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Blue Mail Media provides customized B2B email and mailing lists configured as per industry, geographic regions, demographics, size of the prospective market and so on. With a motive to support your sales and marketing teams in the lead generation process, Blue Mail Media maintains a rich directory of decision makers across all industries and provides marketers with complete access to information to reach out to their prospects via emails, physical mails or telephone.

Librarians Email List - Librarian Mailing List - Librarian Database. Why Marketers Must Take Content Marketing More Seriously? [Infographic] Quality content is the backbone of any brand that wishes to establish a strong presence over the Internet.

Why Marketers Must Take Content Marketing More Seriously? [Infographic]

Your content marketing strategy defines your success to a large extent as it’s the prime fuel for brand building, lead generation and sales. Here are some stats that show why having a content strategy is inevitable in 2017 and the years to follow. 86% of B2B marketers and 77% of B2C marketers use content marketing. (Source: Content Marketing Institute) 72% of marketers worldwide said relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic according in a June 2015 report from Ascend2.

A Four Step Strategy To Optimize Your Website And Boost Your Leads. Digital Marketing Can Become a Key Propeller of B2B Real Estate Deals. Real Estate Marketing is a lot different in the B2C space than in the B2B model.

Digital Marketing Can Become a Key Propeller of B2B Real Estate Deals

While it is considerably easy to sell individual property units to home buyers, selling commercial spaces, industrial space and residential spaces to business organizations is a lot more challenging reasoned to the bigger size of deals and the corresponding risks involved. See the Infographic: How Do Home Buyers Search Their Dream Homes Using the Digital Media Other than offline promotions, here are few strategies that marketers, realtors, agents and other stakeholders may use to generate considerable demand for their offerings especially using digital media: Five Best Practices to Test Your Marketing Email, A/B Testing. So you think you have the best email template and are ready to kick off your email campaigns?

Five Best Practices to Test Your Marketing Email, A/B Testing

Probably you should wait a little more. It’s not what you feel about your email message. Equipment Manufacturers Email List. Climbing the C-Level Ladder an All Time Challenge for Marketers. When it comes to B2B marketing, the biggest challenge that sales and marketing teams face is reaching out to the senior level business executives who hold decision-making power in terms of purchases that an organization makes.

Climbing the C-Level Ladder an All Time Challenge for Marketers

Unlike the B2C space where you have a considerably large market base and you sometimes have the privilege to try the hit and miss approach, B2B marketing needs a more sophisticated approach and an immense amount of patience. The C-Level Executives such as the CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, CTO, CSO, CAO and many others always live in the busy zone and it’s really hard for marketers to reach them. Marketers go through a long chain of communication to finally getting an appointment with the concerned decision maker. In the process, they pass through multiple junior level executives and keep repeating the same thing to climb up the ladder and have a word with the main authority. A lot of times, the message you wish to deliver gets diluted or even takes a completely new shape.

Beware of Fake Data Vendors While Investing in a Mailing List. Oh yes!

Beware of Fake Data Vendors While Investing in a Mailing List

Fake data really exists. A lot of marketers get overwhelmed when they are investing into mailing lists thinking it will help them generate plenty of business for their organization. However, a lot of times, things don’t go the way they expect. Since they fail to do enough research while selecting their database vendor, they are often handed with a low-quality list that is full of incorrect customer names, invalid phone numbers, and imaginative mailing addresses. B2B Marketing: How to Reach Key Decision-Makers and C-Level Executives. If you are a marketer operating in the B2B space, reaching out to the C-Level Executives and professionals who directly or indirectly influence the purchases of your target businesses is one of the most challenging tasks.

B2B Marketing: How to Reach Key Decision-Makers and C-Level Executives

Engaging with key decision makers is not easy as there are multiple gatekeepers and junior level executives that you need to pass through before you can finally interact with the relevant person. In the whole process, many times, the message gets lost and does not make the impact you were expecting. Cutting through the red tape and getting past the gatekeepers is a tough job.

Marketers need to be extra cautious while approaching B2B executives and should not be very pushy in their approach. Changing Paradigms of Marketing in the Age of Virtual Interactions. Just about two decades ago, being social was being around friends physically.

