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"Blue Ocean is UAE's leading management training and consulting company with strong presence in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, India and Sri Lanka. It specializes in designing professional training courses that help bridge the gap between infrastructure and knowledge in a fast-paced information-based economy. "

Project Management Professional (PMP®) for Carving out Project Managers. Are you a fresher or an experienced person ambitious to become a project manager?

Project Management Professional (PMP®) for Carving out Project Managers

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, come in pace and show the standard of over 7.5 lakhs project managers spread across the world. Certification in Project Management Professional training is seen as a golden tag for a project management expert. Nevertheless of your career stage, Project Management Professional(PMP®) Training is a valuable gift that can be obtained while pursuing your career in the job market and helps to enhance the credibility and handle large teams while working as a project manager in the workplace.

Recognition PMP is a globally recognized certification if you have the intention to become a project manager, whether you are from any field or industry in job or in academics. Earning Potential Advantage for the Employers If you are a PMP certificate holder, employer hiring you will also get an added advantage. Organizational Benefits. Certified International Supply Chain Manager for Career Growth. Certified supply chain manager is a certified training course which offers a classroom mode of study to the candidates worldwide started especially for the logistics professionals as well as for freshers which would help them to carve out an exciting career.

Certified International Supply Chain Manager for Career Growth

It is equivalent to a what is called a prestigious qualification tag behind your name and is recognized all over the world. Owning this certification will help you as a fresher or professional to learn new skills and innovations to deal with modern shipping methods and distribution methods. In the present scenario of the global market, the demand is being replaced by heads of enterprises from the mere presence of logistics where you can define and create new processes and make sure that they are consistent with all new procedures. Career Advancement Areas. Gain the Freight Forwarding Professional Skills Imprinted on your Resume. Freight forwarders throughout the world plan and execute all type of transportation modes.

Gain the Freight Forwarding Professional Skills Imprinted on your Resume

They have a wide variety of responsibilities to be carried out like researching routes, making arrangements for shipments and monitoring its rates and providing quotes to customers, managing transportation documentation etc. Freight forwarders have to communicate closely with shippers, carriers, packaging companies, warehouses, government agencies and financial institutions. Collaboration between the freight forwarders has to be intact to ensure that the freight is forwarded and delivered on time to the recipient. Employers across the globe who hire for these professionals prefer a certification in shipping and freight forwarding in their resume. To acquire the expertise in the domain to execute daily tasks in a hassle free manner, Blue Ocean offers shipping and freight forwarding course to the candidates. Certified Purchasing Professional & Manager: Way for Career Advancement.

A Certification in Purchasing management oversee all the facets of procurement in an organization, wholesale or a retail company.

Certified Purchasing Professional & Manager: Way for Career Advancement

They have a wide variety of activities to be accomplished hiring, training and coordination such as purchasing agents, buyers who are fully involved in buying products. They also handle discrepancies related to service of their products and for that, they have to negotiate with the contractors to successfully find the solution. After the purchase, they have to maintain the records of the inventory and makes sure the business has all the stock ready. Six Sigma Green Belt Certification for Career Enhancement. Undergoing a training and earning six sigma certification has a long term benefit on your career.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification for Career Enhancement

Six sigma green belt training program offer you an all new career with a higher payment. Six sigma prove its benefits in any organization. The methodology was adopted by Motorola in 1986. The impact has led to being adopted by many companies later in different industries and more youths being attracted towards six sigma certified. But how will the training help you? Certified Supply Chain Manager: A Better Career Prospect. An Insight into Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager. Certified contract manager training from a recognized institute can supply a rewarding career for you.

An Insight into Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager

The course is chiefly meant for international business practitioners and students who have an intention to become a contract manager and wishes to enhance their commercial contracts management skill. A commercial contracts management training promises that the candidate will be eligible to work in the post of commercial contract manager at international level. Advantages of Certification in Human Resource Management.

Append value to your organization and career by undergoing a Certification in Human Resource management which act as a synonym for success in the field of human resource management.

Advantages of Certification in Human Resource Management

Owning this certification enables you to grasp the advanced concept of how to handle HR operations for better prospects of your company. Following are some of the benefits you enjoy by enrolling in this course certification. Increase Knowledge & Skills A CHRM training program can help build a person’s overall understanding of different managerial aspects of HR activities like performance appraisals, HR policies development, budgeting in HR, job analysis and descriptions, ROI on training etc with added responsibilities like hiring staffs tactfully and dealing with various issues post-hiring like remunerations, performance analysis etc. Better Job Prospects. Opportunities you Gain from Certified Office Administrator Course. Any kind of business whether it is a small scale, medium scale or large scale, an Certified office administration Training is a must to work behind the business.

