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Jay & Joy. How to survive Paris on a student budget - The Local. Are you a student in Paris?

How to survive Paris on a student budget - The Local

Here's how to save some money. Photo: AFP With students from all over the world descending on Paris this week for the start of a new term, we take a look at the best ways to save money while living in the French capital on a shoestring. Paris is a pricey city - even for the Parisians. The cost of accommodation, food, and the occasional drink (or deux) can be enough to leave you in tears.

But don't fret, student life is indeed financially possible - and here's how to manage. Drink smart If you time your night right, you can drink at happy hour prices all evening. (Photo: AFP) And remember, France's beer culture isn't like that of the UK or Germany, and don't be surprised to find pints for up to €10. Travel smart If you're serious about saving money in Paris, get a Velib' card.

If you're not a fan of bikes or want to avoid the wet weather, grab one of the offers for student metro cards at a price of €333.90 for the year (just under €28 a month). Flash your credentials. OptiMiam. Précurseur de tendances. Les Agaçantes – Braderie chic. How to find the right summer job in France. Looking to get your hands dirty and work on your tan?

How to find the right summer job in France

Read our guide to finding the right summer job in France first. Photo: Philippe Desmazes/AFP For decades, the working summer in France has been an unforgettable expat ritual. But whether pulling pints, working with kids oat a campsite, or picking grapes in the great outdoors, there are some perks and pitfalls to watch out for. With temperatures soaring and families leaving cities en masse and heading for the beach, the summer season is well and truly upon us here in France.

Which, for thousands from Britain, Ireland, the US and beyond, means an unforgettable few months working in kids’ camps, on beaches, and in bars and restaurants all over France. Whether you’re starting a gap year, looking for adventure before heading back to university, or on a career break, there are perks and pitfalls to look out for.

Luckily, The Local has assembled this brief guide to finding the right summer job in France. 1. 2. 3. 4. Here are a few: Paris Day Trip: Auvers sur Oise and Van Gogh's Last Days (With Video Tour) The country village of Auvers-sur-Oise on the river Oise is barely 30 kilometers from Paris, an easy day trip by train to see a town that still today resembles the quiet hamlet that lured nineteenth-century artists from Paris to its sunlit wheat fields, clear skies and charming homes and gardens.

Paris Day Trip: Auvers sur Oise and Van Gogh's Last Days (With Video Tour)

Artist Charles Daubigny arrived in 1860 and never left. Manet, Cézanne, Renoir, and Camille Pissaro—patriarch of Impressionism—all lived there for a time. Auvers was also home to Dr. Paul Gachet, a physician (and also a painter) who treated several artists for physical and emotional illnesses, often in exchange for paintings. Cézanne and other artists stayed in his guest room. Vincent’s brother, Theo Van Gogh, and friend Pissaro thought the quiet and beauty of Auvers and proximity to the good doctor would permit Vincent Van Gogh to rest, paint and recover from the melancholy that caused him to attempt suicide and, in 1889, to cut off his ear.

Second-hand shops in Paris – Time Out Paris. HiP Paris Blog. Discover Walks - Free Walking tours with Local Guides. Paris tourist office - Official website. PARIS CITY GUIDE - De quelle planète es-tu? LE CENTRE 104 Le cent quartre is funeral service building from the late 19th century turned art space.

PARIS CITY GUIDE - De quelle planète es-tu?

It is way up north in the 19th district of Paris. There are expos, a few shops and cafés and it is just a wonderful place to visit for a stroll. The space is beautiful and immense. You can check their website for information on expos. They also have a photobooth. LA COULÉE VERTE The flower walk is Paris’s Highline. MARCHÉ AUX PUCES DE VANVES This flea market is at Porte de Vanves, right outside Paris’s 14th district. MUSÉE DE LA CHASSE ET DE LA NATURE This museum is tucked in the Marais and features some pretty fantastic taxidermy. MUSÉE DES ARTS FORAINSThis private museum is the mecca of all things carnival. PALAIS DE TOKYO Modern and contemporary art museum. PARC DE LA VILLETTE It’s a park that is in the boonies, but so lovely if you’re coming to Paris in the springtime. RUE DÉNOYEZ & BELLEVILLE This street is filled with graffiti and is super photogenic. Fashionista Alert. Are you a fashion victim?

Fashionista Alert

Do you sometimes want to buy something that “simply everyone will be wearing”? An ever changing kaleidoscope of looks, accessories, colors, shapes and bling assault us everyday and for every season. How can we not be a fashionista once in awhile? Keeping up with fashion can be very expensive and so when that fashionista urge strikes it is good to know where to find some bargains. This weekend I came upon a haven for all the Fashion Victims at La Cour du Marais, 81 rue des Archives in the third arrondissement at an event called Vide Dressing Violette Sauvage.

If you were looking for designer or vintage there was a plethora of choices. This event is offered at the end of each month and if you can not wait for the end of the month, there is another Vide Dressing at 5 rue d’Aboukir in the second arrondissement. So, there you have it.