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Custom Homes Vs Ready-Made Homes – What’s Your Decision? Choosing among home builders can a bit complex when it comes to evaluating their experience, track-record, and their overall eye towards design and quality of home experience that they provide.

Custom Homes Vs Ready-Made Homes – What’s Your Decision?

And so the conversation between the developer and you become more about whether you should go for custom homes or ready-made homes, which, of course, comes at a certain price – your money, and your investment of time and effort in a credible home builder, to meet your desired expectations of your version of dream home. Let’s unpack a bit about Custom Homes and Ready-made homes, to help you arrive at an agreeable decision of choosing the right option. Custom homes are an appraised version of homes as they are built with a superior quality of materials based on the building plan chosen by you and your home builder. The best part? They are built from scratch – making you flexible in choosing your appropriate home options and what goes into building a unique and one-of-a-kind uniquely designed home.

From Paper to Paperless – Evolution of Architectural Working Drawings. BluEnt creates a precise set of construction documents that help them to exceed their client’s expectations. Construction documentation forms the foundation of any structure or commercial buildings.

BluEnt creates a precise set of construction documents that help them to exceed their client’s expectations

These blueprints, now created digitally, are significantly relied upon to facilitate the entire construction process. Construction Documentation – 3 Elements which make your Documents Stand Out. Challenges in construction documentation and ways to overcome them. Documents are the most significant constituent of a construction project.

Challenges in construction documentation and ways to overcome them

They have to be managed throughout the construction period as they hold every minute detail of the project. In the olden days, the maintenance of project documents was done manually. However, with technology and its advancements taking the industry by a storm, the documents are now computerized and being managed in a more methodical and systematic way. The construction projects are becoming more complex than ever. Resolving Common Design Rework Issues in Construction Documentation. iOS vs Android App Development Comparison for Startups. Today, BluEnt finally addresses the age-old question: iOS or Android?

iOS vs Android App Development Comparison for Startups.

With the app economy projecting to double to $101 billion by 2020, startups and enterprises are scrambling to find out where they fit in this global phenomenon. After all, a healthcare mobile application and a social media app will have completely different user bases, development needs, and costs that need to be taken into account when choosing which platform to use.

In this article, we’ve created a comprehensive iOS vs Android comparison to help you make the decision with confidence. Ready to get started? iOS vs Android Users When it comes to iOS vs Android market share, Android is by far the winner. Apple typically attracts customers who show higher levels of engagement and more spending per app. iOS vs Android Customization Since Android uses an open source operating system, it provides developers with deeper access. The top benefits of 3D laser scanning procured by BluEnt. There is a heap of analysis options and uncountable benefits available in 3D laser scanning that makes it a very captivating technology in the AEC industry.

The top benefits of 3D laser scanning procured by BluEnt

Scan to BIM is a process of securing, capturing and analysing 3D data of any physical object or real world environment. With the use of this advanced technology the architectural firms have been able to capture excruciatingly detailed data of physical objects in both external and internal forms. A detailed survey of even the most complex architectural structures is possible with the help of 3D laser scanning. With the invention of both contemporary software and hardware outputs, the quotation of scanning oriented services has reduced quite a bit.

Outsourcing MEP BIM Solutions: The Benefits for Business. BluEnt creates construction drawings in the most effortless forms. Construction drawings are a significant part of every project in the architecture world.

BluEnt creates construction drawings in the most effortless forms

Without these plans the construction process cannot be initiated. These working drawings are needed and used at every step of the construction projects. Whether a client wants to renovate his home or build a new space altogether, working drawings shows what needs to be renovated or built. BluEnt creates construction drawings in the most effortless forms. Tips to Help Architectural Consultants Companies Get Business. Creating outstanding 3D brochures with BluEnt. Digitization has had a significant impact in the marketing world today.

Creating outstanding 3D brochures with BluEnt

Every industry and organization is utilizing it for brand awareness and promotion. The real estate industry is slowly adapting digitization and valuing its importance as an effective marketing strategy. Some companies have already embraced digital media campaigns as one of the marketing tools. The developers in the real estate sector have started using Facebook and Twitter to reach their potential clients. Millwork Design Trends for Hospitality Lobbies in 2017. How to Get High Quality Shop Drawings without Spending a Fortune. Staying present in the modern market requires a lot of creativity from the business owner.

