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History - ANZAC

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Anzac and Gallipoli. ANZAC. Famous New Zealanders. New Zealand's Physical Makeup. New Zealand's Physical Makeup. Australia. Home - Trove. 1L-INTRO IR. 9 HISTORY. Australie. 4th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery. History[edit] The 4th Field Regiment was raised at Wacol on 3 May 1960, being the first major Regular Army unit to be raised in Queensland.[1] The Regiment moved to Lavarack Barracks in 1968.[1] As a complete unit, the Regiment served two tours of duty in South Vietnam, as well as sending individual batteries to South Vietnam, Singapore, Malaya and East Timor.[1] The ancestry of the Regiment can be drawn indirectly to volunteer artillerymen of Victoria, but the modern Regiment has three distinct lineages: the 4th Field Artillery Brigade (Australian Imperial Force), the 4th Field Regiment RAA (Militia) and the 2nd/4th Field Regiment, Australian Imperial Force.[2][page needed] Colonial period and Federation[edit]

4th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery

Troop. In some countries, like Italy, the company-level cavalry unit is called "Squadron".


Troops in various forces[edit] Today, a troop is defined differently in different armed forces. In the Australian Army a troop is the equivalent of a platoon sized element in units of certain corps, those being:[1] The SASR is the only unit in the Royal Australian Infantry Corps to use the term troop to refer to its platoon size elements. L118 light gun. The L118 light gun is a 105 mm towed howitzer.

L118 light gun

It was originally produced for the British Army in the 1970s and has been widely exported since, including to the United States, where a modified version is known as the M119 howitzer. The proper name for it is "Gun, 105mm, Field, L118" but it is almost always just called "the light gun". History[edit] Development[edit] Special Air Service Regiment. Role[edit] Tasks and capabilities[edit] Warfighting and special reconnaissance[edit] In the reconnaissance role, the SASR typically operates in small patrols of between five and six operators with the task of infiltrating enemy-held territory and providing intelligence on enemy activities and capabilities.

Special Air Service Regiment

Australie. New Zealand Research. Thr australia institute. Thales up-beat ahead of Hawkei contract decision. Posted A defence manufacturer says it is expecting positive news in the coming months about a contract to build vehicles for the Army at its Bendigo plant.

Thales up-beat ahead of Hawkei contract decision

The global head of Thales visited Bendigo on Friday to inspect the Bendigo site and get an update on operations. The Federal Government is due to announce next year whether the site will be selected to make its locally-developed Hawkei vehicle for the Australian military. Thales Australia's chief executive, Chris Jenkins, says the Bendigo plant has a bright future. Hawkei. Welcome to Australia. Commonwealth Games. Yahoo! New Zealand. NZ WWI Deaths by Date. New Zealand Research. ANZAC. Australie. Anzacs' sacrifice remembered 100 years on in Albany. Australia. Antarctica. New Zealand. Australia. Aboriginal Australia: History, Culture, and Conflict.

Aboriginal AustraliaHistory and culture of Australia's indigenous peoples Who Are Aborigines?

Aboriginal Australia: History, Culture, and Conflict

Aborigines are Australia's indigenous people. Recent government statistics counted approximately 400,000 aboriginal people, or about 2% of Australia's total population. Australian Aborigines migrated from somewhere in Asia at least 30,000 years ago. Though they comprise 500–600 distinct groups, aboriginal people possess some unifying links. "The Dreamtime" Aboriginal spirituality entails a close relationship between humans and the land. Unlike other religions, however, aboriginal belief does not place the human species apart from or on a higher level than nature.

Storytelling, Art, and the Didgeridoo. Trapped - Australian TV Series s01e01. Australia country profile. Australia ranks as one of the best countries to live in the world by international comparisons of wealth, education, health and quality of life.

Australia country profile

The sixth-largest country by land mass, its population is comparatively small with most people living around the eastern and south-eastern coastlines. Australia - the land down under. Australia Theme - Lesson Plans, Thematic Units, Printables, Worksheets. Australians lead efforts to move space junk with lasers. 3 November 2014Last updated at 12:10 ET By Nate Cochrane Sydney Global telecommunications systems depend on satellites orbiting the Earth Hundreds of thousands of objects are orbiting in high-velocity swarms around the Earth.

Australians lead efforts to move space junk with lasers

Many of these, in the event of a collision, could ignite catastrophic accidents junking the world's orbital telecommunications networks. Australian company Electro Optic Systems (EOS) is leading efforts to track this potentially killer debris 38,000km (24,000 miles) above our heads, and is at the forefront of a boom in Australian space research. EOS chief executive Ben Greene says space agencies are worried that a trivial metal bolt could hit a satellite, breaking off more space junk missiles that would cripple other satellites. He estimates there are 20,000 orbiting objects "bigger than a football", but hundreds of thousands the size of a nut or bigger, and that a massive space pile-up is likely within 20 years. "And once it starts, it's unstoppable. 'Aggressive plans' New Zealand to hold flag referendum in 2016. 28 October 2014Last updated at 23:20 ET New Zealand's flag incorporates the Union Flag of the UK New Zealand is to hold a binding referendum in 2016 on whether to change the national flag.

