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BlueFlamingo is one of the best web design & development companies in UK where the services are customised to meet client demands. We guarantee complete client satisfaction and all this at easily affordable prices.

How web design in West London can help with your brand identity? As a business, your brand identity is the main route to building sales.

How web design in West London can help with your brand identity?

Three Important Technologies that will Prosper in Software Development in 2021. Twenty-twenty has been a troubled year with the pandemic and repeated lockdowns, but it’s also been a year that’s seen technology thrive.

Three Important Technologies that will Prosper in Software Development in 2021

Software has responded to changing circumstances, public health demands and increased time spent at home. It’s uncertain just what the future holds, but there are three important technologies which are sure to prosper in 2021. Rust programming will dominate web design in Kingston The Rust programming language made waves in 2020 as it came to the attention of tech behemoths including Intel, Facebook and Microsoft. In fact, Microsoft is even considering adopting the language in 2021, so that buzz isn’t going to die down any time soon. 5 Effective Methods to Get Better at UI Design. User interface (UI) designers are tasked with the job of ensuring that digital interfaces are intuitive, aesthetically pleasing and perfectly aligned with the core goals and objectives of the business they are representing.

5 Effective Methods to Get Better at UI Design

UI designers spend many years honing their skills to ensure that their clients benefit from the latest innovations that will help them to stand out in competitive marketplaces. Whether you’re keen to improve your skills or understand how partnering with a team helps in delivering high quality web design in Kingston, let’s explore some of the steps professional UI designers take when approaching their improvement process. Here are the five effective methods for you as follows: Conducting comprehensive audience research. About - Blue Flamingo UK. Partners - Blue Flamingo UK. WP Engine are experts in WordPress hosting.

Partners - Blue Flamingo UK

They offer a scalable platform that includes an integrated set of tools, bullet-proof security, services, and site performance analytics together with lightning-fast managed hosting. We would never host our WordPress sites anywhere else. As we have so many WordPress clients it is important that we have a close relationship with our chosen host for these sites; we therefore became an Agency Partner of WP Engine. QuantHouse enables advanced trading firms and financial firms to accelerate their transitioning process from legacy trading infrastructures to ensure readiness for the future reality of entirely automated, artificial intelligence, machine learning-driven and multi-asset class trading. We often build websites with the financial services sector that involve complex real time data integration. Vitrium provides document security and digital rights management (DRM) software for PDF, Office and OpenOffice files, TXT files, and images.

Why Digital Marketing Will Gain More Importance Post-Pandemic? During the Covid-19 lockdown consumers who might previously have enjoyed living their lives in the physical world have begun to shop, enjoy entertainment, experience gym classes, order food and engage with other digital services in huge numbers.

Why Digital Marketing Will Gain More Importance Post-Pandemic?

Web design and marketing Twickenham, Richmond, Kingston, Teddington – Creative design agency based in Twickenham, Borough of Richmond, West London. Digital marketing Services to Help Business Thrive Post Lockdown. Businesses that lacked an internet presence before COVID-19 have learned its value the hard way.

Digital marketing Services to Help Business Thrive Post Lockdown

Digital outreach allowed numerous firms to prosper in adverse circumstances. As a result, many are clamouring to extend and refine that digital reach. At the same time, customers are reaching out digitally to find them. But the digital landscape is changing rapidly. Today, digital marketing means a lot more than choosing keywords and sticking up a website. Perhaps in the future, digital shoppers may even dispense with computers entirely, relying upon smart connected devices, voice recognition, and product discovery algorithms. Contact - Blue Flamingo UK. The Impact of COVID-19 on the UI/UX Design Market 2020. The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused disruption to almost every sector right across the globe.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the UI/UX Design Market 2020

The way we live our lives has changed markedly but new opportunities are starting to emerge from this shift in consumer behaviour. The Rapid Move to Digital As government-enforced lockdowns took effect, increasing numbers of people turned to the digital sphere to solve their problems. Demand for mobile apps and intuitive websites is growing. As such, design teams the world over are finding themselves facing new UI and UX challenges that must be conquered to create a product that meets the evolving needs of ever growing audiences. 3 Ways to Improve Your Website Traffic. Every business looking to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive marketplaces need to establish and maintain a strong digital presence.