Changing Paradigms of Marketing in the Age of Virtual Interactions

With the advent of social media, the scenario has changed completely and being social today is more about our virtual presence on various digital media platforms. Whether it’s a boon or bane is a debate for another day, it has surely been a magic wand for marketers who wish to promote their brands and effectively park the same in their consumers’ minds. While B2C marketers have used social media brilliantly, B2B marketers too are picking up the momentum.

Recently, The State of Inbound Marketing report stated that more professionals are turning to Facebook for information on how to grow their business and connect with other brands. 74% of people surveyed are using Facebook for professional purposes as compared to 78% of participants using LinkedIn for professional reasons. 4 Things Data Resellers Must Keep in Mind While Choosing a Data Vendor. Virginia Business Mailing List. North Carolina Business Mailing List. How Business Enterprises Can Discover Greater Opportunities in the Education Sector. The last decade saw an unprecedented rise in the number of businesses enterprises that support the education industry and allied institutions by offering various solutions and services.

How Business Enterprises Can Discover Greater Opportunities in the Education Sector

From providing recruitment services, security services, transport services, to providing high-end school automation software, ERP, CRM, Digital Education solutions and more, these organizations have changed the face of education globally. However, the education industry is underserved and presents thousands of opportunities to those who can enable better management of educational institutes and contribute to raising the quality of education with modern solutions, software, and services.

However, a large number of educational institutes are still relying on traditional practices and there is a huge knowledge gap that needs to be bridged. May The Data Force Be With You. The nearly 400 years old phrase – ‘Knowledge is Power’ still remains highly relevant.

May The Data Force Be With You

In the era where data has become the new unit of life, a businessman or a marketer cannot do a thing without it. They are well aware that consumer is the only god they need to serve, and the only way to understand what the god needs is to see, understand and act on the basis of data. In the B2B space, business enterprises and marketers can only succeed if they have the right data by their side.

B2B Marketing is very different from B2C marketing in terms of target audience, the channel of communication, accessibility to customers and so on. Thus, to successfully make connections in the B2B space and explore new opportunities for revenue, it is important to be equipped with marketing database that best serves your Omni-channel or multi-channel marketing campaign requirements.

Now how will you get this data? This International Workers’ Day, Get More Compliant to Labor Laws. Ignorance of the law is no excuse!

This International Workers’ Day, Get More Compliant to Labor Laws

Complying with labor laws brings mutual benefits for both an organization and its employees and contributes to society as a whole. Some people believe that breaking a law is an act of valor. However, when they get caught, they realize what they considered to be brave was actually an act of stupidity. While some people know the laws and still cross the red line, there are others who have limited understanding of the law and accidently go over the line.

Whatever be the case, ignorance of law is no excuse. Medical Marketing Database. Chief Information Officers Email Database. Chief Technology Officers Database. Capitalize on Marketing Returns with Targeted Mailing Lists. In today’s competitive business world, effective marketing strategy is the foundation of every business organization. Regardless of the size of the business, marketing a product or a service not only needs meticulous planning and execution, but also the right methodology. While print media and broadcast media are really popular methods, the cost of implementation remains a challenge, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Another method which is popular, effective, as well as budget friendly, is direct marketing. Through direct marketing, a marketer can connect with consumers who are interested in certain products/ services that your company offers.

Direct marketing can enable you to market your company’s products/services without bearing huge expenses, unlike the traditional marketing media. CMO Mailing List - Chief Marketing Officers Email Database. Our CMO Database gives you access to all the relevant information to reach your target market via telephone, mail or email. Additionally, it eliminates the need to pass through junior level executives who many times come as barriers to the smooth flow of communication. We also believe that each business is unique in the way it functions and has different priorities, challenges, and goals. This is why, other than the pre-packaged Chief Marketing Officers Mailing List, we also offer to create customized list based on your business specific preferences.