Opportunities you Gain from Certified Office Administrator Course

A certified office administrator is one of the most sought out jobs in the world with almost all the businesses requiring a need for the role from creative to corporate level. The role is quite advantageous providing various features like job security, a chance to work in a diverse environment and a good on-start training is imparted to the candidates so as to enable them to reach good heights in career. It can be valued as one of the most popular jobs in the industry. Features of a Certified Office Administrator Manager To be an excellent office administrator, the person should have vigorous organizational skills, efficient, quick grasping capability, task handling capabilities and be able to work independently without any support.

Benefit from Centre of Excellence in CIPS. Chartered institute of procurement and supply provides approved courses to shape your path in purchasing, supply chain, contract management & buying roles.

Benefit from Centre of Excellence in CIPS

Candidates who are keen towards procurement and supply chain field can greatly benefit from the course when going to the industry level of the profession. A quality experience can be gained by undergoing the course from our institute. Some of the fields like Aerospace, Food, Nuclear, Chemicals, NHS/Healthcare and Oil & Gas make maximum use of this certified candidates to practice different procurement methods. CIPS Certification course collides with industrial standards and gives a real-time experience to the candidates in performing when going to the industrial level. Following are some of the advantages of carrying out a course in CIPS that give in depth understanding of different sectors of specialization which help you fulfill your career goals.

Recognized Worldwide. Prepare to Become a Project Management Professional! Project Management Professional training gives an in depth idea of how to manage and execute a project is its main goal.

Prepare to Become a Project Management Professional!

General practice of how it can be done is specialized in PMP® Training and the candidates who have keen on managing projects have a good scope. Who all should attend the program? The program is suitable for those having on job training in managing various projects. However, freshers with an interest in the field can also go for pmp certification courses. Be an Expert in Shipping Management Through International Certification. Whatever your domain be, an opinion received from an expert is the current trend for choosing any kind of service. These outlooks are similar to that of a google search where multiple judgments are taken into priority to choose the best from the rest. Freight forwarding services are not excluded but taken into account on this subject too.

Essential Supply Chain International Certifications For Professionals. Numerous certifications float around the professional arena for those who are looking for a jump in their career to do more challenging tasks in the supply chain area. These certifications does a inventive task of rendering the professionals into a more suitable candidate for the job market. Benefits of Earning a Certified International Supply Chain Manager Position? Supply Chain Certification got from a reputed firm will minimize the learning curve and help get into a more practical form of approach towards various supply chain matters and also with that you will get an all round idea about how to diagnose them in a much effective manner.

How a certification helps apart from your technical abilities? Of course, critical thinking skills can be enhanced deeply but apart from that supply chain management program can raise your mental capacity to choose the best practice from the list of many and also raises your confidence level to compete with the current business strategies and stay ahead. Mould yourself to a Certified Purchasing Professional Manager. Who is a Purchasing Manager ? Purchasing managers are the ones who observes and directs the procurement activities of any kind of business whether it is a retail or wholesale. They are solely responsible for hiring, training and synchronizing the entire activities of buyers, purchasing agents or the sellers to keep in pace with the current standards to upkeep the business in the right direction.

They manage contracts with the suppliers and are accountable to clear out any kind of discrepancy that occurs in the midst of the journey. After the purchase is over, they maintains a clear-cut record of each level so that they can help their business to stack on top of the inventory. There are lots of certification courses in purchase management which can help you reach the feat. Educational Qualification Needed. Outstanding Courses for Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Certifications. The Six Sigma process evaluates the total number of defects in a process and eliminates those systematically such that they are not more than 3.4 per million opportunities. This helps in achieving near-perfect products. The business world recognizes that Six Sigma professionals know how to streamline business processes and eliminate unnecessary expenses to foster growth. So, many firms around the world offer Six Sigma training and certification to their employees.

Individual professionals also take up this training and certification to stand out from the crowd. There are the Six Sigma White Belt, the Six Sigma Yellow Belt, the Six Sigma Green Belt, the Six Sigma Black Belt, and the Six Sigma Master Black Belt courses available. Importance of Contract Management Certification for Efficient Career Improvement. A company that need to arrange formal business agreements with another company often employs one or more contract managers. The role of these managers is to coordinate the deal-making process and ensure that both parties know their deliverables, rights and responsibilities. The legally binding nature of the field requires that its professionals are highly knowledgeable and skilled in every particular of commercial contract management.