3 Ways to Improve Your Website Traffic

There is no getting around the fact, however, that digital marketplaces are noisy. Thankfully however, cutting through the noise and ensuring that your target audience knows who you are, what you do and precisely where they can find you online isn’t the impossible task it might initially appear to be. Here are 3 key areas you should consider to improve and maintain your website traffic: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Digital Marketing Agency - Blue Flamingo UK. How Digital Enablement Services will help your business post-lockdown? There is no doubt that Covid-19 has significantly and rapidly altered the business landscape.

How Digital Enablement Services will help your business post-lockdown?

Some of the changes may be permanent, some will be reversed, and some may form part of the ‘new normal’. So what has happened due to Covid in-terms of digital? The most significant Covid-related changes in the digital landscape have occurred in four key areas: telecommuting, on-demand goods/services, virtual events, and the cloud. Web Design Services - Blue Flamingo UK. We are an award-winning web design company in London with the expertise and passion to help your business succeed.

Web Design Services - Blue Flamingo UK

Your website should sit at the heart of your digital presence, drive traffic, and help you to secure valuable leads and conversions. If you have been thinking about partnering with a web design agency in London, selecting a creative team with the skills and knowledge to transform your vision into a reality is essential. Let’s talk goals, budgets and timelines. Digital Enablement Company in Kingston. We call our core offering digital enablement. We see every project though a marketing lens, and through this lens develop digital products to help our clients be the best they can be. This could be a website, custom software, consultancy around technology choices, an online game, an SEO campaign, or something yet to be imagined.

The scope of our digital enablement services in Kingston, Richmond & West London From developing a unique website to creating custom software, implementing powerful search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns, consulting on technology or building something that hasn’t ever been attempted before, we are one of the leading digital enablement companies with an inherent understanding as to how to make things happen. 5 Ways to Optimise Your Website For Lead Generation. How COVID-19 Lockdown can be Helpful to Web developers in terms of Learning? In an ideal world, work and learning go hand in hand. In the real one, we get better at routine skills but rarely acquire new ones. The COVID-19 lockdown will precipitate major changes for which a few of us are prepared, but the lockdown is an opportunity to prepare. Email Marketing Trends in 2020. It can sometimes feel as though the ways in which we interact online are always changing. The prevalence of social media has been a game changer for marketers and business owners, and the landscape is set to remain changeable as technology advances at an ever-increasing pace, bringing with it new opportunities to strive for current and future growth.

There is, however, something that has remained constant: the relevance of email marketing. Email has become part of our everyday lives. In fact, research indicates that more than 90% [1] of Internet users cite checking their emails as a primary reason for being online. How to Measure the Outcome of a Digital Marketing Campaign?

Determining the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign is an important part of creating exciting and engaging marketing material that delivers a solid return on investment (ROI). Conversely, fragmented data pictures, differences in reporting and interpreting information and the myriad tools that supply important data can make this process complex. Here are a few ways you might choose to measure the success of your next campaign. Top Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Business in 2020. Page Load Time – An Important Concern for Web Designing. Landing Page Conversion Tips. The creation of a great landing page can be a really tough process.

A lot has changed in 20 years. The digital world has taken a quantum leap in the last 20 years. How colours play a significant role in web design? Web design considerations include the technical aspects that make it function well, such as running quickly and securely; its user-friendliness; its look and feel; and the quality of the graphics and words, which not only make it look appealing but also help search engines to find it.

As each area demands a different skill set, you may find that you need to use look for a provider of professional web design services to ensure each aspect is being managed by professionals. The Importance of Colour. Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid. Partners. The Differences between Adaptive and Responsive Design. In 2017, global mobile traffic officially overtook non-mobile traffic for the first time. When Digital Marketing Goes Bad. The problem with the digital world is that every error can be pinpointed and shared across social media platforms, ensuring that the world gets to see it and keeps on seeing it.