New Zealand to hold flag referendum in 2016

The announcement by Prime Minister John Key of the referendum came after his government last month won a third term in a general election. A panel of "respected New Zealanders" will lead the public discussion on potential designs for a new flag. 'webquest' in Primary history- Australia as a Nation. Australia. New Zealand. Westfields Sports High School. Westfields Sports High School (abbreviated as WSHS) is a dedicated Sports High school in Western Sydney suburb of Fairfield West.

Westfields Sports High School

Unlike most other public high schools in NSW, the school has a selective approach to enrolment, with students needing to either live within the relatively small catchment area of the school, or demonstrate their ability in respect to some field of sport.[2] The school is very well regarded for having produced sporting talent in a number of different areas of sporting endeavour,[3] and has received a range of grants to support its work with sporting talent.[4] History[edit]

Australian History. Australian History Trove Pictures of Australia Take a look at the Picture Australia site. This site will not be officially lauched for a while yet. I provides a single point of access to over 450,000 digitised images from pictorial collections of many leading cultural heritage institutions. It's a fantastic resource. Australian History. Booktopia - A Book Bloggers' Paradise - The No. 1 Book Blog for Australia. To celebrate January, Booktopia’s Month of Australian Stories, we asked you just who is Australia’s Favourite Novelist. Wikipedia operation habitat australian defence. Poverty in australia. More camping opportunities to be created in National Parks. An election promise to make low-cost holidays more accessible to West Australians in WA’s national parks and in better facilities for caravanners and campers, has been fulfilled by a $40.7million commitment to tourism and the environment in this year’s State Budget.

Over the next four years $34.4million in Royalties for Regions funding will go to the Caravan and Camping Action Plan ($14.7 million of which is specifically earmarked for initiatives to improve camping facilities in national parks – with an additional $6.3million allocated to the “Parks for People” initiative). This funding recognises the role of National parks as the destination of choice for high quality camping and outdoor experiences.

Creative Partnerships Australia. Greens want to counter extremism among youth using outreach body. Australians at risk of disengaging from the mainstream and becoming attracted to violent extremism would be targeted by a new national outreach body under a proposal suggested by the Greens. The party plans to present legislation to parliament to create what it has called the Australian Centre for Social Cohesion. This body would oversee preventative programs to address social exclusion and stop young people from becoming radicalised. The Greens have strongly criticised the Abbott government’s “extreme” measures toughening anti-terrorism laws and the decision to commit to military action against Islamic State (Isis) in Iraq. On Saturday the Greens leader, Christine Milne, published her proposal to promote social cohesion, arguing the new centre could take early steps to assist people who might otherwise be vulnerable to extremism.

East West Link: the case for and against Melbourne's $6.8bn road. It’s a “congestion buster”, a “game-changer”, a “dud”. It’s a road, the East West Link, the most contentious, emotionally charged flashpoint in next month’s Victorian election. Swirling around the politics, the court challenges and the price tag is a question: is this 18km toll road a good idea? And even if it does have merit, are there better ideas that would ease Melbourne’s gridlock more cheaply?

I’ve tried to tease out this question with the help of transport and urban planning experts and others. Gas trading hub. Suicide australia rural. Dairy industry australia. State parks australia wikipedia. Regional parks australia wikipedia. Parks for People delivers for South-West - Department of Parks and Wildlife. Perth Bushwalkers Club - Bushwalking Western Australia. Trade union royal commission to run until December 2015 at cost of $8m. Central Park, Sydney. One Central Park to the left, with Park Lane and The Mark under construction to the right. Australia. Australian History. Australian History. Australia's future. Australian museum buys 1 holey dollar for $130,000. The National Museum of Australia spent AUS$130,000 (hammer price AUS$111,000) to acquire a rare 1813 “holey dollar,” Australia’s first official minted currency, at the International Auction Galleries’ Australian & World Rare Coin auction on November 6th. There are only 300 or so holey dollars extant and this particular piece is one of only five which originated from Potosi, Bolivia.

Australian War Memorial - FrontMotion Firefox. ADF. ANZACS + WWI. War Art Digitisation - FrontMotion Firefox. Linking a Nation: Chapter 1 - Australia and the Industrial Revolution in Transport and Communications. Australia: Our national stories By Dr Robert Lee of the University of Western Sydney Australian Heritage Commission, 2003 Overland Telegraph pole, Hayes Creek NT. Photo: J McKinnon/Australian Heritage Photographic Library. Martin Samuel: Australia have sold their soul in Perth by getting rid of the iconic WACA. Scotch College, Melbourne. Scotch College is an independent, Presbyterian, day and boarding school for boys, located in Hawthorn, an inner-eastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The Agony of Life. Western Australia. Australia: Fears Over New 'Stolen Generation' Maorierna - Nya Zeelands stolta urbefolkning. Maorierna - Nya Zeelands stolta urbefolkning.

Aboriginal Australia: History, Culture, and Conflict.