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Blue Fox Group is built around a culture of "awesomeness." In fact, if we feel like we can't be awesome then we are compromising who we are. We've built our employee community around working towards the common goal of implementing the right technology for you. Whether it's the way we communicate with you, the passion our engineers put into designing your network, or the way we simplify your next cloud configuration, we relentlessly pursue awesome at every single opportunity.

Here Are The Top 3 Business Collaboration Tools of 2020. 5 Reasons to Upgrade from ShoreTel 14.2 to Mitel Connect. Blue Fox Group Shares the Top 3 Business Collaboration Tools in 2020. 5 Ways Technology Will Positively Impact Your Business in 2020. Consider the evolution of the internet and the impact on human connectivity.

5 Ways Technology Will Positively Impact Your Business in 2020

While mobile phone technology emerged as early as 1979, smartphones, fueled by cloud technology, have become an indispensable part of our lives. What does the emergence of technology and the internet have in common? The ability to incrementally connect us with other people and access more information in rapid, easy, and less costly ways.

According to an impressive number of technology predictions that single out the year 2020 as the “greatest year yet” for technology and innovation, it's also going to be a year where we see the impact of technology “connectedness” on and in our businesses. Here, we look at some of the marvels 2020 has in store: 1. Cisco’s chief futurist made the prediction the internet would become more human as the evolution of modern connectivity personalizes every aspect of your online search, displays, and experience. Source: Zephyris via Wikimedia 2.The Cloud of Everything 3. 4. 5. 5 Reasons to Upgrade from ShoreTel 14.2 to Mitel Connect.

Money Saving Methods for Trading Oversized Lease Agreements. As the demand for remote workers continues to increase at an exponential rate, modern workplaces are noticing the shift towards more flexible, collaborative work environments.

Money Saving Methods for Trading Oversized Lease Agreements

Highly educated organizations are positioning themselves ahead of this trend by investing in their technological infrastructure, so that they gain relevancy, attract top talent and secure their organizations for the future, instead of being caught holding onto the past. Whether you prefer a remote workforce or not is becoming more and more inconsequential because the cloud is allowing remote workers to do so much more, remotely. The real reason that remote working agreements are so controversial is that they highlight managerial and employee engagement issues. Management by proximity is being replaced by management through performance. This is a knowledge gap in the market and technology is a key means to bolster employee engagement by using tools that provide access and monitor performance. Private Cloud On Your On-Premise Network. Why Consider Private Over Public Cloud for Your Business Communications?

Private Cloud On Your On-Premise Network

If you work at a bank and taking sensitive customer and account information, a public cloud option may not be for you.If you work at a hospital collecting patient-sensitive data from a mobile phone, a public cloud option may not be for you.If you are an internal IT team managing multiple locations and need the flexibility of the cloud but must maintain strict compliance regulations, the public cloud may not be for you… Unfortunately, for many businesses with multiple offices, mobile workers, and a multitude of different devices, can mean delivering a comprehensive communications solution can be complicated. Businesses today need mobility, reliability, and security from their communications platform.

And it needs to be simple to manage. Thankfully, there is now a solution. IT and Phone Design & Support Packages. Blue Fox Group talks to businesses every day who express their frustration with having to work with so many disparate IT and phone vendors.

IT and Phone Design & Support Packages

To tackle this problem, Blue Fox Group decided to reorganize their product/service offerings to more clearly reflect the 4 different phases that all SMBs progress through when it comes to their IT infrastructure and communication. Blue Fox Group will explain what these different phases are, and how SMBs progress through these different levels as their organization grows. Windows 7 End of Life - Are you ready for it? It's official!

Windows 7 End of Life - Are you ready for it?

Microsoft will discontinue all support on their Windows 7 operating system after January 14, 2020. With a strong recommendation to move to Windows 10 before that time, many users are left wondering what this means and if this will truly impact their use of Windows 7. For this, we have answers. Windows 7 End of Life Q&A: What Does "End of Life" Mean? "End of life" is the date after which an application is no longer supported by the company that makes it. 3 Best Practices for Thwarting Phishing Attacks. Everyday Blue Fox Group is helping small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) thwart cyberattacks and protect their organizations from unnecessary downtime by addressing the most common tactic that cybercriminals use to attack modern workplaces; phishing.

3 Best Practices for Thwarting Phishing Attacks

Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers. According to PhishMe research, “91% of the time, phishing emails are behind successful cyber attacks.” Here are 3 tell-tale signs behind the majority of successful phishing attacks and how mere employee awareness can eliminate the vast majority of this threat from entering an organization. The first sign to look for is the sender’s name in the “From” field of the email. By simply addressing these three initial steps, SMBs can avoid the vast majority of cyberattacks coming at their business. IT Essentials Support. Essential IT Support When You Need It IT Essentials provides you with proactive monitoring and automated maintenance support to keep your IT infrastructure both secure and stable.

IT Essentials Support

IT Essentials comes complete with BFG Security Defender which includes anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-phishing protection, as well as the features shown below: Blue Fox Groups ability to locate, update and monitor your network endpoints for alerts, irregularities, and updates. An RMM agent can be installed on computer equipment, servers, network devices, and even mobile devices, providing:

Choose The Best IT Support package For Your Business. Support - The Way It Was to smart device, equipped with internet, email, calendaring, video, camera and apps – and oh yes, a telephone.

