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{pricing} 46 random tips to help you price your stuff - blog - build a little biz. Pricing. seriously, i think this is one of the most challenging parts of building your own little biz. last week i recommended an ebook called earn what you deserve. this book does not give you a magic formula for figuring out your pricing. what it does do is tackle the underlying issues you need to consider before you can really charge what you are worth. let me say that again. no pricing advice in the world is going to help you if you do not have a sense of the value of your work. earn what you deserve is going to help you do that. with it, you consider what it means to be a biz owner, tackle your own beliefs about money and finances, figure out the true cost of doing business, look at new ways of marketing and selling, and start to build your own sense of value in your work and your product. once you have done that, then what?

{pricing} 46 random tips to help you price your stuff - blog - build a little biz

First, let’s get your head in the game... ~ you have to value your own work. or no one else will. ~ cheap prices give the impression that your thing is cheap. I can see the future. Your future. It is very, very bright. With 15 years of industry experience, 100′s of websites built, thousands of pages of content written, my team and I can help you create a powerful digital presence.

I can see the future. Your future. It is very, very bright.

For more information and to book a coffee date with me to talk about your web presence, please visit Plum Deluxe Productions. A BIG thanks to Andy who is not only wise, but generous with it – and *really* knows his stuff. His tips were simple, straightforward, and easy for us to understand and implement. Marketing genius! - Julie Gibbons, Honestly if I had had worked with Andy when I was putting more effort into my marketing I would have saved myself a whole lot of hassle.

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Freelancing. Why You Need to be Careful with Your Domains. 10 Key Points in the New Client Pre-Nuptial Agreement. Newsletter. Devs: Help & Get Help With HackerBuddy. Coding can be a solitary and frustrating enterprise, but the best thing about it is the community, which is generally waiting and wanting to help struggling programmers get past bugs and issues.

Devs: Help & Get Help With HackerBuddy

HackerBuddy is a clever, free application that capitalizes on the strength of that community. It allows web developers to find and give help in their areas of expertise — be those areas C++ or Python, SEO or marketing. The app is simple to use, attractively designed, and with the right userbase, could be a real boon to programmers and startup types. Hacker News and other developer-friendly forums are often littered with simple requests for help with coding or startup-related projects. These requests can fall on the wrong ears or appear at the wrong time, and giving or getting hacking help isn't necessarily the purpose of these platforms, which are generally devoted to discussing the news of the day as it pertains to web developers.

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