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Deepak Sharma

CTO at BlueApple Technologies, I am passionate about the new technologies in the field of e-learning and mobile learning. We are an 18-year-old company working on a wide spectrum of areas including web, business software, e-learning, and mobile development.

Why e-Learning Content Development is Effective for Corporate Training? The ongoing pandemic has compelled most of the businesses to shift online.

Why e-Learning Content Development is Effective for Corporate Training?

Know Why Your Company needs a Learning Management System for Better and effective workforce - BlueApple Technologies. Consequences of COVID-19 have compelled companies around the world to adopt new ways of working and get accustomed with remote work culture.

Know Why Your Company needs a Learning Management System for Better and effective workforce - BlueApple Technologies

This situation has laid more emphasis on employee training and development which is one of the major aspects of an organization. When everyone is physically away, training programs become essential for keeping the staff connected and motivated. There is no doubt that Learning and development are a major part of the talent management process of any organization. It is a continuous process that helps an organization to be superior in their respective markets. Employee learning and development proved that it enhances employee’s knowledge base, inoculates important skills, and helps with the overall job performance. Many companies must have used traditional classroom learning, but that’s not possible during the current situation.

As the workforce transforms, so does the way employees learn. Learning Management Systems for Schools. Skip to main content K-12 learning A step ahead to redefine education for the smarter generation!

Learning Management Systems for Schools

A Learning Environment Designed Especially For School Classrooms The innovation, technology, and adaptability squeezed together to create engaging learning activities make our LMS the most pertinent for young learners. COVID -19: How Organizations Should Respond And Strategize For Future! - BlueApple Technologies. BreathingTaxesA tough phase in business, at least once in a lifetime Three things in life are permanent- It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought an abstruse situation in front of many business owners.

COVID -19: How Organizations Should Respond And Strategize For Future! - BlueApple Technologies

Keeping the business on track and continuing building the path of success has become a baffling mystery and every organization is exerting itself to overcome it. Is eLearning The Future of Education During COVID -19 Pandemic And Beyond? - BlueApple Technologies. With no end to COVID-19 lockdown in sight, education is now becoming more tech-friendly for the technology-loving people.

Is eLearning The Future of Education During COVID -19 Pandemic And Beyond? - BlueApple Technologies

And, that’s great news for the future of our country. However, India is not new to online learning. Many private and government schools had been leveraging the unmatched interactivity and effectiveness of eLearning solutions for a quite long time. In fact, students have been found more prone to shifting to online classes these days. Why? After all, the new generation is born in the era with technology ruling all over. Lockdown situation gearing up things a little more! Get ready to experience the cutting-edge transformation of learning through our result-driven elearning solutions. Let the advancement of learning work for your growth.visit:- Learning Management Systems for Schools.

Let our corporate e-Learning courses improve your employees’ efficiency at home. Visit- E-Learning Solutions for Trainers. Get Access to the comprehensive and impressive digital library, comprising of interactive globule in major subjects. To know more vsiit :- COVID-19- Keeping education going during lockdown! - BlueApple Technologies. Nobody ever thought the whole world would go through something like this.

COVID-19- Keeping education going during lockdown! - BlueApple Technologies

Optimistically, at BlueApple, we believe it would never close the education down. During the lockdown, we went for increased operations and focus on creating an online learning curriculum in accord with the rearranged academic calendar. Because education and learning should never be restricted, BlueApple Technologies has brought the right way to leverage the online world and make the most out of lockdown. Here are the services our team has crafted especially for the schools and corporate offices so that everything goes smoothly, without any hassle.

How AI Has Brought An Evolution In eLearning? - BlueApple Technologies. Aptness and benefits of eLearning is a never-ending debate.

How AI Has Brought An Evolution In eLearning? - BlueApple Technologies

However, this silent revolution is bringing unprecedented changes in the training and academic world. Even better, with the help of trending digital technologies like machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence), online training has been transformed drastically. Points to Be Remember While Creating an Effective eLearning Course. Online training is becoming an essential part of any organization.

Points to Be Remember While Creating an Effective eLearning Course

It is because of the numerous benefits that an e-learning course offers that organizations are now investing in this new-age learning strategy. Time-saving, effortless, reduced resources, and cost-effective are some of the aspects that set eLearning above all types of training. While we already talked about the new-age online training techniques in our previous blog, Now we will talk about how you as an organization, can create an effective eLearning course. If you are also planning to invest in this most influential way of increasing your business’s productivity, then here are a few points to help you with your decision. Unlock Your Workforce Potential. Top E-Learning Trends Going To Blow Up In 2020 - Blue Apple. We have already entered 2020 and are going to see more revolutionary phases of eLearning.