So, it is important for Commercial Contract Managers Training and certification. One of the esteemed certifications for aspiring contract managers is the CICCM (Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager) certification offered by the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI). Here is more info in this regard. Become a Human Resource Professional with Short Term HR Management Coaching. A survey found that HR certified professionals earn more money than their uncertified counterparts. Their pay difference is more apparent in higher level management positions than in the lower ones. Two Prestigious Certifications for Purchasing Professionals. Certifications enhance one’s skills, knowledge and understanding; widen one’s job opportunities; make one highly esteemed in the organization he or she is working for; and increases one’s salary.

Get Trained by Leading Academics for Becoming a Certified Purchase Professional. Premier Logistics and Supply Chain Courses for Career Opportunities. In the past few years, the importance of logistics and Supply Chain Management Training has seen significant growth. This is because, every industry needs to effectively and efficiently obtain goods, store and dispatch those. Adding Value to your Career with Project Management Certifications. Perfect Training Atmosphere to get Six Sigma Certification. The importance for the disciplined, data-driven approach to achieve near-perfect products- called Six Sigma, has gained lots of importance over the past two decades.

It has maintained its dominance over all other quality improvements techniques because of the flexibility that it offers. Companies across diverse industries all over the world opt to hire Six Sigma Belts- the Six Sigma certified professionals. So, numerous candidates want to get Six Sigma certified. Contract Management Courses for Effective Employment Growth. Earlier, the profession of purchasing and supply management involved only sending out purchasing orders. Now, it has evolved a lot to include making and managing comprehensive contracts with tactical suppliers.

Impressive Office Administration Training Programs. To be a successful in office administration, good knowledge in software, office practices and human relations is essential. Short Term HR Management Coaching to Become Human Resource Professional. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has estimated that there will be a 9% increase in the demand for human resource professionals by 2024.

Become a Certified Purchase Professional under Leading Academies. Advanced Training Programs in Supply Chain Management. CIPS Certifications in Procurement and Supply. The Best Certification in the Career Path of Project Management. Certification in Shipping and Freight Forwarding Professional. Certifications in Procurement and Supply Operations From CIPS. Learn Six Sigma For Your Career in Quality Improvement.

Why Should You Be a Certified Purchasing Professional? Personal, Professional and Career Benefits of HR Certifications. Get Certified In Shipping And Freight Forwarding. Is It Really Worthy For Professionals To Get Pmp Certified? The Evolving Role of a Contract Manager. 8 SKILLS PURCHASING PROFESSIONALS REQUIRE. Benefits of Human Resource Certification for your Career. 5 Career Benefits of Becoming a CMA. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Programs. 6 Career Benefits of Taking up Supply Chain Management Programs. Short Duration Courses in Purchasing.

Fast Track CPP CPPM Certification Benefits. Why Get Six Sigma Green Belt Certified? Benefits of Getting CHRP Certified. Benefits of Becoming a Certified Professional Purchasing Manager. 6 Advantages of Getting CISCP and CISCM Certified at One Go. Why Become a Certified Human Resource Manager? How Can CSFFP Program Benefit Airport and Port Operators?

6 Benefits of Getting CICCM Certified. The Benefits of Becoming a Certified Management Accountant. Top Benefits of Becoming a Certified Purchasing Professional. CISCP and CISCM Certification for Busy Professionals. The Advantages of Becoming a CISCP. PMP PROGRAM – BENEFITS. Should I Opt for a PMP Certification Course? Free Seminar on Project Management - Dubai. Leading High Performance Teams Program. Supply Chain Professional Training. Why Should you take up the CISCP Program? Certified International Supply Chain Manager CISCM Training. Certified Management Accountant Training CMA Certification Course Dubai UAE. Short Courses in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Advantages of a Career in Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

Human Resource Certification Training UAE. Logistics And Supply Chain Management Training. Testimonial 34 - Certified Human Resource Manager (CHRM) / Professional (CHRP) Training Dubai UAE. Planning and Organizing Skills Training for Corporates Dubai UAE. Certification in Change Management UAE. Certified Supply Chain Professional Manager Course Training Saudi Arabia. Strategic Management Planning & Decision Making Training Program UAE.

Blue Ocean Academy.