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画像掲示板 画像ちゃんねる 年齢認証
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420chan - By Kirtaner - December 18, 2013 at 1:41 pm I’m happy to announce that we’ve deployed new tech to halt the chronic spam problem we’ve been experiencing over the last year. It’s now successfully blocking 100% of automated spam! There may still be a few bugs remaining, so if you’re experiencing issues posting, there’s instructions in the potential error messages to get your problem sorted out. 420chan -
4chan 4chan 4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images. There are boards dedicated to a variety of topics, from Japanese animation and culture to videogames, music, and photography. Users do not need to register an account before participating in the community.
Uboachan - a Yume Nikki imageboard
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