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How to Troubleshoot WordPress. How WordPress Themes Actually Work [INFOGRAPHIC] WordPress developer and all-around web geek Joost de Valk has just graced the Internet with a highly useful infographic.

How WordPress Themes Actually Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

For a medium that leans toward the amusing, infographics can occasionally be enlightening or even helpful for later reference. 10 Mod Rewrite Rules You Should Know - Noupe Design Blog. Aug 18 2009 Mod_rewrite is an Apache-based rewrite engine for dynamically rewriting URLs.

10 Mod Rewrite Rules You Should Know - Noupe Design Blog

It’s built into Apache servers natively, though not enabled by default. It’s capable of functions beyond simple rewrites, though, some of which are included below. Turn Mod_Rewrite On Mod_rewrite is used through your .htaccess file. RewriteEngine on (Don’t forget that .htaccess commands are case-sensitive.) The Basic Mod_Rewrite Layout. » How to Customize Your WordPress Dashboard - Erica Says. On your first login to WordPress you’ll notice several boxes on the admin dashboard.

» How to Customize Your WordPress Dashboard - Erica Says

They should be aligned in two rows and include items like Right Now, Quick Press, Recent Comments, Incoming Links, etc. First off, look in the top right of the dashboard for a Screen Options tab. Beginning WordPress Development: A Look at Common Functions. 30 Kick-Ass Premium WordPress Plugins and Themes. The WordPress platform is an integral part of the Envato™ ecosystem.

30 Kick-Ass Premium WordPress Plugins and Themes

Regardless of whether you need a hand with design or development, the Envato™ marketplaces have you covered! You can purchase premium WordPress plugins and templates to hit the ground running with each new project. Today, we'll review only a handful of the newest and most popular templates and plugins on sale at CodeCanyon and ThemeForest. 1. How to Add Live Stream in WordPress with Live Theme. Broadcasting live streams have always been the desire of many bloggers, but there was not a great theme to manage it in WordPress.

How to Add Live Stream in WordPress with Live Theme

Well that wait is over. We were informed by John Saddington of Standard Theme that they have created a new theme that focuses on live event broadcasting called Live Theme. Live Theme is a video-centric WordPress theme designed for live event broadcasting, community interaction, and all around awesomeness. Built on the codebase of Standard theme, this theme allows you to embed live video broadcasts from third-party services such as Ustream or Livestream.

Prior to broadcasting an event, you can build up a hype by showing a prominent timer counting down to the moment of launch. When you do go live with your broadcast, the countdown timer and the rotating bumpers fade out and the video stream fades in. Working with Custom Page Templates in WordPress. How to Choose a Web Hosting Plan. Whether you are an affiliate marketer looking to optimize your landing pages or you are a professional blogger looking for ways to enhance your WordPress-powered site, it pays to have good web hosting.

How to Choose a Web Hosting Plan

Different people are going to have different needs, to be sure, but there are a few criteria that just about everyone will want to keep in mind. Database Management Questions - Database Management Software Essentials? Database Management Software. Theme Framework & Child Themes 101 — Desperately Seeking WordPress. We are designing almost exclusively on Genesis theme Framework with custom Child Themes these days.

Theme Framework & Child Themes 101 — Desperately Seeking WordPress

Genesis is similar to other theme frameworks out there for WordPress. The reason we use a framework and a child theme is that you can upgrade your code (the framework) without loosing your custom styles (the child theme). This gives your new style a longevity unheard of until now. The reason we use Genesis in particular, is: We know and trust the parent company (StudioPress) that it will be around for along time providing the upgrades we know and look forward to.Their framework is high quality, secure, extensible, clean, well supported, and cost effective.The upgrades are included in the initial purchase for as long as you use the theme.The plugins and widgets that are included are world-class.It is Search Engine optimized and provides the structure for SEO friendly child themes.It is compatible with every plugin that I’ve tried so far (hundreds)

10 Basic Tips for Improving WordPress Themes. A lot of people use WordPress as their blogging platform.

10 Basic Tips for Improving WordPress Themes

After installing WordPress, newly christened WordPress users will usually try to find and download WordPress themes that they can use so that their site looks different from the default theme. Whether a WordPress theme is free or premium, there are plenty of ways to improve them. The following WordPress theme tips cover basic customization, styling and optimization. 1. Get Expert Help Enhancing, Upgrading, and Migrating Your WordPress Blog. Need expert help with your WordPress site?

Get Expert Help Enhancing, Upgrading, and Migrating Your WordPress Blog

ContentRobot offers a wide array of expert help options to get your WordPress site working and looking exactly the way you want. Our WeFixWP service handles everything from quick fixes to complex feature add-ons. 8 of the Best Premium WordPress Themes. This series is supported by Rackspace, the better way to do hosting.

8 of the Best Premium WordPress Themes

Learn more about Rackspace's hosting solutions here. The old saying "you get what you pay for" is debatable when it comes to WordPress themes; there are a slew of beautiful, versatile free themes available on the web. After all, releasing a gorgeous, professional-grade theme gratis makes sense when you've built the theme on top of an open-source platform. Still, there's a wide world of premium themes to choose from. Once upon a time, Thesis was the king (more or less) of premium WordPress themes; however, a recent squabble over licensing issues has left a tarnish on designer Chris Pearson's otherwise lovely work, and has sent former Thesis users running to find alternatives. Now that the dust has settled from that recent unpleasantness, we thought we should revisit the subject of premium themes.

Give them a look, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP. How to Customize the WordPress Admin Area. WordPress is one of the best CMSs out there — if not the best (but of course, I’m biased because I’m a WordPress fanatic). It has loads of handy features that make site administration a breeze.

WordPress is a publishing platform with a comment system, a GUI for creating, editing and managing posts and pages, handy built-in tools like the "Export" feature to back up your content, user roles and permissions, and more. But how much of these features do we really use? Though already simple and user-friendly by default, we might want to customize the WordPress Admin interface to make it even simpler and more manageable for our clients, our co-authors, and ourselves. Why Customize the WordPress Admin Interface? Lately, WordPress has reached phenomenally high usage rates. Here is the problem, though. The following image shows the default WordPress Dashboard — the first page you’ll see when you log into the Admin area. The Solution.

DreamHost tips

The Ultimate Guide to Placing Ads in the Thesis WordPress Theme. If you run a website, you likely want to include ads of some kind in your template. The Power of CSS Specificity (And How It Applies to Thesis) Specificity in CSS is powerful. Once you know how it works, it can save you much time customizing and troubleshooting any website—especially your Thesis-based site. Before we delve into specificity, let me give you a primer in CSS. CSS Basics. 15 PHP regular expressions for web developers. Getting started with regular expressions For many beginners, regular expressions seems to be hard to learn and use. In fact, they’re far less hard than you may think. Before we dive deep inside regexp with useful and reusable codes, let’s quickly see the basics: Regular expressions syntax.

3 Simple and Effective Comment Styling Tips for Thesis. Useful WordPress Configuration Tricks That You May Not Know.