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ZBrush v. xiv. Let's face it: stars can be really hard to draw. v. xiv

I'm not talking about the singular balls of blazing gasses, though, I'm talking about the subtle and beautiful star fields that make a piece of celestial art what it is: a portrayal of space. One of the reasons space is so much fun to draw is because, despite the plethora of Hubble images inundating cyberspace and science magazines, most people don't have a preconceived notion of what space should look like. This means that there are endless possibilities for wondrous visuals, as nobody's been to or seen wherever or whatever it is that you're depicting. There is one exception, however: stars. Tutorial - drawing a female face by loish on DeviantArt.

NEW Commission Information- WAITING LIST OPEN! by *Tsubasa-Mine on deviantART. Moebius Gives 18 Wisdom-Filled Tips to Aspiring Artists (1996) Jean Giraud, aka Moebius, was a comic book artist who combined blinding speed with boundless imagination.

Moebius Gives 18 Wisdom-Filled Tips to Aspiring Artists (1996)

He shaped the look of Alien, Empire Strikes Back and The Fifth Element. He reimagined the Silver Surfer for Stan Lee. And he is an acknowledged influence on everyone from Japanese animating great Hayao Miyazaki to sci-fi writer William Gibson. In 1996, the Mexican newspaper La Jornada published a lecture given by Moebius called “Breve manual para historietistas” – a brief manual for cartoonists – which consists of 18 tips for aspiring artists. If your Spanish isn’t up to snuff – mine certainly isn’t – then there are a couple translations out there. For instance, Moebius’s first tip is “When you draw, you must first cleanse yourself of deep feelings, like hate, happiness, ambition, etc.”

All of Stout’s annotations are like this. 1) When you draw, you must first cleanse yourself of deep feelings, like hate, happiness, ambition, etc.2) It’s very important to educate your hand. Jellyvampire 09.05.2011. Harebrained Schemes. Hey guys!

Harebrained Schemes

Mike McCain here, I head up the art team on Shadowrun Returns. The other week all of us at Harebrained were very excited (and a little nervous!) To give you guys a first look at Shadowrun Returns in action. The response was just fantastic – your enthusiasm at seeing the game for the first time has us even more excited about making it. We’ve lots left to do, but things are really shaping up.

Isometric Art Shadowrun Returns mixes 3D characters, lighting & effects with a 2D isometric environment – a decision made early in our Kickstarter campaign. Seattle’s Pike Place Market, 2054. 2D isometric games generally use either pre-rendered environments (the Infinity Engine games) or tile-based environments (Fallout, Arcanum, Diablo). Digital Legos! Welcome to the Grid There are several types of isometric projection commonly found in games, each with pros and cons depending on the needs of the project.

Some building tiles and how they fit along our isometric grid. THE ART CENTER / Sharing Ideas And Tips From Artist To Artist. Someone asked a question about the process of painting a character, so I'll take a stab at that one.

THE ART CENTER / Sharing Ideas And Tips From Artist To Artist

There are many processes that each have their strengths, but for the sake of learning this is what I'd suggest. This process is based around the way 3d rendering programs work, using separate passes and combining them together for the final effect. Separating the processes in this way helps you think through what needs to be done. CharacterSculpting. Character sculpting is the process of creating a high-resolution 3D model with a series of painting strokes, using a pressure-sensitive tablet or screen.


Usually the details from these models are baked into a NormalMap for a lower-resolution in-game model. Sculpting Tutorials These tutorials cover hard-to-find subject matter, or they offer in-depth explanations of reasoning and technique. If you're looking for music-only timelapse head sculpt videos, they're widely available elsewhere. New Maquette Sculpting Workflow in ZBrush 4R4 by Ryan Kingslien of ZBrushWorkshops.

Hard-Surface Sculpting Most mechanical modeling is done with Subdivision Surface Modeling but digital sculpting apps can also be used for mechanical work. Helmet Design with Joseph Drust. Painting-Spotlight Texturing Spotlight allows the use of images loaded directly into ZBrush to apply texture information to your model.

Helmet Design with Joseph Drust

Joseph demonstrates how he uses this method to apply refined texture details. Painting-Alpha Texturing Alphas are one of the easiest ways to apply texture or sculptural details. Watch how Joseph utilizes this feature to add texture details to the helmet. Making a Print-Ready Business Card Using Only Photoshop. In this tutorial, we are going to design up a simple business card in Photoshop and get it ready for print with crop marks and bleed.

Making a Print-Ready Business Card Using Only Photoshop

Normally you'd do some of this with a tool like InDesign, but it is in fact possible to get by with just our trusty old Photoshop. Calling Card Competition. Ctrl+Paint. Free CG, 3D, Animation, Design and Visual Effects Tutorials and Training. THE ART CENTER / Sharing Ideas And Tips From Artist To Artist. Let me start this by saying that you will never get what you want out of your brushes in a digital art program (at least not with current technology).

THE ART CENTER / Sharing Ideas And Tips From Artist To Artist

You'll save yourself a lot of frustration if you accept this fact and learn to be happy with what is available. Also, I'm not going to do a tutorial on Photoshop brushes because I haven't found anything I love yet (though CS5 might change my mind). This has nothing to do with program superiority, just preference.