing with guys who competed professionally. Crazy submission on 'Magical' Ray Elbe - McGregor: The philosophy of the joker - Conor McGregor’s success has often been attributed in large part to his unique mentality and approach to the fight game. Below is a video which illustrates McGregor’s mindset through the words of philosopher Alan Watts. Dan Gable Practice Planning Secret - Attack Style Wrestling by Daryl Weber. Bridging the Gap From Beginner to Elite Wrestler - Attack Style Wrestling by Daryl Weber.

Bull Dog Finishing Drill (Resource) - Attack Style Wrestling by Daryl Weber. Marciano Stops Savold This Day in Boxing February 13, 1952. Bruce Lee: Remembering the Life of a Legend. Movie star, martial arts innovator, philosopher, cultural icon—Bruce Lee was all of these and more. A singularly complex man, Lee holds our attention in his vicelike grip just as strongly today as he did back in 1973, the year most Americans were formally introduced to him as the star of Enter the Dragon and also the year he tragically died at the age of 32. Featured Workout: In an era where MMA has supplanted boxing as the most popular combat sport, it’s hard to remember a time when the martial arts were strictly segregated.

Yet Bruce Lee’s desire to break with tradition has influenced a generation and opened the door for the kind of fighting we see on our TV and movie screens today, as well as in the martial arts schools in our neighborhoods. BJJ black belt Ruben Alvarez outs a fake black belt - Secrets of street defense: THE way to eye gouge - Conor McGregor spits fire at press conference - Conor McGregor Criticizes Werdum During Speech & He Responds With This - ALLDAY. IDF soldier vs. Army soldier in 'Shock Knife' fight - Japanese legend makes 400 lb. 'Butterbean' tap out - The greatest throw in wrestling history - Referees’ craziest moments in the cage! - Bruce Lee on escaping the headlock and fighting dirty - Roberto Duran KOs Fernandez This Day in Boxing January 29, 1977.

John Weidler's Front Flip Guard pass - Joe Rogan blows GSP’s mind with his most powerful kick - Chuck Norris talks about being choked out by Helio Gracie - Judo vs. Muay Thai in MMA Fight - Imanari the leg-lock wizard - The time Mike Tyson almost had to beat up Brad Pitt - Chris Wade headlock throw for MMA/BJJ - Incredible Bruce Lee tribute will give you goosebumps - How to add bone crushing leg kicks to your arsenal - Conor McGregor - Human Movement -

Martial Arts instructor fights scary looking MMA fighter - SYSTEMA: History of the Russian Martial Art. Steven Seagal spars top UFC fighter - - The Best in Martial Arts - Battle of the Styles: MMA vs. Aikido - A Martial Artist’s Guide to Hip Health: Know What Damages Them, How to Strengthen Them!