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Himanshu Bounthiyal

Himanshu Bounthiyal is a full time digital marketer and video content editor who always seeking to explore more opportunities about digital mediums of marketing and promotion. He always feels happy to be the contributor to the digital media community.

Insight Trends: Top Common Tips To Sell Your Car Online. Selling your used car online can be fascinating as today everyone is interested in getting the work done in the comfort of his/her home.

Insight Trends: Top Common Tips To Sell Your Car Online

This is the benefit first offered by the online world that offered the best prize & huge database of customers for selling the used car online. If you are new to this platform then it will definitely a novel experience. (Image Source: Shriram Automall) Today we try to answer few problems that can be experienced by users: 10 Best Social Bookmarking Sites To Boost Off-Page SEO. Now days, regular updates from Google may slow down ranking for your targeted keywords.

10 Best Social Bookmarking Sites To Boost Off-Page SEO

An expert in SEO can understand the value of OFF-Page SEO as a part of his/her SEO strategy. SEO is not an easy task what people think today. It requires full dedication and a sharp eye to get updates on changing trends of search engines. Thus, it’s very important to keep a strong hold on your OFF-Page SEO. Building backlinks is as much important as On-Page SEO. (Image Source: So, here are 10 best social bookmarking sites to boost your off page SEO: 1.

Reddit is a renowned social networking, entertainment and news sharing website where registered users can submit their original content in terms of news, articles, images and links. Best Online Logo Design Contest Sites For Business Startups. Every business startup has a unique name in its niche, thus, logo design of the company must be unique and innovative to make it stand out of the crowd.

Best Online Logo Design Contest Sites For Business Startups

A logo is not only a design; it’s an identity of any company in terms of brand value. Today, getting a great logo design become a need of almost every business or startups. A logo must represent the brand value and company’s dedication towards their customers. But, getting a logo design for your company can be very challenging without proper skills and market knowledge. 15 Expert Tips To Promote Your Business On Twitter. Now days, promotion of a business via social media is very essential in order to generate a great brand value as well as good revenues at the same time.

15 Expert Tips To Promote Your Business On Twitter

Though, there are many platforms available to promote businesses through social media, but promotion via twitter making a great impact on this domain. There are a large number of businesses like yours that have found great success with twitter. Twitter now has 270 million active users around the globe. 5 Reasons To Hire A Pr Agency For Startups Businesses. Today, there are lots of opportunities available for startups in India.

5 Reasons To Hire A Pr Agency For Startups Businesses

As stated in YourStory, there are many Indian startups raised around $1.7 billion from their investors in the first quarter of 2015. That means a 300% growth in the amount raised have been marked in 2015 Quarter 1, which is higher as compare to $450 million from the last year of quarter 1 and the number is still expected to go further. So, does this sound good for startups to established their brand and grab opportunities coming their way? Yes, this is the time for new startups to get some press coverage and grab some recognition for their brand in the long run. But, this is not that much easy, even, you’ll find it challenging and tough in the beginning to establish yourself as a brand and get some media attention to cut off your competition.

6 Hasty Tips to Improve AdWords Click Through Rate (CTR) What is Click Through Rate (CTR)?

6 Hasty Tips to Improve AdWords Click Through Rate (CTR)

I know many of you are very well aware of CTR, but for those who are not so much familiar with the term CTR or just started with Google Adwords, the term CTR or Adwords Click Through Rate means that how much clicks your ads getting on impressions while showing on search result. 5 Easy Tips For Writing AdWords Ads Copies. If you are new to an amazing platform of Google Adwords and looking to promote your product or brand through paid mediums on search engines, then you are on the right platform to sell your services and products.

5 Easy Tips For Writing AdWords Ads Copies

Though, Adwords is a good place for conversions and leads, but competition is much higher than what you have expected in order to achieve your goals. It is very important to make sure that you are showing relevant ads to your target audience. But how to make an awesome ad copy which look great to stand out from the crowd? The basic format for the ads is common where an ad copy has four lines of texts to use and each line have different character length. Such as an example below: Here are some simple yet useful tips to follow while you are going to start with your ad copies. 1. Putting keywords is your ad headline is the best way to serve the people with relevant ad copy as per their search term. 2. 3. 4.

Nothing boosts sales other than figures. How Digital Marketing Helps a Business in India. Today, we stand in a world of information technology, where the medium of communication is rapidly growing day by day with digitalization being introduced to every aspect of life.

How Digital Marketing Helps a Business in India

A large population on this planet uses these methods to stay connected virtually with everyone keeping themselves updated with what is happening around them and the world. For over a decade, need for digital technology has spread like a wildfire. This day, most of our needs are being catered by internet, be it shopping, looking for news updates, staying updated on technological advances or a simple search for a restaurant nearby. These necessities have given an immense rise to digital marketing. What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is not only a term; it’s about using several mediums of electronic media to communicate. (Image Source: Need of Digital Marketing With introduction of digital marketing in India, it redefined the way we used to market products. (Image Source: