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Probiotics and a healthy heart — The American Microbiome Institute. The researchers recruited twenty heart failure patients and gave half of them a placebo and half of them the bacteria Saccharomyces boulardii every day for 3 months.

Probiotics and a healthy heart — The American Microbiome Institute

At the end of the three months the scientists examined the patients’ heart health and discovered that those people taking the probiotic had a decrease in cholesterol, uric acid, left ventricle diameter, and an improvement in heart strength (as measured by ejection fraction’), with many of these improvements far exceeding the placebo group.

The study was small, but important. Best Heart Failure Treatment in Bani Park, Jaipur. Heart failure is a condition where the heart functions at a diminished rate, leading to weakening of the pumping power of the heart.

Best Heart Failure Treatment in Bani Park, Jaipur

That means that the blood moves around the body at a pace slower than usual and the pressure in the heart increases, causing less oxygen to reach to the organs, thereby resulting in its less than optimal functioning. However, this doesn’t lead to complete failure of the heart in all cases, and can be reversed with proper guidance of knowledgeable heart failure surgeons in Jaipur Heart and Multispeciality Centre, who can also suggest treatments that can help improve the symptoms of heart failure and help you live longer.

Heart Failure – A serious Health Condition that Needs Immediate Medical Attention. Heart Failure – A Serious Health Condition Heart failure is a serious condition in which the heart cannot pump blood efficiently thus increasing pressure in the heart.

Heart Failure – A serious Health Condition that Needs Immediate Medical Attention

This causes less oxygen to reach to the organs, making it difficult for the body to function properly. Even everyday activities, like walking, climbing the stairs or carrying the shopping bags becomes challenging. The term “heart failure” doesn’t mean your heart has stopped working but requires immediate medical care. Best Heart Failure Check Ups in Bani Park, Jaipur. What happens during a heart attack? - Krishna Sudhir. 11 Healthy Food Swaps for Common Foods and Ingredients. Our Top 10 Superfoods List. Crouching Garnish, Hidden SuperFood: The Secret Life of Kale. Could kale, a less domesticated, disheveled form of cabbage, really be one of the most potent healing foods in existence today?

Crouching Garnish, Hidden SuperFood: The Secret Life of Kale

Few foods commonly available at the produce stand are as beneficial to your health as kale. And yet, sadly, it is more commonly found dressing up something not as healthy in a display case as a decoration than on someone’s plate where it belongs. Kale is actually a form of cabbage that evaded domestication, sharing many of the same traits as wilder plant relatives unafraid of holding on to their bitter principle, and relatively unruly appearance. But please do not underestimate this formidable plant, which grows as high as six to seven feet in the right conditions, casting a shadow as long as the impressive list of beneficial nutritional components it contains.

Its nutritional density, in fact, is virtually unparalleled among green leafy vegetables. Vitamin-B12, one of the most important vitamins that our body needs. Vitamin-B12 ~ Vitamins An unusual vitamin formed by microorganisms like bacteria and yeast (and found in the various and sundry animals that ingest them).

Vitamin-B12, one of the most important vitamins that our body needs.

Why you need it: It plays a key role in developing blood cells and nerve cells and processing protein. It also helps protect persons with anemia and gastrointestinal disorders. Vitamins are an important part of our growth and development. I think that's pretty obvious. Our bodies need vitamins in order to continue living a healthy life. The New Drug That Could Treat Alzheimer's - Introducing NTRX-07.

In Brief Five million people, in the US alone, could be significantly helped by a new drug to treat Alzheimer's Disease.

The New Drug That Could Treat Alzheimer's - Introducing NTRX-07

There have been many recent breakthroughs in the study and treatment of nuerodegenerative disorders. From medication to gene therapy, new solutions are continually popping up to instill greater hope. Targeting Inflammation New developments and research into treating Alzheimer’s disease are always welcome. “This drug may reduce inflammation in the brain, which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease,” says lead researcher Mohamed Naguib of Cleveland Clinic.

“NTRX-07 uses a different mechanism than many other Alzheimer’s drugs currently available, as it targets the cause of the disease, not just the symptoms,” Naguib explains. Probiotics improve cognition in Alzheimer's patients. For the first time, scientists have shown that probiotics -- beneficial live bacteria and yeasts taken as dietary supplements -- can improve cognitive function in humans.

Probiotics improve cognition in Alzheimer's patients

In a new clinical trial, scientists show that a daily dose of probiotic Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium bacteria taken over a period of just 12 weeks is enough to yield a moderate but significant improvement in the score of elderly Alzheimer's patients on the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) scale, a standard measure of cognitive impairment. Probiotics are known to give partial protection against certain infectious diarrheas, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, eczema, allergies, colds, tooth decay, and periodontal disease.

Here, the researchers, from Kashan University of Medical Sciences, Kashan, and Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran, present results from a randomized, double-blind, controlled clinical trial on a total of 52 women and men with Alzheimer's between 60 and 95 years of age. Fwd: Schizophrenia Warning Signs. Providing information on Vitamin D.

Green tea health risks: Could green tea actually be bad for you? Green tea has received a lot of positive media attention in recent years.

Green tea health risks: Could green tea actually be bad for you?

But is it really good for everyone? Not necessarily. There is a group of people for whom green tea may be hazardous. And given green tea’s popularity these days, it’s critical to share this information with anyone interested in health. Fwd: What to Do During a Heart Attack. Fwd: Surprising Reasons You're in Pain. Fwd: Foods That Are Shockingly High in Salt. 7-household-chores-with-unexpected-health-benefits?ref=mail&mtype=weekly_newsletter&mid=20160801&uid=773392&email=bmike1850.mb@gmail. Not everyone enjoys household chores — that’s a given.


But what if you knew that there were more benefits to them than just making your home look more presentable? Once you realize how these simple tasks can boost your happiness, lower your stress, or protect your body from diseases, your to-do list will never look the same again. 1. Making the Bed Studies have shown that those who make their beds each morning take on the day with increased productivity and a greater sense of well-being. Those who make their bed will also tend to feel more rested and energized throughout the day, rather than tired or groggy. 2. Completing-goal-drink-more-herbal-tea?ref=mail&mtype=weekly_newsletter&mid=20160801&uid=773392&email=bmike1850.mb@gmail. Day 7 Secret Today’s recommendation: Rooibos Herbal Tea Consider how many toxins your current drinks contain.


Why it matters? Lavender Lemonade with Honey. 1134StumbleUpon Lavender is beginning to bloom now in my garden, not only looking and smelling beautiful, but attracting bees and other pollinators to the rest of my plants. I harvest it for its beauty, and dry it for use as food and medicine. Growing Lavender Lavender is easy to grow in full sun and any well-drained soil, and is a relatively drought tolerant, perennial plant that adds interest to any garden with its grey leaves and tall, purple blooms.

Like many plants grown for their essential oils, a lean soil will encourage a higher concentration of oils. While you can grow lavender in USDA Zone 5, it is unlikely you will ever have a lavender hedge. It is dampness more than cold, that is responsible for killing lavender plants. Lavender planted where the ground routinely freezes and thaws throughout the winter will need a thick layer of mulch applied after the ground initially freezes. Using Lavender. Heal Your Organs With the Secret Powers of Fruits and Veggies. ~ David Kovacs. You may not see what your organs are doing all day long, but you know they’re important.

When one starts to have problems, there’s a very real risk that your entire body will be impacted. Do your organs a favor and drink fresh juice every day! Why fresh juice? Check out some of the amazing things your fresh juices can do: * Apple juice can cleanse your intestinal tract, quash hunger pangs, and stop cravings. * Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons contain toxin-killing, immune-boosting Vitamin C. Fwd: Is Your Liver Healthy? Fwd: Is It OK to Drink Your Pee? Fwd: Steroids: How They Help, How They Hurt. Fwd: 20 Tips to Help You Sleep Better. Fwd: Things That Look Scary but Aren't. Fwd: Three things. Thyroid, Depression and Mental Health. Forget Prozac - Try Probiotics to Ease Anxiety, Curb Depression and Elevate Mood. By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Could eating yogurt be a replacement for antidepressants? A group of scientists believe so.

Groundbreaking research has shown that a common strain of probiotic can create GABA within the gut while also enhancing brain receptors for this neurotransmitter. Naturally produced GABA is a safe alternative to dangerous psychiatric drugs — it calms the nervous system, promotes tranquil sleep, minimizes anxiety and alleviates depression. Perils of a Prozac nation With a 400 percent increase of antidepressant use from 1994-2008, it looks as though the United States certainly is a Prozac Nation. Pinterest. 3 Herbs That Are More Effective Than NSAIDs. If you take NSAIDs for aches and pains on a daily basis you need to be aware of the risks associated with these seemingly innocuous over-the-counter medications. The term NSAID is an acronym for a class of drugs known as “non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs”. This anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain killing) drug class includes over the counter medications such as aleve, motrin, advil and aspirin.

Because they suppress inflammation and reduce pain they are widely used for everyday complaints such as headaches, joint pain or fever. While NSAIDs do provide comfort to many people for those everyday complaints, these drugs can have serious effects on the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys and heart. Taking NSAIDs on a daily basis for pain or inflammation can increase your risk for high blood pressure, ulcers, kidney failure, heart failure, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. 1. What Are The Healthiest Sources of Carbohydrates? Carbohydrates are fuel for metabolism. Chemical reactions in cells require fuel. Muscles, from heart to digestive system to biceps and quads all use carbohydrate, in the form of glucose.

Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer: Fact or Fiction? Part 1 of 7: Overview. Fwd: Could You Have an Enlarged Prostate? Fwd: Eat These Cancer-Fighting Foods. Fwd: Best Foods for Fighting Depression. Fwd: Which Vitamins Do You Really Need? Fwd: 10 Ways to Wreck Your Liver. Fwd: Why You're So Tired. Fwd: Best and Worst Foods for Sleep. Fwd: See What Skin Reveals About Your Health. Fwd: This Is What Your Liver Does. Coconut Oil vs. Coconut Butter: Benefits. Most people are familiar with coconut oil. It’s frequently in the health and wellness spotlight. Coconut butter isn’t as well-known. The two products look and smell similar, but each has different characteristics. Here’s a look at the benefits of each. Fwd: Vitamins and Minerals From A to Z. Medical Information & Trusted Health Advice: Healthline. Healthline Media - Signup. Fwd: How to Get Water Out of Your Ear. Healthline.

Healthline on Pinterest. Healthline. Healthline (@Healthline) Fwd: Men: Stop Worrying About This in Bed. How To Make Natural Viagra Using Only 2 Ingredients.