Having a well-established presence across USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and other parts of the world, Blue Mail Media’s global network of data partners enables us to serve clients beyond geographical constraints. Our team of data scientists, analysts, and experts constantly dig out the most qualitative data to power your multi-channel marketing strategies. Dentists Mailing List. Chief Administrative Officers Email Addresses. Meeting Planners & Coordinators Database. How to Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate and Improve Its Marketability.

Bounce rate indicates the percentage of visitors who come to your website and leave without viewing any other page. A high bounce rate means that a website is not able to retain its visitors and is not able to generate any interest among the visitors about the products, services, or content as displayed or published on the website. While there could be hundreds of reasons why your website’s bounce rate, there are few primary factors that can be taken care to reduce the bounce rates and increase the marketability of the website.

Set Your Targets Right You cannot completely eliminate the bounce rate. Depending on the nature of your business and the kinds of products or services that you display on your website, the bounce rate may differ. Attract the Right Audience to Your Website Improve User Experience and the Overall Feel of the Website. How To Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Business. Salesforce Users List - List of Companies Using Salesforce CRM. Vice President Marketing Database. As Blue Mail Media gives you complete access to reach your target prospects via email, mail or telephone, you can avoid numerous junior level executives who come in your way to connect with the targeted person. Our Vice Presidents Mailing List is highly reliable and can unlock seamless interactions between you and your market.

Also, you can avail our pre-packaged VP Email Database or you can request a customized list based on your business and marketing specific goals. Blue Mail Media houses a proficient team that leaves no stone unturned in providing organizations with qualitative data that never fails to help you achieve the desired results. Furthermore, our data partners network spread across USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, North America, Australia strengthens us to help you in a ‘glocalised’ way – global yet local. Small and Medium Sized Business Owners List. B2B Email Marketing Leads. Hong Kong Email List - Hong Kong Mailing List - Hong Kong Sales Leads. Why Entrepreneurs Must Learn To Use Marketing Data Early On?

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, when Thomas Sikki, started his first business as a healthcare equipments supplier, the biggest challenge in front of him was to identify potential customers to promote his offerings and generate considerable sales. There are thousands of budding entrepreneurs like Thomas Sikki who are trying to make it big but have no clue how and where to start from. Reasoned to this, a huge number of businesses do not even reach their Break Even Points and meet an unfortunate destiny. Thousands of start-ups do not fail because their ideas do not click or the market is too crowded for them to flourish, they fail because they fail to market their business the right way. At the embryonic stage when a start-up has hardly any reputation to display, a well-thought out marketing plan can really do wonders.

However, an entrepreneur should know that the fuel for an excellent marketing strategy is high quality data. CFO Email List - Chief Financial Officers Mailing List. Chief Security Officers Database. Librarian Mailing List. Surgeon Mailing List. How Live Chat Helps You in Your B2B Lead Generation Efforts. Live chat is a usual feature in most B2B websites these days.

The feature allows marketers to communicate directly with visitors who are visiting a particular web page and know their exact requirements and concerns. It is undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways to generate leads as it enables customers to get a clear picture of the products, solutions or services they are interested in. Also, they can negotiate with the online support staff and initiate the buying process as soon as possible rather than the usual email communication which consumes significant time. Below are some of the reasons how voice chat contributes to your lead generation efforts: Live chat is instant. Live chat has numerous benefits. Missouri Business Mailing List. Washington Business Mailing List. Manufacturing Industry Mailing List - Printing, Textile Email List. IT Decision Makers Mailing List - Software Engineers Email List. Get customized IT Executives Email List, IT Decision Makers Mailing List, and IT Telemarketing list to reach your targeted IT Companies and decision makers in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Middle East, South Africa and Asia.

Attorney Email List - Lawyers Mailing List - Email List of Law Firms. Pharmaceutical Mailing list. How Poor Data Management Impedes Your Marketing Success. HR Email List - HR Executives, HR Managers, HR Directors, VP of Human Resources. Hospital Mailing List - Hospital Email Address List - Hospital Marketing Database. Nurse Email List - Registered Nurses Email Addresses - Nurses Mailing List. Adobe Users Email Database. .NET Users Mailing List Email. COO Email List - COO Mailing List - Chief Operating Officers Email Database. JD Edwards Users Email List - List of Companies Using JD Edwards. Food and Beverage Industry Email List - Email List of F & B Companies. Oil and Gas Industry Email List - Email List of Oil and Gas Companies. Overcoming the Big Data Challenge in Your Data-Driven Marketing. Marketing decisions today cannot be based on mere instincts or gut feeling.

