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Foursquare Fatigue. Am I the only one who's gotten past the honeymoon period with Foursquare and is wondering what the point is anymore?

Foursquare Fatigue

Lately I've found myself either not checking in at all or feeling kind of like a chump when I do bother to check in. There seems to be so much hype about Foursquare and geolocation apps in general, but I can't shake the feeling that most of the hype is coming from people who in some way stand to make a profit off Foursquare rather than users. So far my experience with Foursquare has been very lukewarm: first I had to manually input most of the places I checked in at since I live in the burbs where nobody else was using it. Foursquare Takes Over Times Square [PIC] A massive array of shimmering advertisements for Foursquare has been erected in New York City's Times Square.

Foursquare Takes Over Times Square [PIC]

This picture just appeared on Flickr; it's pretty impressive. The ad towers over American Eagle's Times Square retail store. Foursquare reportedly did not pay for the ad space. That means American Eagle is open to promote multiple location services; it's also one of the retailers using Shopkick, a location-based rewards service. It seems like just a short time ago that these location services were only used by a few hardcore web tech geeks. Foursquare Now Tells You When You'll Become Mayor. Just when I was about to give up hope of ever becoming mayor of Mashable HQ on Foursquare, the location-sharing social network has launched a new feature that might help alleviate my checkin fatigue: “am I mayor yet?”

Foursquare Now Tells You When You'll Become Mayor

According to the new feature, which launched this afternoon, I’m just four days away from becoming mayor of our New York City office. I know that because the service now tells you within the mobile app after each checkin (and with Mashable's Brett Petersel on vacation, my dream might just come true). In a blog post, Foursquare reminds us how mayorships work, writing that “you need to have checked in more days than anyone else over the last two months (60 days), so only one check-in per day counts.” Earlier this year, the service also introduced some new features to prevent so-called “gaming” of the mayorship system, an increasingly important issue as more brands begin to offer real world rewards for checkins. Foursquare Badges: The Ultimate Guide (PICTURES)

Measure Your Foursquare Mojo. Congrats on your first check-in! In foursquare, you earn badges for your best check-ins – like going to museums, staying out late, or working out at the gym ten times in a month. Have fun exploring! You've checked into 10 different venues! You've checked into 25 different venues! Foursquare : présentation et utilisation business. Foursquare : la nouvelle carte de fidélité ? L’une des forces de Foursquare, c’est son potentiel de fidélisation. À l’heure actuelle, beaucoup font l’apologie de la recommandation entre les utilisateurs, et du côté ludique. Moi le premier. Mais là où toute notre attention se focalise sur les usagers de « 4sq » (Foursquare en abrégé, va falloir vous y faire), d’autres joueurs plus importants encore pour le bon développement du service entrent en jeu : les services connexes et les marques.

Les services connexes. Depuis le guide Michelin, les services de recommandation sont une des premières solution de choix de destination pour les consommateurs. Puis vint le tour du réseau HBO, puis BravoTV et Warner Bros. Bravo, WB and likely HBO are using these as incentives to visit the places they’ve curated with tips. Le partenariat avec Zagat est encore plus prometteur : Owni : Foursquare, ou comment subvertir les réseaux sociaux.

Foursquare : nouveaux outils professionnels à venir. Foursquare : nouveaux outils professionnels à venir est une traduction d’un article tiré du NY Times : Foursquare Introduces New Tools for Businesses.

Foursquare : nouveaux outils professionnels à venir

Réseau social basé sur la géolocalisation, Foursquare travaille sur un outil web analytics à usage professionnel. Ce tableau de bord devrait fournir des statistiques sur les visiteurs aux propriétaires d’établissement. Tristan Walker, directeur commercial chez Foursquare, a déclaré que ces dernières fonctions business étaient destinées à aider les commerçants locaux dans la gestion de leur établissement grâce à ce feedback client.

Nous essayons de donner aux entreprises un outil pour fidéliser leurs clients actuels et la possibilité de conquérir de nouveaux clients, a déclaré M. Walker. Ces nouveaux outils professionnels permettront aux entreprises de consulter en temps réel les statistiques sur les visiteurs : qui a commenté l’emplacement ? Foursquare a récemment passé un accord avec 30 PME et TPE pour tester ces outils professionnels. M. Minixeum, Une artiste fait venir du monde au musée Moma... Foursquare Exceeds 40 Million Checkins. Location-based social network Foursquare counted its 40 millionth checkin a "couple days ago," according to a tweet from one of its developers.

Foursquare Exceeds 40 Million Checkins

The number shows that Foursquare's growth rate is accelerating: Five weeks ago, the company announced that the total number of checkins had reached 22 million. In short: Foursquare appears to have doubled its checkin rate in just over a month. It's just over two weeks, meanwhile, since Foursquare hit the million user mark.