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Vidmate Live Tv

22 november 2019

Vidmate Live Tv

The Vidmate is one of the best apps to download Videos, music and other entertainment. The Vidmate APK application can be installed totally and completely free. There are no charges to it. The APK stands for Android Application Package and this is the format file through which the apps are downloaded. It has to be noted that APK is the core of the particular app that is responsible for the entire download functionality. Without this, it is very difficult to have the app on the mobile phone either from the app store or from the web site.

Technically is can be said that APK is very much similar to the exe files used in Windows. Just like the exe ( short form for executable) is the  executable program for all Windows based files, similarly APK is the program file for all Android based apps and software. The APK is equivalent to the file extension of what the Exe is in Windows. The exe has become synonymous to every Windows and so has the APK become to the Android.

The APK has the complete data and commands for installing the software and its hurdle free functioning. It consists of the complete program code which includes the command prompts, resource files, dex files, manifests and the certificates

Installing the Vidmate APK for Windows 8 and above –

The Vidmate downloads the videos from the internet sites to the mobile phone so that users can view it an offline mode and not as a link that requires internet. Similarly the Vidmate does the same functionality on the PC and the laptop. It downloads video files in to the D drive (normally everyone selects the D drive to store daily data). The only difference is that, this works in a slightly different way and the download has to be done accordingly. 

To get the Vidmate APP download, get the Bluestack or NOX app installed on the computer or the laptop.

Once this has been done, the Vidmate APK application can be downloaded. It is there in the download section of the website and the steps are given in a clear manner. It is self-explanatory at levels. 

The next process is to run the blue stack app on the file and open it to access the Vidmate APK.

The left hand corner of the app has a toolbox. Through the toolbox, select and in settings select, the add Apk option.

This process will import the Vidmate APK ( file into the Bluestack.

After the application integration is completed, the Vidmate application will come on the main screen of the Blue Stack Windows.

Now it is clear that Vidmate present a whole new world of opportunities. Not just in mobile apps but also in PC, this app and its features work to perfection. Just go to the site and check out the latest version of 2019 and have it downloaded on the computer today itself.

Get to watch all the favourite videos and have a great time ahead.

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