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Myths and heroes

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Heroes and Anti Heroes. Mythes et héros - Clé des Langues. Audio spiderman. Anglais @ Créteil - Equality between men and women. Superheroes 'poor role models for boys' 16 August 2010Last updated at 00:10 There are too many 'macho' images, the researchers say Modern-day superheroes promote a macho, violent stereotype for young boys, according to a US psychologist's study. They differ greatly from superheroes of yesterday, who had a more vulnerable side, an American Psychological Association meeting was told.

The only alternative male role model in modern media was the "slacker" who shirked responsibility, the study said. Professor Sharon Lamb surveyed 674 boys aged four to 18 to find out what they read and watched on TV and in films. Continue reading the main story “Start Quote Today's superhero is too much like an action hero who participates in non-stop violence; he's aggressive, sarcastic and rarely speaks to the virtue of doing good for humanity” End QuoteProfessor Sharon LambStudy leader With her team at the University of Massachusetts, she then analysed the types of male role models the boys were exposed to.