Top E-Learning Trends Going To Blow Up In 2020 - Blue Apple

So, to help you with your training and learning needs, we have compiled a list of eLearning trends that are going to rule in the upcoming years. Here are the 5 eLearning trends that would help you improve your corporate training. Learning Experience– Good experience always attracts more involvement of people. Having said that, one of the most significant trends you will expect in 2020 is the Learning Experience Platform. Big Data Analytics Personalization is key to more engagement. Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence holds the future of education.

New-Age Training Techniques to Grow Your Employees’ Skills. Enrolling in e-learning and development can work wonders for the success of any business, institution, and individual.

New-Age Training Techniques to Grow Your Employees’ Skills

Getting engaged in an online training helps learners complete their educational and training objectives in an easier, affordable and more flexible way, as compared to traditional classroom-based learning. Here are the most effective components of real-world training that makes it one of the most beneficial picks for the workplace. Microlearning Since Millennials have grown up with smart devices, microlearning makes for an ideal modern-workplace learning strategy. Often considered as “bite-sized” learning, microlearning breaks the entire content down into small and manageable nuggets, so that knowledge could be acquired most effectively and efficiently. Custom Content & Curriculum Design.

Why Should Every Business Outsource its Custom Content Development? With increasing competition in the market, businesses today need more time and effort towards managing their core activities. And, that ultimately requires them to outsource certain functions. Outsourcing custom content development is now a widely used practice by most businesses. If you are wondering how it can help you, here are a few reasons that make this practice worthwhile. How Simulation in Training Can Revamp the Performance of Employees. Commercial training is great if it fulfills the sole purpose it has been created for, and that is increasing the performance of employees. If not the only aim, definitely the major one. However, companies are often on the plight of digging ways that offers the best engagement, and that impacts the performance most effectively.

Here we are going to share a few ways simulation training can help you improve your workforce’s performance to a great extent. Boost Your E-Learning ROI. Different Stages of E-Learning Development. 7 Stages of Blue Apple's Custom E-learning Development Process. Does not matter if you are a newbie in the field of eLearning or a seasoned pro, this piece of writing is surely going to interest you. Here’s a solid overview of the eLearning development process that Blue Apple Technologies follow to create out of the ordinary learning programs.

This is not only to let you know about what we do but also to help you avoid costly mistakes on your next projects. So, here we go- 1. Setting Objectives The first step of planning any eLearning program is to decide what your expectations are and where you need to head. Empowering learners. Want to motivate your employees to get projects finished quickly and more efficiently? How Microlearning App Can Help Reform your Work Culture? Workplace safety should be a great concern for every organization. The development of the employees ensures the development of the organization itself, and hence making employees aware about safety procedures make for a crucial aspect to look after. This helps ensure that the team is able to handle crisis effectively when needed. It might interest you to know that a lot of this success depends on how an organization is getting its employees ready with the right behaviour and attitude towards maintaining workplace safety.

Unfortunately, rushing through safety training and doing it just for the sake of it fail to give the significant output. Here, Microlearning apps come as a rescue to ensure that employees are well-trained about the workplace culture and that they are ready to deal with the convoluted or sometimes non-estimated situations in the office. Engaging– What brings engagement, brings results. There are many ways microlearning can help reform work culture at your office. The Evolution of E-learning. BlueApple Technologies Pvt. Ltd. M-Learning – A smart learning approach. Customized e-Learning Solutions. Training Doesn’t Stick? E-Learning is the Way!

Training Doesn’t Effective? E-Learning is the Way! – BlueApple Technologies. The need of a training program can never be overlooked in an organization, along with the fact that every employee participates in it and that the training sticks. With good learning and development skill, you put together all the aspects that make a program engaging, informational, and one that serves its purpose.

Looking to introduce gamification into your training programs? Best Game-Based Learning Solutions. Learning and Development Programs. Immersive Learning Technologies. Employing Gamification Techniques in Learning Programs. AI Assisted Learning Solutions. Custom e-Learning Development Services. Best Gamification Techniques in Business to Enhance Productivity – BlueApple Technologies.

Over the past years, practicing gamification techniques in business has emerged as an ever-increasing need within organizations. Companies are now using this advancement in the field of learning to engage, teach, reward, and retain their employees. Gamification in layman’s term entails focusing on the key elements that engage people in games such as design, visual achievements, activity structures, and competitive scenarios.