Choose The Best IT Support package For Your Business

We not only rely on our devices (aka technology), but we need them to operate, be entertained and available around the clock. Technology is no longer a luxury in any business. Managed IT Services for Any Sized Organization. Engaging an outside IT managed services providers is no longer a luxury enjoyed only by large corporations in Scottsdale, AZ.

Managed IT Services for Any Sized Organization

Boost Business Growth With Business Wi-Fi. Increasing number of businesses are adopting business Wi-Fi, which in turn is boosting growth of their business.

Boost Business Growth With Business Wi-Fi

How does Wi-Fi help boost growth, you may wonder? Here’s exactly how! As per statistics released by HuffPost, around 50 percent of consumers are more comfortable with making big purchases if in-store Wi-Fi access is available. Furthermore, As per The Shelf, 75 percent of millennials expect to stream videos inside their hotel rooms. That’s not all, almost 94 percent guests think that not having Wi-Fi in a hotel is a deal-breaker. Technology is complex. Which IT Support package do you really need? Support - The Way It Was to smart device, equipped with internet, email, calendaring, video, camera and apps – and oh yes, a telephone. We not only rely on our devices (aka technology), but we need them to operate, be entertained and available around the clock.

Technology is no longer a luxury in any business. 4 Reasons You Need to Use Phone for Customer Support. Customer expectations are growing every day. Businesses constantly face the crucial challenge of implementing multi-channel customer support. This is when a phone still remains a channel that plays a crucial role in customer success and determines the quality of your customer support. Remote Monitoring & IT Support in Scottsdale, AZ. When you partner with Blue Fox, we’ll help you meet your business’s technological demands when we architect an effective network and manage your IT remotely.

Before we implement any IT solution, our expert team conducts a thorough investigation of your current situation. This allows us a big picture view of your IT systems—the problems you experience and why you experience those problems in the first place—and architect a complete solution so that your IT and company run efficiently and without disruption. This means that one of your company’s servers can crash during business hours without your business skipping a beat. And you can instantly talk to an IT professional located in the United States at any time—no more waiting, no more miscommunication.

Most importantly, when you partner with Blue Fox, you gain the expertise of over 2,000 IT professionals. Contact Center Tech in 2019. For the last few years, there have been two overarching needs driving trends in contact center tech—the need to improve customer experience (CX) and the need to become more data-driven. One ICMI study found that 74% of customer service leaders believe they are not fully empowering agents to maximize CX. But with the advent of new technologies like artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and cloud-based data processing, you have a chance to change that. By embracing the following five contact center tech trends for 2019, you can meet the demand to become a more customer-centric, data-driven organization. 1.

How to Get Office 365 Migration Right. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to Office 365. When the traditional software suite transitioned to a platform of subscription services, users were hesitant to buy into Microsoft’s “your go-to office—anywhere” mantra. Now, 8 years after the initial release of Office 365, adoption has picked up significantly.

In 2018, 56% of global organizations had adopted Office 365 (up from 34% in 2016). Top 5 IT Problems an MSP Can Solve. 5 Ways VoIP is Beneficial. The recent past has witnessed a tremendous shift in the approach to communication from traditional on the desk telephones to mobile phones and smartphones. Office 365 Most Common Questions Answered. With some many new security programs in the industry popping up every day, it can be difficult to know what matters and what is hype. Also, so many businesses are moving to Office 365 which introduces an entirely new set of security threats. So, we decided to write a simple Q&A blog to address the most common questions being asked daily. We hope this will help you sift through the sea of security uncertainty. What fundamental building blocks should an advanced, multi-layer security program provide?

Need IT Support in Phoenix? Contact Blue Fox Group. Remember the days when you could solve many computer problems with Ctrl + Alt + Delete? Let’s just say technology has gotten more complex in the last few years. 8 Reasons to Consider Using Phoenix Managed Services. 7 Reasons Why Every Company Needs IT Support. 8 Benefits of Managed IT Services for Your Business. 10 Everyday Technology Myths That Could Cost You Your Job. 1. MYTH: The more internet I add, the better my voice quality and cloud performance should be… I will just change my COX cable modem from 50 to 100 without spending a lot of extra money.

7 Reasons to Opt for Managed IT Services. As per PR Newswire, by 2019, the managed IT service industry will expand to as much as $193 billion. We Assess Your Unique Needs & Offer Customized Phone Solutions. Best Phone System for Your Small Business. Business phone systems have transformed to a place of new sophistication. Traditional PBX systems, also known for complex on-premise networks, are now ‘hosted’ and multi-line phone systems have completely been digitized. Virtual VoIP service changed the game with call flexibility for remote workers. But in spite of these positive changes, understanding the differences and value between different types of business phone systems for businesses can be challenging.

SD-WAN Bringing Sexy Back to Cloud Performance. IT Services: A Complete Guide for Your Business. Disaster Brings a Renewed Demand for Cloud Services. Anything as a Service Is Here to Stay. Why WaaS over DaaS? Getting the Most Out of Managed IT Services in Phoenix. Proactive IT Security Advice for SMB. Why Consider Private Over Public Cloud for Your Business Communications? A Team of Technology Professionals for All Your IT Needs. We Offer Cabling Solutions to Meet Your Bandwidth & IT Goals. Blue Fox Offers Security Solutions To Protect Your Business. We Assess Your Unique Needs & Offer Customized Phone Solutions. Cost-effective IT Services For Your Technological Needs. Managed IT Services and Business Telephone Systems: Blue Fox Group.