Data holds immense value especially when customers interact with a brand through multiple touch-points and through multiple ways. With digital becoming the way of life, consumers interact with a brand across multiple touch-points in several different ways. SugarCRM Users List - Email List of Companies Using SugarCRM. Texas Business Mailing List. Florida Business Mailing List. Accountant Email List - CPA Email Addresses - Database of Accountants. CEO Email List - CEO Mailing List - CEO Telemarketing List. Physicians Email List - Doctors Mailing List - Physicians Email Addresses. Linux Users Mailing List. Healthcare Mailing List: Nurses, Physicians, Doctors Email List. Travel & Tourism Mailing List - Email List of Tour/Travel Operators/Agents. Oil and Gas Industry Email List - Email List of Oil and Gas Companies.

Look Beyond Numbers, Track Customer Sentiments. The marketing fraternity is so fascinated about numbers that they don’t look beyond leads, graphs, and charts. A rising number of website traffic is not an indication of customer satisfaction. And sometimes, in the race to achieve these numbers, they completely ignore the fact that the main objective of marketing is to generate positive sentiments for a brand and turn the same into a profitable business.

For a business to grow and sustain in the long run, it is important to know how they really feel about your brand. Do they just see you as one of the sources of products or services or they see you as their trusted source? In both the cases you may be able to get business, but in the later one, you will see a sustainable growth. Tracking Customer Sentiments Now, tracking customer sentiments on a constant basis could be a huge challenge. Blue Mail Media Warns Customers against Email Spammers. Irving, TX, March 16th, 2017: Blue Mail Media, a leading demand generation company recently issued a warning to its customers to beware of spammers impersonating a fake identity. How Do Home Buyers Search Their Dream Homes Using the Digital Media [Infographic] The use of Internet in home buying process has seen a significant rise in recent years.

How to Create a Unified Marketing Communication Strategy? Clarity of communication is the most important essence of any marketing activity. With the advent of multiple platforms and modes of communication, customers interact with a brand in several ways. This makes it imperative for brands to maintain a unified customer experience across all platforms and ensure that customers are conveyed the right message at the right time. US Business Email List - CEO, CFO, CMO, CTO, CIO, VP Mailing List.

Canada Business Email List. Lawson Software Users Email List. Buying Database Is Not Enough, Clean Up Your Database. QuickBooks Users Email List - Intuit QuickBooks Customers List. Blue Mail Media's Self-Service Support - Support Center. Customized Email Marketing Strategies. Being a Superman in a Call Center. Transportation Industry Email List. ‘The Customer Data Platform’- A New Term in the Digital Hype Cycle. What Is ABM and How Can Marketers Benefit from It? [Infographic] - Blue Mail Media. Follow These Steps to Analyze and Enhance Your B2B Marketing Channel Performance - Blue Mail Media - Blog.

6 Marketing Lessons to Learn From Super Bowl LI - Blue Mail Media - Blog. 10 Do’s and Don’ts of B2B Social Media Marketing - Blue Mail Media. The Relevance of SIC and NAICS Codes: The Past, Present, and Future. QuickBooks Users Mailing List. Increasing Telemarketing Frauds in the U.S Could Hurt Law Abiding Telemarketers. 15 Quotes to Inspire Your Sales and Lead Generation Drive in 2017. Tools That Will Assist you Develop Your Email List - Blue Mail Media. Build Your Email Marketing Contacts list Using a List Broker - Blue Mail Media. 3 More Effective Ways to Develop Your B2B Email Lists - Blue Mail Media. Advantages of a Health Care Provider Database - Blue Mail Media.

Direct Mailing List - FAX Appending. Marketing Mailing List. Blue Mail Media - Mailing Lists.