How to Get High Quality Shop Drawings without Spending a Fortune

The point is to have as many satisfied customers who will grow fond of your business. Even though it sounds easy to achieve, it is actually quite challenging, as many businesses around the globe are giving their best to create a community of satisfied customers behind them. Among many ways to overcome this challenge, one proven method is by using high quality shop drawings for your business. To easily achieve these goals, a good idea is to hire professionals from BluEnt, who can easily complete this task and deliver breathtaking designs.

Another reason why you should rely on a professional is to avoid common problems such as problems with meeting deadlines, incorrect information that creates incorrect designs and miscommunication. Here are some alternative methods you can rely on as well.Online research. Custom Millwork Staircase Ideas. Enterprise Mobility: Tips for Cost-Effective Solutions. Maybe you’re interested in bringing enterprise mobility to your company, but you can’t justify the price you’ve been quoted.Maybe you’ve already implemented enterprise apps, but don’t feel like you’re getting the ROI you expected.

Enterprise Mobility: Tips for Cost-Effective Solutions

Regardless of where you stand, one question all IT heads have to ask is this: How can I get the greatest employee productivity out of my budget? In this article, we’ll show how to answer this question through enterprise mobile app solutions. Choose Cross-Platform Development Cross-platform mobile app development is perfect for BYOD companies, as it enables all employees to gain access to enterprise applications regardless of which device they’re using. Not only is this an efficient way to facilitate collaboration, it also spares you substantial costs.

Creating synchronicity in a restaurant through millwork design. People love food and in this age of experimentation, they are always on the run to try new things.

Creating synchronicity in a restaurant through millwork design

They love experimenting with food and restaurants. Thus, it is safe to say that when it comes to food and restaurant people are ‘big experimenters’. When defining a restaurant’s success the biggest benchmark is the repeated visits from their loyal customers. However, today food is not the only component attracting customers to restaurants. They want a package that includes – the ambience created by people, lighting, layout and food.

Here is the irony: the restaurant designs, layout and lighting do not get undivided attention but don’t forget that they definitely don’t go unnoticed. The importance of 3D rendering for clients. 3D rendering has become an integral part of the construction industry for many years now. Engineers, architects and designers rely on the 3D models that are unbeatably accurate to build future homes for their clients. There was a time when they would depend on their drawings and 2D models however it would not help them to overcome challenges and finish their home projects in a stipulated amount of time. Sometimes it would even mean ‘wastage’ of both time and money which would be disheartening and a reputation-spoiler at the same time.

Today, the homebuilders create a win-win situation for themselves through 3D rendering. 7 Benefits of Outsourcing Construction Documentation for Construction Firms. The importance of architectural documentation in the construction and design process. Scan to BIM drastically changing the construction industry. If we clock back into the recent past, there have been a handful of innovative and exciting technological advancements in the construction industry.

An industry that used to be reluctant to adopt new and interesting methods of conducting the same processes are now showing a keen interest in embracing it. The reason being, it has not only been enhancing productivity but also allows them to find that competitive edge. How to tackle BIM implementation. With the construction industry and organizations realizing the worth of BIM (Business Information Modeling) are forming strategies for BIM adoption. Hence, BIM is now replacing the conventional and historic ways of building, designing and operating facilities. By using data-driven software and applications the construction firms are being able to streamline and collaborate work processes throughout the life cycle of every project. This novel product has the ability to facilitate the most cost-effective ways of producing constructive problem solving, efficacious communication and a swifter construction process.

5 Benefits of Sustainable Loft Conversions for Homeowners and the World. The significance of 3D rendering in architecture. This is technology’s brightest supernova era. There have been innumerous technological advancements in the software industry. New Architectural Technologies Entering the Building Industry. New Architectural Technologies Entering the Building Industry.

Casework and millwork design trends in the corporate environment. There has been a huge shift in the way offices used to be designed 20 years back. The corporate and work environment has seen a humongous change in the past few years, which is changing the definition of what millwork or casework is all about. The offices do not appreciate the rigid and closed layouts anymore; they prefer more spacious layouts with windows and daylight flowing into their workspaces. However since they still need a certain amount of privacy and isolated time, too many windows can lead to more noise from the outside and expand sightlines. Digitization revolutionizing the construction industry. Digitization is significantly changing the way any business is done in every sector and field today. The 3D printing revolution reaping countless benefits: make your designs come to life. Understanding the First-time Canadian Homebuyer.

