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How to Include Social Media in Your Website Design - Blueflamingo. Making Your Website Pop - Blueflamingo. Does Your Website Need an App? - Blueflamingo. Website Tips for E-Commerce Businesses in 2018 - Blueflamingo. How Could a Website Support Your Toronto Company's Goals? - Blueflamingo. How and Why a Well-Built Website Boosts Your Reputation - Blueflamingo. Is Web Design Worth Your Investment? - Blueflamingo. Web Design Trends on Tap for 2018 - Blueflamingo. The Art Of Designing An Online Store – Touch Mobile. Online stores are literally everywhere. Everyone from your neighbor who makes candles to the organic farmers at the market are all selling their wares in their own version of an online store.

This means it’s more important than ever as a professional in web design in Toronto to know the ins, outs and important factors of creating the perfect online store. Being memorable Being memorable is the first step in creating an online store. This begins with the logo, name and color choice of the brand itself. The logo and look of the first page to make people click needs to really pop, but having a slogan or motto is equally as important. Making the sale What is the main point of an online store? Those who practice web design in Toronto know that many online store customers will have a pretty good idea of how to shop online. An easy to use check out process will include all the information needed with no hidden fees or rules. Oops! Avoiding Common Web Design Mistakes.

Web design is everywhere nowadays. Even people who have never considered designing a website for their business, product or personal use can pay a small fee and choose templates to create a somewhat personalized site for themselves. Whether you’re a newbie web designer who is looking for a way to sell your wares without hiring a web designer or you’re very experienced in web design in Toronto, Los Angeles or New York, there are some common mistakes you will want to avoid when creating your online presence with a website. Be as professional as possible The website you create will often be the first time a person comes across you, your product or your business. First impressions are really everything, and this includes having a well put together site that is easy to access.

Having a professional page should be at the forefront of your mind with every decision you make. This might mean paying more to get higher end design elements or a more in-depth site. All about the content. Reasons You Need a Well-Designed Website. No matter what kind of business you have, a properly functioning website is essential. Fortunately, the team members at a Toronto web design company can listen to your needs and deliver satisfying results. Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits you could gain if your website is an asset to your company. Higher Traffic Levels A website that functions properly is more likely to have higher levels of user engagement that goes beyond first-time visits.

For example, if people like what’s offered on the website and think it’s easy to navigate, they’ll be likely to come back often and see what is new. A Better Impression of Your Company A website is often the first platform through which people get information about your establishment. Show Your Products Off in Ways That Make Sense A website can also be a way to show off all the items in your product inventory for people who cannot feasibly come to a bricks-and-mortar store because of where they live. Appeal to Potential Employees. The Best Use Of Colour In Web Design – Blue Flamingo – Medium. The use of different colours can vastly affect the look and feel of a website. With the right colours, you can convey a certain message, elicit feelings or set a mood. Telling a story through colour can actually be considered a way of subliminal messaging, as often times the person looking at the media is unaware that it is actually the colours paired with the words and images that is making them feel a certain way.

Web design utilizes these special powers of colour in everyday websites. In fact, even the whitespace on the page is working towards some goal of taking the website user on a journey. Using colour contrast to paint a picture Gone are the days of websites with just a handful of one dimensional colours. Now imagine that same website for your favourite online shopping site that has a few shades of a lighter, more calming blue, with appropriately placed headers of a different colour and shade, and possibly the logo as a faint watermark in the background.

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