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Xfrog public plants. The E3D BigBox 3D Printer. by BigBox3D Ltd. E3D and LittleBox have 15 years of combined 3D printing experience between them.

The E3D BigBox 3D Printer. by BigBox3D Ltd

We know what we're doing. We're constantly testing nearly all the big name printers out there, and have built over 15 different RepRap designs. We're insatiable, and we wanted a machine that had it all: huge print volume; high quality prints; every material: all the fun features and all the convenient extras. That machine just didn't exist, so we had to create yet another 3D printer Kickstarter (!). So here it is. The most striking feature of BigBox is an absurdly huge build volume.

Objects built in the plane of the bed are stronger than tall objects built away from the bed so this is a real practical advantage. The motion system designed by LittleBox is rigid, smooth and accurate with fantastic resolution for detailed, accurate printing. We've done things properly - well aligned belts, with proper cable chain on every axis ensures consistent, low drag motion across the whole build volume. Hardware. The VR Drive hardware - modular, simple, fast!


Configure The Roundshot VR Drive is available in several hardware options, each fulfilling a particular job: VR Drive full The VR Drive "full" is fully automated with an x- and y-motor with touch screen for horizontal and vertical movement. Optionally, a USB cable connects to the camera for software control.

Buy panorama software for Flash & HTML5 Tour - Panoweaver. Panoweaver 9 Professional Edition for Windows Panoweaver 9 Professional Edition for Mac Panoweaver 9 Standard Edition for Windows Panoweaver 9 Standard Edition for Mac License Benefits License key will be sent to you by e-mail automatically.Free technical support service.

Buy panorama software for Flash & HTML5 Tour - Panoweaver

Studio archeo 3D. DDOC_T_2013_0008_SAKLY. 60 Excellent Free 3D Model Websites. 3D printers have immensely revolutionized the art and manufacturing industry.

60 Excellent Free 3D Model Websites

With advancements in the 3D printer technology, it is now not very difficult to own one, even in your home or office. Moreover, you don’t have to be an AutoCAD engineer to design a 3D model for your needs, as this job is taken up by numerous 3D model websites. So, either you want to create 3D furniture, a mechanical component, or even human or animal figurines, here are 50 of the best free 3D model websites to cover up all your needs. Take a look. 10 Cheap and Affordable 3D Printers to Buy. Fast 3D Wheel Ideation in Zbrush. Substance painter nacked aliens. SPAD VII. Le court métrage de 6 secondes félicité au festival Tropfest. VIDÉO - 7 minutes.

Le court métrage de 6 secondes félicité au festival Tropfest

Voilà la durée maximum des films présentés depuis 1993 au Tropfest, le plus grand festival de court métrage du monde. Mais cette année, le festival australien a décidé de raccourcir encore les vidéos en lançant une catégorie dédiée aux vidéos de 6 secondes créées avec l'application Vine. Le gagnant de ce concours intitulé TropVine a été dévoilé ce vendredi 26 septembre. Sélectionné parmi 20 finalistes, l'heureux vainqueur se nomme @teenkenng sur l'application et voici son très très court métrage: Volume Graphics: Video Production. Timeline JS - Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use. Skull Download. SpeedTree Animated Trees & Plants Modeling & Render Software. Stereographik. X3DOM 3D Data Catalogue. BadKing. Thierry Guibert » Mécanique Générale. Mécanique Générale | Thierry GuibertExposition au Festival du nouveau Cinéma de Montréal MecaniqueGenerale2 Mécanique Générale is a creative interactive film project.

Thierry Guibert » Mécanique Générale

The material and the model is Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera, deconstructed here to the molecular level. Thierry Guibert has imagined a new structural plasticity that makes the film interactive and “playable”: a film-game. The RANCH Renderfarm - Best Render Farm for 3D projects, lowest prices. Photogrammetry: Creating 3D Models & Textures From Photos with Jeffrey Ian Wilson - Preview Webinar. Fractal Lab - Interactive WebGL Fractal Explorer. Fractal Lab is a WebGL based fractal explorer allowing you to explore 2D and 2D fractal.

Fractal Lab - Interactive WebGL Fractal Explorer

The fractals are rendered using the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) to enable real-time interactivity. Watch the introduction video. WARNING: it is possible to create GLSL fractal shaders that will lock up your GPU requiring a hard reboot if pushed too hard. Use at your own risk! WINDOWS USERS: you may experience long compile times as the fractal shaders are automatically converted from GLSL to a D3D9 compatible format. Click the Render button to start, or choose from a preset in the Fractal library. Navigation controls Click and drag with the mouse to pan the camera.


Le Hobbit : La désolation de Smaug - Un périple à travers la Terre du Milieu. Le Hobbit : La désolation de Smaug - Un périple à travers la Terre du Milieu. Showcase 1. Frax is capable of a huge variety of image styles.

Showcase 1

Here Kai has created a glimpse of what is possible… All images were created in the app and rendered with the High Resolution Cloud Render option. Click to reveal each in full screen detail - feel free to download and save your own copies! View this page on your iPad or iPhone to load these images in Frax and interact with them live! Tap to reveal each in full screen detail then tap the download link to load it into Frax and play with it live! Depthydropslacquered Classic Frax - glossy interlocking spirals, fat features descending to delicate details.