Interior Design Trends We’ll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2017 – Blog. Interior Design Trends We’ll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2017 – Blog. Enumerating the quintessential one: AutoCAD vs. Revit or both: ‘A boisterous competition’ 6 Ways to Save Money on Kitchen Remodelling – Blog. The prerequisites of millwork shop drawings that can give your construction business an enormous boost. In any complex construction project, millwork is an extremely significant component for any kind of interior work.

Building the Future: How to Spot the Latest Trends in Architecture – Blog. The beauty of Augmented Reality: Fogging the lines between the real and the computer world in the construction industry. The Most Iconic Visualization Styles in Modern Architecture – Blog. Technology overhauling the architecture industry: Turning unobtainable futuristic views and ideas into reality. Insider Tips for Successful CAD Outsourcing – Blog.

Aging gracefully in your homes…Make it your own remodeling trend. People don’t renovate or remodel their homes with changing seasons. Usually their homes look the same for years in proportions and size unless they believe in making frequent additions. Why You Need to Up Your Social Media Strategy for 2017 – How To Prove: Design Is Not The Way It Looks, But The Way It Works. The famous quote: “Design is not the way it looks but the way it works.” was coined by none other than Steve Jobs. BluEnt’s Guide to Creating Photorealistic 3D Renderings – Blog. REVIT: The latest innovation in BIM... taking programming to the next level. How to Avoid Home Renovation Mistakes with CAD – Blog.

To Outsource Or Not To Outsource Cad? Your home is a reflection of your lives…craft a space that defines you. Revit vs AutoCAD: Pros & Cons for Architectural Visualization – Blog. Six Trends Shaping the Future of Residential Design – Blog. A computing evolution: construction of error-free and top-quality drawings. 1 Chief Ability That Defines An Architect’s Success. Creating A BIM Environment – Intelligence On Your Fingertips. Architectural Rendering: How to Achieve the Right Look for your Building – Blog. Why Outsourcing CAD Drawings Is Better for Business? – Blog. 3D Rendering Brings Your Future Home Or Workspace To Life – Live In It Before You Own It! The Lighter Side Of Being An Architect. 4 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Hire An Architect.

Sajeel Khanna, SVP, BluEnt featured in edition of Architecture Update, June 2016. BluEntCAD: Your Preferred Outsourcing Partner For Millwork Drawings. Get Virtual 3D Drafters On An Hourly Basis From Our Outsourcing Studio. Construction Documentation Services. 4 Signs You Have What It Takes To Be An Architect. 3D Architectural Rendering Mix: A Marketing Opportunity For Home Builders And Developers. 4 Magical Ways Of Using 3D Modeling. Number One Reason To Outsource Architectural CAD Services. Revamping the construction procurement process with better construction documentation drawings.

CAD Drafting Outsourcing Services. I don’t know but I’ll find out. Molding & Millwork Industry Gets a New Lease of Life. Rise of Prefab Offsite Construction Creates Opportunities for Millwork Industry. 3d Architectural Visualization. Virtual Gets Real for The AEC Industry! Architectural CAD Drafters. BluEntCAD Strengthens Presence in the Australian AEC Industry. BluEntCAD Announces 3D Product Modeling Packages for Australian Furniture Manufacturers. Global Rendering Firm. BluEntCAD Partners with an Award Winning Architecture Firm in New York City.

5 "Game Changing" Methods for Rendering Home Elevations. Construction Drawings: When To Outsource, When To Do It In-House. BluEntCAD Enters Into Partnership with Shop Drawings Outsourcing Leader RevitServices. Millwork Drafting Services Houston. Shop Drawings Outsourcing Texas. Outsourcing 3D Rendering Texas. Convert CAD to Revit. Chief Architect Drafting Outsourcing. 3D Rendering Canada, Architectural Rendering, 3D Visualization Canada. 3D Rendering Services Toronto. 3D Architectural Rendering Toronto. Revit Drawings and Modeling. Vectorworks CAD Drawings.